There are plenty of Moog-labeled goodies deserving of special mention in our ongoing gift guide. It’s a bittersweet pleasure since we lost Bob Moog this year, but the Moog film (above) and accompanying film soundtrack are simply must-have, and a worthy gift even for those new to synths. They’re available from your local CD and video outlets, or as a set directly from Moog Music.

Some criticized the Moog film for eschewing narrative and history, focusing instead on modern interviews, but perhaps that’s the most appropriate: it’s a picture of the Moog synth and legend as it lives now, as seen through the eyes of artists ranging from Keith Emerson to Stereolab. Having lost Dr. Moog, it’s all the more heartening to see the living musical legacy in action. The two-CD soundtrack is just as essential, covering a quirky journey through new Moog-made grooves on disc one, followed by the obligatory “Lucky Man” and other classics on disc two. The result is better thought of as a film soundtrack than a survey of electronic music history; if you want some history, too, throw in a copy of the CD/book set Ohm: The Early Gurus of Electronic Music.

The CD and film are terrific, but you can’t wear them to the gym. To show your synth geek colors, check out the Moog Music site, which is shipping Moog track suits and belt buckles, among the usual t-shirt and hat fare. Cooler than my Alesis underoos. (Okay, I don’t actually have any Alesis underwear, so if you’re out there, Alesis, I want you making some by next month’s NAMM show. That’s my kind of swag.)

  • cebec

    😕 haha, what!? i a 'bittersweet pleasure having lost Bob Moog this year'? That don't sound right…

  • m15a

    above: yeah. that's the classic mistake of not defining "it" when necessary. i think the gifts would be bittersweet?

    also, wanted to point out that the Ohm CD/book set now comes in a special addition that comes with a bonus DVD. to quote amazon, "Special Edition DVD—over two hours of rare performances, interviews, animations, and experimental video."

    $36 on amazon. was too poor in college to afford the regular one when it came out, but this should definitely be worth it.

  • atomic_afro

    A couple of years back, my music prof. assigned selections from Ohm for our intro to electroacoustic class. Be warned, some of the contents of Ohm are not the most accessible to listen to (especially on the first CD).

    To complement Peter's selections, here are some of my top book and DVD choices:

    Generation Ecstasy
    Irvine Welsh's The Acid House
    Boiler Room DVD(Featuring score, and audio commentary by D&B production diva The Angel!)
    Modulations – Cinema for the Ear DVD
    It's All Gone Pete Tong DVD

    How's that for a slice of fried gold?


  • admin

    Sorry about the poor stylistic sentence there, fixed that.

    Great video selections, ATA! I haven't gotten to see It's All Gone Pete Tong yet; definitely on my list.

    Two more chances we can cover this:

    1. year-end, we'll do a roundup of all the best videos and books released this year

    2. I'd love to have a CDM bookshelf feature up at some point.