A late submission to our 1-second music roundup deserves its own mention:

Brad Fuller writes us: “Attached is 1 sec from Level 2 of Marble Madness arcade game from Atari. I did the music and sounds along with Hal Canon at Atari Games.”

Marble Madness Level 2 [1-second MP3 excerpt]

Talk about iconic music: while I haven’t played the game since shortly after it came out, I immediately remember this one!

But if that one-second didn’t satisfy you, here’s more on Brad: he’s a founding partner of game sound maker Sonaural Audio Studios. If you’re going to the Game Developers Conference 2006, you can catch his lecture on the audio track entitled “Beyond Polyphony: Maximizing Audio on Mobile Platforms.” Lastly, check out his bio and some terrific articles on Linux audio and other topics on O’Reilly. Particularly interesting there: he reviews Fervent Studio-to-Go, the bootable Linux music solution (see CDM’s previous stories and interview), and talks about his Atari days.

Thanks, Brad, for the great music — in 1984, and since!

Now what to do with all these late submissions to our original call for 1-second music? I’m happy with the completed song I assembled, but I’ll keep adding them to a playable library, and if we get enough (or call for them again later this year), I’ll do another song.

In the meantime, I’m suddenly itching for a game of Marble Madness . . . (photos courtesy Brad)

  • foosnark

    I loved that game… in large part because of the music. It was probably the first (or most notable anyway) stuff I heard that used FM synthesis, and even without that it was neat music.

  • This was my favorite game when I was young. I played it non-stop with my brother, and remember all the songs up to level 3. I could never make it past level 3, but my brother could. I was young, so what do you expect. 😉 I pulled out the game the other day and started playing, and, surprisingly, I'm hooked.. again! This was the first game to have stereo sound, and it continues to amaze me. The level 2 music is the best, and I actually listen to it while doing other tasks besides playing the game.

    • guy

      I know Dragon’s Lair had two sound channels, one for voices and one for music and sound effects, and it came out before marble madness.