They put Minimoog and Prophet synth emulations into hardware boxes under a grand. Now Creamware has added an emulation of the most legendary organ of all time to its “Authentic Sound Box” (ASB) line, and it’s a lot easier to lift than the original. Could these guys replace your laptop and software synths? -Ed.

Creamware continues its efforts to reinvent classic analog hardware
with the introduction of the B4000 ASB, a clone of the Hammond B-3
electromechanical organ. Like the other ASB’s this one eschews keys
in favor of a space-saving tabletop design but it does have the real
drawbars organ players crave.

Personally, I expected to see them take on the ARP 2600 next and we
certainly aren’t lacking in killer software B4 emulations (Native
Instruments’ B4II really nails it) but if this thing sounds as good
as it looks, it will allow you to leave the computer at home. And for
those still lugging an original B4 to gigs, your chiropractor will
thank you.

No word yet on ship date or price, but CDM will be all over Creamware
at NAMM for the details.

Creamware has also launched a new site for the ASBs at http://

  • atomic_afro

    anytime soon. Mainly, it's price. Let me see, buy both Creamware ASB boxes for $1700, or buy a Receptor with Minimonsta and Pro-53 and also be able to play tons more VSTis and VSTfx for only $50 more? hmmmmm…

    Not to dis Creamware, they make great sounding products. It's just that there are cheaper alternatives, even if you're the type that demands hardware stablility.


  • reflex

    The Receptor doesn't have drawbars poking out of the front, waiting to be tweaked. It all depends on what you're trying to achieve musically. I love having real knobs + sliders, even though the price of software is hard to resist.

  • admin

    I'm Mr. Soft Synth, remember. (Does that have a theme tune, a la Mr. Softie? Hmmm . . .)

    Anyway, I'm with you, Afro, but I still understand the appeal. I think the market is probably the person who is going to buy just one box (like the organ) and connect it to their existing MIDI keyboard for better organ sounds and drawbar controls. And I think that's fine. The person who wants to have more instrumental choices will find it increasingly appealing to go with a computer. The person who doesn't need that, though, doesn't care. And in the meantime, the simplicity of these hardware boxes should continue to push soft synth developers to make plug-and-play operation easier (and hardware control — the Receptor may not have a drawbar controller, Reflex, but Native Instruments already makes a good model for their B4 synth).


  • moon

    i have the ASB module, taht is B4000 and as i previously had the B2003 (which is the software version run by the creamware's softawre) , i am really convinced that the sound is better than that of NI B4, more natural and "organic", less digital. One of the best sounds available thanks to the dsp. As for the ASB version, the quality of the components is excellent and the sound really kills ! You have the impression to have a B3 before you… This is a really good investment as the Hammond sound is everywhere… rock, rnb, reagae, …

  • Karma

    i totally agree, the B4000 is by far the best sounding emulation of Hammond… Nothing to do with the vsti and even the Native Instrument version sounds poorer for me. I am jsut wondering, after testing if i will get the B4000 or the ARP version (called Prodyssey ASB). These are real instruments ! I am fed up with all these vsti and their huge cpu usage…

  • I agree Karma about needing real instruments — the computer is wonderful but it can't always be expected to do everything. Having quality instruments with a solid sound often opens up performance away from just looking at the screen. I've made more cool sounds with the mistakes that come from twisting a few too many knobs at once — I like the movement to not have everything be in a point and click environment.

  • malky

    bought one as sonn as it was in the shop,it only worked for five minutes before locking that exchanged for a new one direct from the manufacturer,that worked for ten minutes before locking up.also.the software provided for editing sounds and setting up banks crashed my computer.thinking it may be my pc at fault i tried loading it onto a friends pc….he's not a friend anymore….you guessed it… crashed his pc as well.fired off various e-mails to creamware and never recieved a reply,so…back to shop for a refund,thoroughly un-impressed i went and bought the real should be called screamware,terrible product,terrible service from creamware….rating…zero out of ten.

  • wasn't there a new release for this?