Ableton has booked a huge lineup for the NAMM show here in Anaheim, California. I’ll be talking today, Thursday, at Noon about how to abuse Live’s warp features and control Live with a Max/MSP/Jitter video input from a webcam. (Say hello if you make it; I hope to have tutorials on both these topics soon.) But I’m just as interested in the rest of the lineup . . .

Shawn Pelton and laptop beatboxer virtuoso Kid Beyond will hold clinics. My colleagues Jim Aikin and Craig Anderton will hold power tips sessions on Friday and Saturday. Ableton will provide tutorials on getting started, DJing, and performing. At the M-Audio booth, DJ Sasha, Junkie XL, and Junior Sanchez will join Ableton co-founder/CEO Gerhard Behles and M-Audio’s Robert Hanson to talk about the future of DJing. (I have to admit, I’m more interested in the future of music performance, not just DJing, but still interested to hear what they have to say.) Hey, we should do these kinds of things more often, outside of NAMM. See the full PDF schedule.

If you’re here in Anaheim, be sure to stop by, and if not, with Ableton’s help hope to put as much of this online as possible.

And in the meantime, enjoy these juicy 3D renderings of Ableton’s booth. I’m sure it can’t possibly look this good in person, especially once we clog it up with me and bunches of other NAMM-goers, so don your VR helmet and make believe! (More images after the break. Don’t think they work with 3D glasses, unfortunately.)

  • m15a

    they have no mouths!!! . . very futuristic. :p

    j/k. good luck and have fun.

  • tristan

    Uhhh, I guess that guy has a skateboard?

  • tristan

    or maybe it's just the latest in midi controllers.

  • admin

    Sure enough, this trade show that was not open to the public in fact had these very cool MIDI-controller skateboards. They just skated in on them — totally rad. (It's California.) And no one had any mouths. Including me. It was like everyone was this futuristic alien 2-dimensional being. Or a Flash animation or something.

    And you thought this wasn't a realistic rendering.

    Uh . . . guess I'd better not post actual photos now, as it'd disappoint.


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