Sometimes, I have good ideas. Sometimes, other people have ideas I wish I’d thought of. Case in point: is running a contest to create music, in 3 minutes or less, based on audio from defective Hitachi hard drives. Win, and they’ll give you an insanely cool equalizer watch that could only have been designed in Japan.

Now, come on. This has to be a CDM reader who wins this contest, right? That or else we have to come up with our own, better idea. Or, for that matter, better recordings than these Hitachi sounds — surely some of you have dying hard driv– Bad Disk Error. (A)bort, (R)etry, (F)ail?

Hard Drive Dying Dance Track Contest [Gizmodo]

  • aplumb

    …if that watch actually did something useful (aside from tell time)!

    …like act as a live audio spectrum analyzer instead of just pretending to be one. THEN I'd be impressed. 😉

  • admin

    I wasn't paying attention. I live in a dream world where OF COURSE I assumed it WAS a spectrum analyzer.

    I mean, otherwise, what would be the point, really?

    Okay, now we have to win and hack it so it IS an spectrum analyzer.

    Let's see, I could hook it into the formant capture on the RADIAS . . .

  • aplumb

    Just to be sure, make sure I didn't miss anything, I took another look. Yup, take a look at the frequency range along the bottom; 5-60kHz. :eek Must be designed for dogs or cats!

  • andrewgaskins

    Thanks for the heads up!!! The 'dead platter dub' has been submitted.


  • billyhunt

    As has "The Secret Muesum of Mankind". Comments welcome.

  • ignignokt

    They seem to have missed (or pre-eliminated) my entry, so here it is anyway for whomever stumbles on this old post:

    Noise That Indicate A Defective Drive.

  • ignignokt