The rumored polyphonic and low-cost Moog synths were no-shows at NAMM but that didn’t mean there wasn’t anything to get excited about in the Moog booth. Owners of the Voyager Rack Mount edition are about to get their wish for more expansion capability in the form of the VX-352 CV input expander. The VX-352 turns the synth into a full-fledged mini-modular system by allowing it to easily accommodate external CV gear.

The VX-352 adds all the CV inputs already found on the back of the Voyager keyboard to the RME. It also includes a pair of active CV attenuators for boosting or cutting the CV level, bias controls, and a set of CV inputs which correspond to the X,Y,A, and Gate parameters of the Voyager’s touch surface. All of these parameters have programmable destinations providing you with a programmable CV mod matrix with three continuous CV and one CV-gate input. Ed: This could be a lot of fun combined with the Martenot-inspired keyboard controller and other analog gear we saw earlier this week. -PK

While announced previously, NAMM was the first time anyone outside of Moog has seen one in person and we’ve got one of the first pictures.

For other new Moog products, Moog says you’ll have to wait until the next Musikmesse, to be held in Frankfurt, Germany in March.

Everyone get that? We’ll be watching closely for Moog news from Germany. Photo by Lee Sherman.

  • wselman

    I realize that Waldorf didn't have the same magic as Moog, but the Waldorf Pulse Plus had similar specs (minus the keyboard and easy-to-twiddle knobs) to the Moog Voyager and had CV capabilities. You can pick up a used one for less than $300.

  • admin

    Hey, we're not Moog snobs here . . . the more, the merrier. Now I'll go see if you've started an eBay stampede. 🙂

    The Voyager stuff really does feel and sound great, though; I think it's well worth the attention it's been getting. Putting the Moog brand name aside, it really is a brilliant instrument.

  • lsherman

    I'm sure the Waldorf Pulse Plus is a fine instrument (never seen or played one). But aside from the fantastic and distinctive sound, the knobs are kind of the point with Moog instruments. There's nothing like the ability to tweak the sound in real-time as you are playing, or to be able to program your own sounds without delving into a maze of menus.

  • wselman

    I'm not down on Moog. I'd love to own a Voyager. I've played with one at an instrument shop and thought it was superb. I'm just suggesting that for its price point and features, it's a little surprising that adding CV is somehow a godsend.

  • admin

    . . . You're right; I'm guessing they simply didn't have space for these features on the RME. Ironically, though, it's more useful here (I think) than on the Voyager, because it lets you use the RME as a sound module in a modular setup. Having seen the size of the RME, though, I'm not surprised they had to add this extra module. Someone must have been asking for it.

    Anyway, the news here is that we'll GET news round about Musikmesse time. Given that many people were disappointed with the announcements that came out of NAMM, that has become a headline. Doesn't say a lot for the NAMM show as announcements go, of course . . .