Finally, ultra-portable digital recording is catching on. Edirol got the party started with the R-1, a CompactFlash-based USB device packed with a decent built-in stereo mic, effects, a metronome, and tuner. The extras on the R-1 are nice, but the unit was big and boxy, so when M-Audio introduced their cuter, iPod like MicroTrack, also a CF recorder, much of the attention turned to them.

Now it’s Edirol’s turn again with the R-09. It’s got a small, curvy form factor like the MicroTrack, costs $450 list, and includes an excellent built-in mic. How do these units compare (on paper, anyway)?

Storage medium: The R-09 uses SD cards instead of CF. I happen to have lots of high-volume SD cards around, so I like that; they’re also smaller than CF. When I last checked, 1 GB SD cards were going for as little as $75 — very cool. (Though if you’re doing a lot of field recordings and don’t want to have to keep unloading to your computer, MiniDisc remains a much cheaper way to go.)

File format: Like a numebr of new recorders, the R-09 lets you choose between uncompressed linear WAV and MP3, with MP3 bitrates up to 320 kbps. For the record, the R-09, R-1 and MicroTrack support up to 24-bit, though only the MicroTrack can record up to 96 kHz. I seriously doubt anyone would want a sampling rate that high on this recorder, though, so that’s unlikely to be a deal-breaker.

Form factor: I believe the R-09 is actually slightly smaller than the MicroTrack. It’s certainly much prettier, and the silver case is a delight to hold. I also like the extremely friendly controls on the R-09; one button gives you recording on both, but the Edirol more nearly apes the controls on an MP3 player.

Display: Here’s the best thing about the R-09: the reverse-colored LCD screen is simply gorgeous. It’s easier to read, and it’s easier on battery life (you’re only backlighting characters, not the whole screen).

Mic: Both units come with a stereo electret mic. On the MicroTrack, it’s an add-on you plug into the top. On the R-09, the mic is integrated with the device. The latter is slightly more convenient, and because this is a solid-state device, noise from the device isn’t much of an issue. Roland reps I talked to at the show said they thought this might actually be a slightly better mic than what was on the R-01, which already had impressive recording fidelity. (Stereo electret mics, while very cheap, are often underrated — while they’re not going to give you a flat recording, they can do a decent job.) The R-09 also has some nice recording options: dedicated input control, mono/stereo selector, low-cut filter, and gain boost.

Phantom power: A controversial element of the MicroTrack was its inability to put out a full 48V phantom power for mics. Not a huge issue given the target market, but Edirol said they have true 48V phantom power on the R-09. That spec isn’t on the Roland website, though, so the jury’s still out.

I/O: M-Audio retains the slight edge here, because it has balanced TRS inputs and optical inputs. The R-09 has mic and line ins (minijack), and USB. The headphone jack doubles as optical out. That’s too bad: I think there’s more of a market for optical in recording than optical out, because most of us are going to use the USB to off-load audio. Then again, if you’re not planning to do digital-in recording, the R-09 is fine.

Battery: The MicroTrack uses a rechargable Lithium-Ion battery. The R-1 and R-09 both use AA batteries (rechargeable AA’s work, too). I much prefer the latter setup, and battery life should be roughly comparable — a few hours of record time mean you’ll probably run out of storage space before you run out of juice.

Effects and Extra Features: Here’s the one remaining reason to get an R-1 over the R-09 or MicroTrack: the R-1 has 13 built-in effects (microphone simulator, noise suppressor, hum-cut, EQ, reverb, center canceller), a metronome, and a tuner. The R-09 has a reverb only. The MicroTrack has none of the above.

Conclusions: So there you have it. What we really need now is a recording run-off between the R-09 and MicroTrack, because their features and form factor are otherwise nearly identical. The MicroTrack is your choice if you want optical in, and the R-09 if you prefer a truly integrated mic and real phantom power, but the other features are so close I’d want to see extended hands-on reports with each before buying. I expect we’ll see some reviews of each soon — CDM will have to battle with every other reviewer on the planet, but if I don’t get one, I’ll point you to someone reputable who has.

What about the R-1? Edirol says they’re continuing to sell the R-1, and with good reason: the effects, metronome, and tuner remain unique. I have to admit, I like the idea of having a do-all musician’s tool, even if the R-1 is chunkier looking. I do have one of these on test, and will offer my review soon, complete with sound samples.

Pricing: $450 list, $400 street
Availability: Spring 2006


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  • clumma

    Agree SD is better than CF.

    Agree smaller is better.

    The controls here do look better than those on the MicroTrack, though it's impossible for me to tell without using it.

    Internal mics are my preference.

    Agree MicroTrack has better i/o.

    You prefer futzing with AAs to charging over USB with a battery M-Audio will replace for free when it wears out? And Li-ion batteries have a much higher energy density and better recharging profile than anything you can buy in AA format at an ordinary store.

    Effects on the R-1? Give me a break. You could only use one of them at a time, and they all sounded like crap. Anyone applying effects to their field-recorded master is a dolt, and doubly so if they're provided by whatever 2-cent IC Roland put in there.

    The build quality on the R-1 was bogus. Hopefully they did better with the R-09.


  • admin

    Nice to hear from you, Carl. I miss reading your stuff in Keyboard.

    I like AA batteries for a simple reason . . . it's easy to have a backup pair if your charge goes. Now, I do like charging off of USB, but you should be able to do that with rechargeable AAs, too, as far as I know. Edirol did say rechargeable AAs will work in this device. What I don't know is if it draws power off of USB or only the power in jack. I've seen devices that work both ways . . . and I've also sometimes had trouble recharging some equipment off the USB bus, even the stuff that's designed to do that.

    No, the FX were silly, and I think that's why they nuked them on this. EQ I suppose could be useful on the go, potentially . . . I was talking more about having a built-in metronome and tuner, that's kinda handy, all other things being equal. But I don't think anyone expects the larger, chunkier R-1 to hold its own against the svelte R-09, Roland included. And having handled it, build quality seemed to be dramatically better than on the R-1 — it's just a better design. I think this was pre-production, though, so we'll have to wait and see. I also make no claims for my ability to pay attention to anything while in the brain-numbing land of Anaheim.


  • admin

    Nice to hear from you, Carl. I miss reading your stuff in Keyboard.

    I like AA batteries for a simple reason . . . it’s easy to have a backup pair if your charge goes. Now, I do like charging off of USB, but you should be able to do that with rechargeable AAs, too, as far as I know. Edirol did say rechargeable AAs will work in this device. What I don’t know is if it draws power off of USB or only the power in jack. I’ve seen devices that work both ways . . . and I’ve also sometimes had trouble recharging some equipment off the USB bus, even the stuff that’s designed to do that.

    No, the FX were silly, and I think that’s why they nuked them on this. EQ I suppose could be useful on the go, potentially . . . I was talking more about having a built-in metronome and tuner, that’s kinda handy, all other things being equal. But I don’t think anyone expects the larger, chunkier R-1 to hold its own against the svelte R-09, Roland included. And having handled it, build quality seemed to be dramatically better than on the R-1 — it’s just a better design. I think this was pre-production, though, so we’ll have to wait and see. I also make no claims for my ability to pay attention to anything while in the brain-numbing land of Anaheim.


  • clumma

    Thanks, Peter.

    Here's my final assessment on the MicroTrack v. R-1 issue, BTW…


  • uspino

    As a journalist and occasional musician, I just hope the firmware offers some kind of editing tool, at least to extract sound bites from bigger files.

  • jbv

    My friend got a demo unit of the MT and recorded his band practice using the mp3 192kbs settings with the included mic. Listening back on our 1031 Genelecs sounded better than I thought it would, still had typical mp3 cymbal quality but that's to be expected with any mp3. Gave him my 1GB card to try some WAVs at 24/48. We recorded WAVs of outdoor and indoor ambience whilst at whole foods for lunch that sounded very good. I'll update you when I hear the WAVs of the next practice and with some other mics. Overall much better than I thought! :grin


  • deb

    Thanks for the nice comparison between Microtrack vs R-09. I'm almost convinced to get the R-09. Can 2gb max limit on sd size be upgraded to 4gb or more with firmwire upgrade? The way the card size going up and price dropping, 2gb seems to be very limiting.

  • Tom

    That's not an LCD display, it's an OLED. That's why it looks so good. And it is low-power, but it's not for the reason you describe. Google "OLED" and learn all about it.

  • wheezer

    So where are these guys? April came and went and not a peep. Anyone?

  • Biggemski

    Hello, l wanna buy this recorder, mostly for recording my pianoplaying or some recitals, is that good for it?

  • JAKE

    Hi, I have something to ask you about R-09.

    I wanna record rock-band music in concert or studio room, so I wonder this internal mic can receive BASS and Kick Drum sound well. Please answer me.

  • Ted Musgrave

    It is definitly misleading to say that M-Audio will replace the Micro Track battery for free. Here is the scoop copied straight from their web site. 75 bills for a new battery could be a BIG surprise.

    Battery Replacement Policy

    M-Audio offers a one-year warranty on all MicroTrack 24/96 parts except the

    battery, which carries a 90-day warranty. The MicroTrack 24/96 battery is not

    user-serviceable and needs to be replaced by the manufacturer. After the 90-day

    warranty period, the battery-replacement procedure is as follows:

    Inside the United States: Pack the MicroTrack 24/96 into a protective box,

    include payment of $75* and ship the package to:


    5795 Martin Road

    Irwindale, CA 91706


    M-Audio will replace the battery and pay for return shipping to the customer.

    Outside the United States: Pack the MicroTrack 24/96 into a protective box,

    include payment of $75* and ship the package to your local authorized service

    center (please contact M-Audio to for details). M-Audio will replace the battery

    and pay for return shipping to the customer.

    *M-Audio accepts payment in the form of personal check or credit card.

  • eMVii

    Just got Edirol few days ago. I haven´t had time to test it properly but few first impressions.

    First of all it looks so tiny and got that cheap feel of plastic so I think it wouldn´t stand for rough handling. Also the lid at the bottom of unit (where USB connection, card and batteries are held) is much too easy to break. It actually looks like some new exotic mobile phone model.

    Good thing is that Edirol R-09 is really a portable small recorder that fits easily in your pocket. I like also that external microphone and line in connections are on top of the unit (instead of being on the side of the unit like my minidisc used to have).

    Internal microphone capsules look very small and cheap. I usually have a deep mistrust on any built-in mics.

    I like that this is powered by two AA batteries. It is easier when you run out of power in the middle of… anything. I have played with it for about one hour but the battery calculator shows that batteries are still full. So I guess the extended battery life is huge improvement to previous model of Edirol.

    Display looks nice. It is small but you can easily figure out different functions even if it is dark. The brighteness of the display can be easily modified.

    Drag-and-drop feature from SD card to PC is also a big plus. Just remember to have full batteries or DC power when copying files. I have tested it only on my external card reader. I have tested SanDisc and Kingston 1 gb cards and they all work just fine. Remember to format them in Edirol, not some other unit, to make them work properly (not sure is there actually any problems by doing so but you can never be too sure).

    So what about recording? Good news is that recording and settings are easy to make. While recording you can not accidentally turn the power off. By hold -function you can´t even accidentally change the input level or stop it by accident. Now that is something I really missed in the old times of minidisc recording.

    I still miss XLR-connections but that would double the size of recorder itself so I guess I can deal with miniplug this time.

    I have so far tried to record only quiet sounds. Internal microphone does not manage very well. There is slight audible hiss going on all the time, if you use high gain function the hiss is annoying.

    I have tested Edirol also with external professional stereo microphone and field mixer and this time it sounds clearly better. Haven´t been able to test it with lavalier and binaurals yet. Unit is supposed to provide plug-in power. This is curious because of (straight borrowing from the manual): "Plug-in power… 3.3 volts are supplied" ???

    Low cut filter is also available. I have no idea how much it filters (does not read on the manual). I tried it by recording air conditioner. Low cut is evident but still don´t know does it cut from 50 Hz or higher. I estimate that it could be somewhere between 50-80 Hz.

    Automatic gain control is something I avoid like a plague therefore no testing/comments of that.

    I have tested so far only 24/48 quality so I do not know how it handles mp3. Also loud sounds and band rehearsals etc. remains to be explored.

    Overall feeling is that it is good for its price and especially if you use it with decent external mic. For piano lessons etc. internal mic should be fine. But if you intend to use it for example field recordings on quiet situations, it leaves you hoping for more. Should be handled carefully.

    It is not Sound Devices digital recorder but price is much less and you find it really difficult trying to sneak into live venue with Sound Devices. For stealth recording purposes I suppose this will be a new generation.

  • Jim Adams

    Fantastic article.

    Just got off the phone with Edirol Tech Support. They confirmed that the R-09 will NOT support any external microphone needing 48 volt phantom power such as a standard condenser microphone. To quote from page 88 of the R-09 manual, "The R-09 does not support phantom powered microphones." Instead, page 72 of the manual says that the R-09 will support "3.3 volt" "plug-in powered microphone (compact condenser microphone)." The Tech Support person confirmed this information, but couldn't name any company that makes such microphones. Do you know of any?

    Page 20 of the R-09 manual also notes that "some memory card types or memory cards from some manufacturers may not record or play back properly on the R-09." Page 87 warns that some memory cards are too slow. The Tech Support person also confirmed this information, and recommended the expensive top-of-the-line SanDisk Extreme III SD memory cards. However, doing the math such recommendation seems "extreme". For example, if 54 minutes of the most data intensive recording, i.e. a 24 bits/48 kHz WAV recording, fits on a 1 GB card then the write rate would be about 0.31 MB/sec (1,000 MB/3240 sec.). Even if you double the rate for stereo recording to 0.62 MB/sec, it would seem that most SD cards should handle that rate. The SanDisk Extreme III records up to 20 MB/sec, while the SanDisk Ultra II records up to 9 MB/sec. SanDisk doesn't report the record rate on the SanDisk Standard SD memory card, but the similar Edge SD memory card records at 3 MB/sec. Has anyone reported negative experience with the standard SD cards?

  • eMVii

    I tried my ultra cheap Vivanco lavaliere stereo electret microphone + Core Sound low cost binaurals and they seem to receive enough firepower from Edirol´s plug-in power to work properly.

    Seems to be no problem with my standard SD cards, they workd just fine.

    Every time I play with my new toy I like it more. One thing I miss is the ability to divide and combine recorded tracks. Of course you can do it in audio editor after downloading them to computer but I still miss that feature.

  • Brian

    I just got the edirol r09, and am very pleased with it, but I am slightly confused about the reverb effect. Can you transfer the audio file to the computer through usb with reverb applied to it? If not, is it possible to do that with the R-1?

  • eMVii

    I believe that reverb effect is only applied to signal via headphones/digital output connector – not usb. Haven´t tried but I believe it goes that way.

    One important thing I just tested. In case of running out of batteries in the middle of recording -> recorded file will stay on card. So you do not lose your whole recording if you run out of power suddenly.

  • I have had my R09 for one week now. I like its size and eas of use. blind people like myself have to be aware when putting it in to record, as there is no indication as to it recording over it still being in standby, as pressing record then record again to soon doesn't start recording. my only great concern is the high level of noise with the internal mics. my R09 generates some electrical noise wich I can hear when putting my ear to the top end of the recorder, I don't know if this is causing it? also I have tried 2 ECM Microphones the Sony ECMS957 and the Sennheizer MK44P, which with other equipment generate far less noise than was present mainly in the centre of the image with the R09. I don't know if this is a fault with my recorder? a good little recorder however, which should be useful.

  • Jessica

    I'm liking my new Edirol – it looks like an electric razor though.

    That said, I think the built in condenser mic is great, and I'm impressed with the recording options. I also like the flexibility that flash cards and AA batteries provide.

    I'm dissapointed in;

    1. The inability to edit/split tracks on the unit itself.

    2. The inability to mark tracks or begin a new track while in the midst of recording (a fantastic feature on the pmd-660 that's perfect for the middle of a one-hour-recording-snooze-fest and someone finally says something interesting).

    3. The latch for the battery/sd/usb compartment is hard to open, and hard to close. I'm going to snap off that little door by accident any day now. It's asking to be broken.

  • Dan

    i have upgraded my edirol r09 firmwire to 1.03,

    can i now use 4gb sdcards.??????


  • Vern

    PROS –

    Sound quality – to my ears – is excellent with the built in mic. You won't need much more for voice/interviews. I haven't noticed the electrical noise mentioned in a previous comment. Playing music MP3s on the unit reveals outstanding playback sound. I have not tried an external mic yet.

    Terrific screen and well organized.

    Menus to change recording settings are easy to access and change.

    Includes AC adapter. Thanks Edirol for not charging us extra for this.

    Ipod-ish controls are very easy to use and its clear when you are engaging record functions. Easy to read time and level monitor.

    Unit is very light although thicker than an Ipod.

    Updating the firmware is a breeze. Good engineering here. Edirol has v. 1.03 online.


    1) Getting audio into and out of the unit is unnecessarily cumbersome. For some reason, Edirol chose to put the SD Card and the USB cable plug under the same door as the batteries AT THE BOTTOM of the unit. In order to transfer audio to a computer you have NO CHOICE but open the bottom of the unit. If you have the leather case Edirol is selling for the unit, you will have to remove the R-9 from the case every single time you want to move its files to a computer. EITHER the usb cable plug or the SD slot should have been accessible from the side or top of the unit. Putting them both in the same place and covering it with a hinged door is just inconsiderate when the engineers know that the R-9 is not the final destination of the audio files. This is a significant design flaw because it affects the user every time s/he captures audio and is ready to send it to the computer.

    2) Also annoying, when you connect via USB the unit does not lie flat on a table surface because the plastic cover juts out and raises the bottom of the unit a half-inch off the table. I have a sinking feeling this cover is going to be among the most common mechanical failures on this unit because it will be used so often and needless stress is exerted on it by design.

    3) No lossless compression offered. It would be great if at least one lossless compression format was offered. Conserve diskspace while preserving quality. Just a suggestion.

    4) R-9 experiences freezing during mp3 playback. This may be a minor problem as I haven't used this unit long enough to see if its persistent. But playing variable bit rate mp3s on this unit, the unit frequently freezes. 2 or 3 songs may play properly and then the unit freezes. No way to reboot the unit except to open that damned battery/usb plug/sd disk cover at the bottom of the unit. Now VBR compression is not an offered recording format so it may be a compatibility issue. It just happens to be the format I rip to. I'd be interested to see if anyone else has the same problem.

  • Mike

    I am just about to buy the r-09 — can anyone confirm if it supports phantom powered mics? I am getting very mixed messages. Thanks.

  • Frank

    No, it does not provide phantom power (i.e. 48v necessary for professional condenser microphones). This has been confirmed by Roland/Edirol…earlier reports that it did support phantom power were incorrect. Note that 3.3v of "microphone power" is provided via the 3.5mm mic input (enough to power "stealth" type binaural microphones).

  • Brian

    Just got the R09, very pleased. I'm doing interviews, then want to import into Garage Band. Strange thing- recording in .wav, no problem importing, but .mp3s tracks don't import at all. Any ideas out there? Tried converting the mp3 tracks to AAC and that doesn't work either.

  • Wade

    Would it be redundant to use my SONY ECM-DS70P Condenser Stereo Microphone from my mini-disc days – or is the internal on the R09 good enough?

  • Mikey

    Has anyone recorded classical music – orchestra, choir- using just the internal mics?

    How long can you record stereo on a 2g card @16/44? Is it a serious piece of kit as I'm looking for something like this to replace my CD recorder and external mics and pre-amp which are less than portable.Could it be the answer to a maidens prayer???

  • fizz

    just checking if one transfers the audio (vocals) file to the computer…….which audio editing software should be used……i am very new to computers so if someone could suggest a simple software……i own a mac power book……very interested in recording songs….only vocals without music preferably or with percussion maybe……my edirol should be arriving very soon…..would my sony ecm957 work with r-09?????…….need urgent feedback…..thank you.

  • Johnny T

    R09 works well. Mini disc mic pre is quieter.

    Rode NT4 Stereo Mic is amazing with R09 and is very natural sounding.

    Screen is kind of small. Vol and Gain numbers could be much bigger.

    Limiter's release (AGC) is too fast and can get very crackly with high ambient bass levels even while using Low Cut so Low cut is after the AGC. RIDICULOUS!! Can that be fixed with firmware? Spec graph shows 10 db boost @ 20 Hz using internal mic. Low Cut always on and no AGC sounds quite good. Opening the Batt door is a delicate two step process…crack it and then slowly work it open to the first stop. Halfway will give card and USB acsess. Repeat process to fully open. Without batts the unit weighs nothing.

  • Bart

    I want to make recordings of a church organ. Is the R-09 suited for this (broad frequency range needed)? How do the internal mics perform any way for recording classical music? If the internal microphones are not suitable for this, which device / external mircrophones to use?


  • I now have a replacement R09 which behaves better than the first one, with far less noise, both when using the internal Mics and when plugging in an external Mic. however, on some mics like the Rode NT4, I get a repetative click in the left channel. is there a build quolity issue? I am not sure if I wil go with this one or look to replace it for a second time. the AGC on this one is also very noisy, although this is not to criticle for my use. as a hand held quick recorder, its great, but in my opinion, it does not replace a Pro Card Recorder, with noise being the issue when recording. I also plugged the Sennheiser ME66 in to it and got some good results, it definatly has potentual. with my trusted Sony ECMS957,which I use for reporting and recording interviews, my R09 is very hissy, which is unlike this microphone with other recorders I have had over the last 6 years. I got better recordings from the internal mics.

  • andreas griesmayr

    how would you compare the recording quality of the edirol R-9's to HiMD?

    above all if a condenser mic like the AT822 is plugged in directly, without using any external preamp.

  • eMVii

    Comparing to experiences by Mr. Welsman I have to say that I had no "repetative click" of any kind when using my Rode NT4 connected straight to mic in or line in.

    I recorded the local reggae gig by internal mic only (the highest quality mp3). Gig sounded quite poor but then I realised that dj-set sounded surprisingly good so it had to be the sound of the band playing that was poor – not the recording. So I guess I have to do some further tests conserning the quality of internal mic.

    One great property is the A to B repeating when listening. It is good for testing field recording loops that I might use for my "musical experiences".

  • I have cracked the noise when plugging in My Rode NT4 to my R09. it was the cable that was at fault. I expect in reality, that it is a combination of both the R09 and cable. once I changed to a better quolity cable than that supplied by Roade, things worked very well. for those of you with a Sennheiser K6 ME66-67 system, try it out with the R09, I got some great results.

  • sean murray

    Any word yet if the new 1.03 or future flash updates will support SD cards larger than 2gb?

    I need to by a card, but what to get the largest possible.

  • TomS

    How bad is the noise factor is the internal mic?

    Does anyone know of any uploaded (unedited) sound files that they have recorded using the R09?

    Including configuration info with file: Internal mic, external mic, ambient conditions, etc.

    The proof is in the hearing and with digital files it easy enough to hear. (I heard some great microtrack files and some not so hot.) Am dying to hear the R09.

  • TomS

    I got the R09 yesterday. Everything has been great until I plugged in the power supply.

    With the internal mic there was no problem (the sound was just a little distant), and when I plugged in two (9volt ) powered AKG c100s the sound was incredibly clear.

    However, the big problem came when I used the external power supply with the with mics and got a terrible 60mhz hum that jumped up in intensity whenever I touched the mics. I powered off of the mics and the hum went down substantially, but then the mics were powered off so there was no longer any sound coming in. When I unplugged the adaptor from the mic input, there was a loud electric snap in the recording way above peak (I'll never do that again), and then the system went back to the internal mic with no hum.

    I have heard of this problem with the microtrack and the R1's were said to have this problem until they redesigned them with a ferrous core.

    SHould I take it back or just accept this as the innate problem of a tiny device.

    Other than the one that single set-up problem, the R09 has honestly exceeded my expectations.

    I have the sound files that I have recorded of this situation. If anyone has webspace to post them, I will be happy to. It is really staggering to hear.

  • C.Sime

    Hi all,

    is it possible for anyone to put some recordings online such as:

    1. internal mics – ambient, quiet outdoor, field recording

    2. internal mics – concert, or anything louder

    3. Rode NT4 vs. internal mics – same or very similar sound source

    That'd be fantastic. Also, i'd be cool to produce a review out of these user inputs,

    similar to these

  • C.Sime

    Also, can anyone clarify whether a 48V phantom power for internal mic is possible with 2 AA 1.5V batteries?


    Anyone knows whether these would work ?

  • Dennis M.

    I just want to mention that it seems the Edirol is very sensitive to RF interference. But this seems to be normal for these small devices. If you listen to the sample Microtrack sample on the M-Audio website, you can hear some similar "whistling" interference in the beginning of the train station recording.

    Anyway, in all other regards I am very pleased with the Edirol. It starts up very quickly (not 18-20 seconds like the Microtrack); and recording range is amazing. I was recording ambient noise in my living room, and picked up the hum of the aquarium pump, the ticking of a clock, and since I was using "open" headphones, got totally fooled into thinking a plane was passing overhead in real-time– when it was the recording!

    I am also quite amazed at what it captures in the very low end of the spectrum. When recording in my car, it captured the bump of the tires with amazing accuracy.

    FYI, the information in the manual has a "Mic Power" menu option that will power a mic at "3.3v". So phantom power is present, but it appears that it's not the full 48v.

  • Dennis M.

    Sorry, the last line in the previous post should read "Plug In Power" menu option which supplies 3.3v of power to the plugged-in mic.

  • one thing to add to the pot, is the great playback of MP3 music files with the R09. I travel on the train every week, so took my r09 as a player. using the Sennheiser PX100 closed back fold away headphones, I found the sound to be engaging. I made 320k MP3 files to play. I have also bought the leather cover for my R09 which minimises damage. it also comes with a nice little trypod, which is great for mounting it on a desk.

  • C.Sime

    Ah, AFAIK the 48v is only used for th ebuiltin mics, according to edirol/roland. Theres no phantom power for external mics, but that shouldnt be a problem with some mics, such as audio technica pro 24

  • C.Sime

    Dennis, any chance you'd put your recordings online somewhere? would be cool! 🙂

  • feeling low

    just got my r-09 but it refuses to switch on after its been switched on once……..tried duracels and new energizer AA batteries…….tried 10 times with the AC adaptor but it just doesnt switch on………i tried recording just vocals and the result was superb…atleast by my standards…..i was very happy until the unit started giving problems the night it had arrived…..i just managed to use it for around an hour……hopefully the unit is defective…..also it shows low battery power even with brand new batteries…………its only been a day with me and i now have to send it back for it to be replaced……….anyone else facing problems with switching on the unit ?

  • Scott Cole

    Has anyone compared the R-09 to the Marantz 660? I can get a deal on the Marantz for $389, and when I tried it I really liked the design–much better/more professional than the R-1 or M-track. To me the M-track sounded the best, but it was too much of a quirky toy.

    Is there that much of a noise/sound quality difference? I'll be using an AT 822, mostly recording solo violin or violin/piano recitals.

  • Kit
  • I have spent the past month working with the M-Audio MicroTrack and exchanged it last week for the R-09. I run an audio mastering suite (i.e. Pro Tools, Waves Plugs etc.) and needed something portable for my son (an up and coming jazz musician) as my current "portable" system is the Roland VS2000CD. I needed something portable to take to the nightclubs my son performs at and record everything from small jazz combos to Big Band. We use these recordings to analyze his improvisation technique and arranging, etc. Anyhow – I am not happy with the R-09. I wanted batteries (hence the switch from M-Audio) but the mic is too noisy for my aural taste. When I bring the files into PEAK and begin using my WAVES plug-ins on my Tannoy Monitors the noise is annoying. This noise is coming from the internal mics. I DO NOT want to use an external mic. It's not cool to sit in a club with that kind of set-up – I need to be somewhat discreet. Anyhow, I have settled on the Edirol R-1. Why? It is quiet…very quiet. Plus, I really like the mastering effect…it is really quite good with two band compression…I've spent big bucks on plugs that don't sound as good! Yes, it is not SEXY and yes it is a little BULKY…but damn the sound is great…best of all with the R-09's out these baby's are selling cheap. I picked mine up for $299 and used the remaining $100 to buy a large CF card. (I trust CF more than SD by the way!)…If you want sex and sleek but aren't too critical of the audio definitely go with the R-09 BUT if it's all about the sound then find a R-1 – this unit was the bomb last year by the way and it has been tried and tested. The R-09 needs some revamping…maybe with the next batch they'll fix the mic noise. Good Luck finding your new toy!

  • Kit

    Hi, Victor, please tell me more.

    I bought the Microtrack 24/96 the other day from Daddy's Junky Music and have 2 weeks to try it out. Here around Berklee College of Music, he's sold many, many Microtracks and just one R-09.

    I went to a warehouse party last night to tape some loud djs. Even though my 512 CF card would have allowed 8 hours of recording, the battery went dead after 4 hours. I had the latest firmware update, and the file was intact.

    I know what you mean about recording descreetly. The little mike the m-audio comes with is not bad in this case.

    The main oddness is level controls. If one turns a level all the way down to zero, one expects silence. Not so with the Microtrack. The big booming bass was having the peak meters flashing all the time. It doesn't sound that horrible, but there was no more level adjustments I could do.

    I'd been recording also with my tiny iRiver iFP-799. I'd been using the built-in mono mike. It runs on 1 AA and has a mic/line input and 1G of space and records as Mp3s. After the Microtek died, I plugged the mini-mike into my iRiver to do a commparison.

    Unlike the MicroTrack, if I set the record input level to 0, there would be no sound input. In this case, I actually guessed too low, setting it at 10 out of 64. One can't adjust the recording level on the iRiver while recording, but then, with my MicroTrack levels all the way down, I couldn't really adjust it anymore either.

    So I'm not sure what I'll do. For taping lectures and stuff, the MicroTrack is overkill and the battery thing is a problem. For taping bands (and thus replacing my Sony MiniDisc player), not being able to lower the input level is a problem, as is the running out of battery power.

    I also discovered that changing settings doesn't affect anything while recording. With the flashing green "I've got an input signal" lights and the flashing red "level to high", I'm sure that was a drain on battery power. I changed the settings but didn't stop the recording. It didn't take effect until the next recording I tried.

    How have others solved the input level with live bands problem?

  • Yeah, I know what you mean – the MT was pretty sensitive. The R-1 is NOT as sensitive and for recording loud music (i.e. live bands) it works great. It's a little clunky but I can control my gain. The R-09 was just too noisy for my digital tastes – I hope they address this with the next batch as it has now replaced the R-1 and is much more sexy looking! If you can find an R-1 cheap (

  • Dennis M.

    Kit, the R09 will handle live band recording quite well. There is a "low gain" setting that is very difficult to peak out, yet it captures the details of the sound nicely.

    Victor, you're really spoiling the impression with your comments about noise, but I have to acknowledge your point. The built-in mic does have a pre-amp noise floor. I find it tolerable, but others might not. Really depends on your desired application and the location's ambient noise. Seeing how online reviewers have complained so much about the Microtrack's noise, comparatively the R09 seems like a better option.

  • I'm wanting to use the line-in to record sermon audio, as well as other applications. How does the line-in work? Will taking my powered mixer out of the RCA into the input cause it to clip, do you think? Email replies at


  • Andy

    I'm interested in the Edirol R09 but I am adverse to static/hiss during silences. How much static/hiss would be apparent when for example recording bird calls in a snow covered forest using the internal microphone? Would the silences actually be silent in the recorded file?

    I just had an Olympus WS310M digital recorder for 2 hours before I returned it. I can't believe how bad the thing was, even though it is a consumer product. Silences sounded like a steam train dumping excess pressure at a siding. This was my first uneducated foray into digital recording and I learnt the hard way (almost).

    I am looking for a portable recorder for conversations, acoustic guitar recitals and sampling the environment for use in video and music production.

  • erik

    as a journalist who does lots of field interviews, i'm looking to replace my $35 sony cassette corder with something better, a lot better, and up to $500 or so isn't out of the question. mainly i want better recording capabilties. people here complain about the noise recording with the R09; but can i assume it's nothing compared to the noise coming from a tape recorder?

    a few other questions:

    if you're getting jostled around, is it easy for the thing to get bonked off of record mode?

    can you pause and restart into the same file and is the restart instantaneous?

    can you cue & review like you do on a tape recorder?

    i've got more questions but i'll hold onto em for now. thanks!

  • FragrantHead

    Erik, I just got the R-09 tonight and have been comparing it with a Sony WM-D6C professional Walkman. I find the R-09 quite a disappointment in terms of noise. It will no doubt be quieter than your $35 cassette recorder, but although this is a very subjective first impression, I think I am getting still quieter recordings out of the WM-D6C with a Metal tape / Dolby C using a Rode NT4 on both machines. The build-quality too is quite flimsy, more in-line with a $50 product, not $400. I think if there was more competition in this market, we'd see better. That said, if you dropped it you probably wouldn't actually damage it, because it's incredibly light. Other than the noise the recording quality, software and display seem well sorted. In fact I recorded some tin-whistle as a first test, which came out better than on cassette, less breathy and more professional sounding using the NT4. The internal microphone seems a bit noisier than the Rode, but also a touch more sensitive (or amplified) and sounds surprisingly good. I used to have a Sony ECM-909, the recommended mike for the Walkman, which tended to sound clear, but also thin and harsh. First impressions of the R-09s built-in mikes are that they are better and quite pleasing. Regards your specific questions: (1) There is a quite difficult to move (that's a good thing) switch to lock most of the functions, including recording and record level, when you're getting jostled around. (2) You can pause, but you cannot re-record over portions of the same file. After stopping recording, the next time you record it always creates a new file. Start of recording is instantaneous after you press the record button twice. You can delete individual files on the R-09 itself. To edit a file you'd use a PC, I imagine. (3) You can cue and review like a tape. You can also 'track skip' to the next/previous file, like a CD player.

  • As with the MT24/96, I am in process of doing a field taper's viewpoint review of the R-09.

    Incomplete at this point, but enough not-found-anywhere-else' technical and user feature stuff should be helpful for those considering or already using this model.

    Go to:

    While there is (as yet) no perfect flash card mini-deck with all the features and refinements desired by most, I do feel the R-09 is the closest for having well implemented essentials right-out-of-the-box for those doing mono/stereo mic'd field work.

  • Malt

    Message for Roland:

    2 point that may improve the R09.

    1) I'd like to change the name R09- before recording, according to the name of the project.

    2) Another things you may improve: when you put off the recorder it forgot the folder i already choose.


  • I returned 2 r-09's. The line in was poor in both. I do a daily internet radio show. The r-09 looked great for recording LIVE shows directly to mp3 (prior to uploading the archive) as well as a field recording device. The internal mics were deficient. I have been in radio for 30 years, and this is NOT a field recorder. It is too flimsy, and too noisy. Adding an external mic detracts from its lone desirable feature…its portability. The Line In on my first unit BROKE and fell into the body of the unit. It could no longer record external audio. The second unit simply stopped recording through the Line In. Both died within one week. The mechanism is too fragile for continual plugging and unplugging. If you want a field recorder, get a big Marantz. It ain't portable, but it's editable and clear as a bell. Steer clear of the r-09.

  • C.Sime

    Hi Leonardo,

    it's great to see your review of the r09, the 24/96 microtrack one was awesome. One question, how is it possible to provide 48v phantom power to mics by powering a preamp with two 1,5v batteries? Or do i misunderstand something?

  • nalooti

    It looks like a very decent device.

    just wondering about a comment by eMVii:

    "Drag-and-drop feature from SD card to PC is also a big plus"…"I have tested it only on my external card reader"

    I'm not sure to understand. Why need of an external card reader. It actually looks like a [SD] card reader itself since you can insert you SD card and connect to PC with USB.

    I ask this because i want to know if i can transfert photos on a SD card to PC via R9. Any idea ?

  • While it is possible to use a switching stepup supply for converting (2)AA power to much higher voltages, R-09 does NOT supply 48 volt phantom type power, only 2.5 volt 'electret' mic power at the input; user selected to be on/off in the menu.

    Many have purchased the R-09 over the past year and have very good luck with this deck working as needed and meeting most expectations. Lately some of the recently shipped decks seem to have mic/line input jack problems where reliable connections seem difficult or impossible within very short time. I agree with others that this may be due to the use in recent production of defective minijacks. Also possible is defective PCB soldering/or the printed circuit board itself may have defects.

    In any case, if you purchase one of these (otherwise) excellent 'for-the-money' decks, give the input jacks a careful trial run to see if early failure happens within the 30 days parts/labor warranty period; I believe deck is parts warranty covered for 1 year.

    I have updated the ongoing R-09 review on the site just recently, and have found a SOLUTION to the problem of display DAYLIGHT invisibility.

    I will soon post information and photos in another review update showing a small 'fits-like-a-glove' clam-shell hard case that fully protects the deck, and provides an effective viewing hood so the display is viewed with little or no difficulty in full sunlight.

  • eMVii

    Commenting nalooti´s wondering;

    No, you do not need extra card reader but I like to use it because I have dozens of USB-wires scattered all over and I´m sick of searching for the right one. That is why I keep an external card reader always at hand. Just a matter of taste.

    Just thought to tell that I had problems with line in. Refused to take left signal in. Fortunately it could be fixed but still… it should last more than two months. Besides the rubber part on the right side of the unit fell apart. So much for the durability, luckily it could be fixed by a little piece of glue.

    Just tried Sound Devices 744T and I almost fell in love with that recorder. If I only had more money to spend…

  • Antoine jm

    Hi, What about this unit (Zoom H4)? How does it compare to EdirolR9 and Microtrack?



  • Satbir

    Hi, I bought R-09 and a 2GB Sandisk Ultra II SD card. Having problems with R-09 recognising the Ultra II sd card. Turned the system off and put the sd card in. Get the display "SD card not formatted". Tried formatting, it blinks for couple of seconds and says completed. When I come out of menu, it displays ("no card"). I hit record, it gives some "FILE SYSTEM ERR". Is is R-09 or the card? to check, I formatted the card in my card reader and I could see it as black drive on my computer. I could drop few files on and off the card with no problems. Tried formatting on R09 one more time and again get same results. Any clue?? I would appreciate any response. Thanks.

  • Ronald Clark

    Re 4GB SD cards. I read that with the 1.03 firmware update, the Edirol R-09 would recognize 4 GB cards. I just received my new R09 4 days ago & it already had the 1.03 update installed. I purchased ($99) a 4 GB Scandisk card online from Received it yesterday and it did not have a switch on the side to lock and unlock. When I inserted it into the R09, I got a lock message and could't format or record to the card.The card was black rather than blue and didn't look like a Scandisk card. On an online chat with MemorySuppliers today, they assurred me that it is a Scandisk SD card. I loaded the SD card into a Writer/Reader and connected it to my Macintosh. Was not able to drag an audio file to the SD card; it was locked. Any advice?

  • Ronald Clark

    To Satbir re: Sandisk Ultra II SD card: Ironically, after having problems with the 4 GB SD card, even though I had the firmware upgrade to 1.03, I went out to Best Buy and purchased to Sandisk 2GB Ultra II SD cards that were on sale for $59 after a 20 rebate. They worked beautifully and formatted in just a couple of seconds. Do you have the 1.03 firmware upgrade? If not, why not go to and download it and install. Perhaps it will resolve your problem.

  • I use Sandisk 2GB Ultra III SD with this recorder, but I would like to use also a 4 GB because I use to record concert of live music that could be long more than 120 minutes (at 44,1 kHz and 24bit). I hope that next firmware release will take this possible.

  • Update on input jack failures seems to be NOT the jack, but the jack-to-surface solder connections. Found almost broke-free soldering on my personal R-09, and only a few not-so-great looking on a customer's needing mic power upgrade.

    So no big deal to fix with micro tip soldering iron and some siver bearing solder. However, taking the deck apart to get to the spot and reassemble everthing is less easy at ~14 steps.

    4 GIG SD cards DO WORK only if computer formatted in a card reader, not the deck. Word is NO firmware update expected to appear. Maybe whole new R-09 model designed for new HDSD card protocols is more likely. Then going to 8 GIGs or more HDSD flash is possible.

    Do not know if computer OS system makes a difference for 4 GIG format to work in R-09. I have heard of occasional file header corruption happening to recorded files over 2 GIGs, but these mostly repairable with file recovery software.

    For now, sticking with having several 1-2 GB Ultra IIs seems better for me.

  • For Leonardo:

    I have a 4GB SD card and an external card reader/writer. I can to format my SD card into FAT or FAT32: which of this two I have to choose?

    Thank You.

  • Roger

    The R-09 was something I had been looking for since years, but after reading all the negative comments here, I guess there is nothing on the market in portable high quality mp3-recording.

  • With a 4GB SD card (SanDisk Ultra III) formatted at FAT32, on external read/write card unit or connected by USB cable R-09 to a PC, I can record about 3 hours and 51 minutes of wave at 24bit and 48kHz!

    Great recorder!

  • Dave

    Can any user upload some mp3 or wav recorded by R-09? We want to know whether the noise of internal mic tolerable.

  • Dave

    The recording samples on the roland website are wonderful. I wonder why these tiny internal microphones could perform that well.

  • Dave
  • Jay

    From comment above

    "With a 4GB SD card (SanDisk Ultra III) formatted at FAT32, on external read/write card unit or connected by USB cable R-09 to a PC, I can record about 3

    hours and 51 minutes of wave at 24bit and 48kHz!"

    Is this true about the 4gb cards with the 1.03 firmware installed? If formatted on a pc using fat32 that is? I am upgrading from an olympus ws320 to the edirol and I am looking at getting as large of an SD card as I can.


  • Walk Humongous

    Hi Everyone,

    I've seen some people have had some SD card trouble. I am one of them!!! I bought a 1 GB Sandisk (not Extreme II or III, just regular). I put it in the r09 and it says "no card", and I know that I have to format it. I click on "format" and it says "now processing" but never completes, even after an hour of waiting. I've tried it several times, no luck. It still just says "no card". The little 64 mb card that came with the unit works great and I have no trouble reformatting it. My r09 is v1.03.

    Is my card hopeless? What card should I get if I need to replace?



  • Xager8

    Problems updating system:

    I'm trying to update from 1.02 to 1.03, but the R-09 does not recognize files on SD card. I'm using the 64 meg card with only the update file on it. Anyone else with this problem? Solution?

  • Now it is out new 1.10 firmware that takes many benefit to this recorder. First it is that now it has full support for HCSD card so You can format, write and read SD card up to 4GB. I have tested it and it is all ok! At 24bit and 48kHz I can record 3 hours and 51 minutes of wave file: this is the best choice for stealth recording of music. You can start Your recorder before to go into the auditorium (i.e.) and stop it when You are out.

  • Of course, it is not a good thing to record anything without any permission of the artist and/or organization, but it is not always possible to have it and so……

  • Ed

    Hi how about <a href="

    " title="Zoom H4">? How does it compare to Edirol R09?

    I will record classic instrumental music quite often, from solos to orchestrals.

    Do you have any suggestions of which recorder will be the best for me?

    (60%of me goes to Edirol…)


  • Ed

    Sorry about the link…

    I mean how about ? How does it compare to Edirol R09?

    I will record classic instrumental music quite often, from solos to orchestrals.

    Do you have any suggestions of which recorder will be the best for me?

    (60%of me goes to Edirol…)


  • To ED: Edirol R-09 is the best choice You have at this time for digital recording. If you don't like digital recording Your best portable choice in analog recording it is (for me) a Sony WM-D6C, an old cassette walkman-recorder that have a high fidelity using Metal tape.


  • Mitch

    Has anyone tried out the 8gb yet? It runs with the same protocol as the 4gb….so it should work.

  • Donnacha

    I, too, would like to hear from anyone using an 8GB card.

  • Denny


    Could you please tell me what brand and model# of SDHC card you are using in the Edirol R-09? I am about to purchase a 4GB card for my R-09 but I want to make sure it will work with the device first. Thanks in advance!


  • To Denny:

    I use a SanDisk Extreme III 4 GB.

    I have recorded last Suturday night a chour with this recorder and a Sony Stereo Mic (ECM-999) with very high results.

    I have used also a mic preamp, because the best results it has to use line-in plug and not mic-in plug.

  • John Noller

    Questions about 4gb HCSD cards. Has anyone tried to record to a 4gb-capable R9 with a Ridata Pro 4gb SD 0card (silver color not the inferior gold color)? These cost about $70 and so far have worked well with every HCSD device that I've tired, including a dSLR for which the "standard" SD is the Sandisk Extreme III. I'd rather not find that I have to buy a new stock of 4GB SD cards to use it with.

  • Firmware upgrade 1.10 seems to work with most newer 4 GIG size SDHC cards, but NOT completely working with 8 GIG size if using >2 GIG auto-span feature that seamlessly records a series of largest 2.05 GIG until the card fills up.

    Transcend 8 GIG card is only one so far tested, and works well for smaller

  • I am getting the impression (reading here and other sites regarding the R-09 and Zoom H4) that if I have not already committed money to own an R-09 for $400, a case/tripod for $60, editing software ($??),and an external mic, $120 – that I perhaps should spring for the Zoom H4 ($265)for my immediate needs now and give Roland a year or two apply the excellent suggestions we have read above, then purchase the Roland recorder of my dreams. In the end, I want a very small, self contained, dummy proof unit to record saxphone quartet rehearsals (yes, the guys you hear on NPR) and my kids who are imtidiating me musically at this point. Any thoughts?

  • eMVii

    Just few months after my muted line in was repaired, was the time for mic in to break. Now mic in plug is totally silent, no plug-in power… nothing. I am getting sick of those lousy plugs.

    I suggest everyone to think seriously twice before bying R-09. Two broken plugs in half year doesn´t sound good. It is a shame because otherwise I would have liked it. Period.

  • Francois

    I bought the Edirol 2 months ago, here in Hong Kong, and I could make some amazing recordings (Sound Professionals mic and Preamp). Many relvant comments have already been made regarding the R09 – which really delivers the goods… in term of sound quality. However, I was quite disappointed with the construction, especially the Mic/Line-in jack syndrom that unluckily my unit was plagued with.

    After a very short time of use (a few hours), I got that connection problem (see posts above from Leonardo) Line-In jack syndrom, apparently due to a soldering/board defect which seems to affect some batches of R09.

    My supplier in Hong Kong was very helpful, but they could not fix it. They also didn't get much support from Roland. They just offered me a full refund, but if I were buying a new unit from them (same batch), they wouldn't take the risk to give me any warranty – at least for the jack related problem. I may have to think twice: moreover, the warranty doesn't cover the shipping costs…

    Are still many units having the same problem?

  • Mar

    Hey guys,

    I’m not sure if this is a workaround with version 1.20 of the firmware, but I just read the addendum for version 1.2 and it says that you can limit the max size of recorded files to 64MB, 128 MB, 256 MB, 512 MB, 1 GB, and 2 GB.

    “Max File Size

    Sets a limit on the size of the file generated during recording.

    Use this to prevent long MP3 recordings from becoming too large to be read by some software,

    after the data has been converted to WAV.

    When the song being recording reaches the specified size limit, the R-09 closes that file and continues

    the recording in a new file.” That last sentence in my opinion is the best part about this! So you should be able to record up to the largest supported card ( 8 GB) and still record as much as you need to without any problems.

    I don’t have a 8 GB Transcend HC SD but I was wondering if someone with version 1.20 of the firmware could try setting the max file size to 2 GB and see if the 8 GB problem 1-2k file size problems still persists. If there are no small files, I will definitely purchase one soon!

    Thanks in advance

  • Firmware 1.20 further refines the deck, but does NOT fix problems with any (now can made variable) size file spanning using 8 GIG SDHC cards.

    8 GIG cards work fine if not auto file spanning, and remains a good choice if needing maximum size storage (like when traveling) making a lot of smaller-than-file-limit size files not demanding auto-span feature to work.

  • simon stewart



  • David

    How can we record with such good sound quility that samples have by R-09? Any clue, please?

    Thank you.

  • David

    Where can we buy an optical fiber line with optical miniature phone type?

    Thank you.

  • Adrian

    I've tried to format the 64mb SD card that ships with the edirol r-09, and i keep getting the "now processing!" message for 15-20 mins each time, resulting in an unformatted card. has this happened to anyone?

  • David

    The SD card might be broken. Try another one.

  • I would like to record meetings where there is a primary speaker plus questions from an audience of ~25. The speaker does not want to wear a lapel mike or speak into a unidirectional.

    I am hoping that placing an R-09 on a table a few feet in front of the speaker will deliver decent voice recording quality for him, and will make audience questions at least audible.

    Is this realistic?

    Thanks for any feedback.

  • BTW — my question applies to using the R-09 built in omni mikes. Tx…

  • atom eyes

    David C-

    the built in omni's make very nice voice recordings. i've used them to record meetings from the center of a a 25" x 35" room. the people speaking were mostly on the short side of the room . with the mic's switched to high gain, everyone can be heard very clearly with very little if any background noise.

  • kupusc

    Ok, I used R09 to record an ensamble (10 singing people 🙂 and:

    – the stereo effect is very weak.

    – if you don't get a recording levels close to 0dB with mic. gain set to LOW, forget about the high quality (the amplification in the post processing adds too much hiss). Switching mic. gain to HIGH also introduces too much noise.

    This two factors make recording of "unplugged music" very problematic (with internal mic.).

  • DAvid

    I set the gain to low, still could not get the high quality.

    And the playback volume of R-09 is very low.

    Any idea?

  • Musiciantype

    I bought the R-09 to record live piano. I'm very disaapointed with the results using the internal mic (hiss, muddled sound). Can anyone suggest a microphone for this purpose? Thanks.

  • Tatami

    Sorry for the last output


    For a compact all-around solution, you may consider Sound Professionals mics:… (cardioid)

    They also list some samples:

  • joe o

    how does the Mini-disc stack up to the R09 and the microtrack. I have my choice of all 3.

  • Ash

    I seriously suggest downloading the 1.30 update. I'm not sure I'd be too happy about this for serious music use – but it does a good job on interview recording. The build quality is very poor for the price but navigation is simple. Many good recording options, but for less money, there's probably better machines available for music.


  • Preved dyatlam!

  • Dan,TheNetherlands


    I saw it on
    Is it new??? Is it a good one ???

  • David Hu

    In my own experience, Panasonic low self-discharge Ni-MH is not durable. It only works about an hour recording on R-09.

    Any durable bettery recommended?

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