Kids today. They’re at a concert, but they’re too busy texting and chatting on AIM on their cellphones. For Generation Why?!, we now have lighter images for your cellphones, so you don’t have to be bothered to take your cellphone and a lighter to the next Pussycat Dolls show. Available for US$1.99 (US customers only?) from Modtones.

Better idea from Modtones: mistletoe wallpaper for your phone. I’m sure that will get you some love at your office holiday party.

Then again, I’m one to talk. I’ve been scaring the hell out of people with the Doctor Who-esque, frightening (but free) official CDM ringtone. (Even my girlfriend agrees it sounds like the Daleks have just landed. And, really, what says Chrismtas 2005 better than Doctor Who? That’s what I’ll be BitTorren– er, watching — on the holiday.)

  • m15a

    that's hilarious.

    the cellphone as a replacement for lighter thing creates a strange sort of post-modern mood though (question of distance/closeness in a digital world, etc., etc.) . . . i'd say at the last (nine inch nails) concert i went to, maybe there were 4 times as many cell phones lighting up than lighters.

  • admin

    Save the image in this story. Load that image on your phone as wallpaper. Then, have a friend take a picture of you with your phone with a picture of the phone with a picture of the lighter . . . and hold that up at a concert.

    Dude, it's like meta- meta- . . . meta. I think I just post-modern blew my mind. 😉

    Oh, and yeah, there are way more cell phones lighting up than lighters, though everybody I see is holding up their phone so their friends can hear the concert. Weird.

    Hopefully if CDM throws a music party, everyone can hold up something really obscure instead, like their circuit-bent Speak-and-Spells.