CDM2 (named a la a new cruise ship) truly is not a figment of my imagination. As we put in late hours working on it (or early hours, as much of the team is Australian), one of the issues we face is how to design the new forum.

Now, of course, there are plenty of fora out there, fantastic ones, and it would be silly to reproduce what they provide. Instead, we’ll provide a CDM-like spin. In other words, we’re interesting in chatting with the sorts of people who hang out here, about topics you can’t find elsewhere. Aside from multi-touch laser-controlled pyrotechnic subtractive synthesizers inspired by the Commodore 64, I’m interested to know what that might mean to you. What’s tops on your forum list? What have you been dying to chat about, only to be disgusted by the awful commenting system here in Mambo.

Since the aforementioned comment system may make it inconvenient to respond, if you don’t want to comment here, email me: peter (at) createdigitalmusic (dot) com, or use our comment form. Put “Forum” in the subject. I look forward to hearing what you have to say — and I expect that will be a pattern.

  • atomic_afro

    I tell you, that's what keeps me coming back to KVR, besides the up to the minute plug-in news. An off-topic section in an otherwise music-centric forum allows for the kinds of insider humor that keep a forum vibrant. KVR has Tarnce, Crunk, Bones, Chase, "Does it sound like a virus?", "How do you make the Cher sound?", etc. as references. Why can't CDM have its own sometimes light-hearted, othertimes flame-inducing inside-jokes?


  • johnsrude

    1. An individual bozo filter implemented with cookies. Some people are great sources of info. Others are egotistical trolls. I think that each user should have the opportunity to decide which is which.

    2. Browse by thread or date.

    3. Good search capabilities: Google-like, search on subject, body, or sender.

    4. Good editing tools to allow the fora to be quasi-blog with an excellent cross-referencing ability.

    5. Agressive anti-spam filters.

    6. Visibility to Google.

    7. RSS feed.

    8. Alert system (like Google's).

    The Nettles

  • triage

    Hope that you'll somehow have a more spacious look in the new version. I love the content here but it's So compressed.

  • m15a

    i admit that an off-topic section (or sections) is something i'd enjoy, too. i really enjoy arguing with like-minded people about pointless topics. 🙂 seriously, though, it's also good for asking semi-related questions for the musicians that need more technical help and the technicians that need more musical help? (at least the first one.) maybe there can be a section like "technical questions". or "really technical questions".

    i never get the chance, but being able to take a look at what other members are working on would be cool. also, it's a good place to post about events that might not warrant being on the front page.

  • omgdspmpg

    off-topic sections are great and all.. but totally unnecessary to form a community vibe. i've been over at em411 for years now, i'm a very active community member, and the chat (general conversation) section is the least used forum.

    i think the site will develope on it's own without the need for gimmick forums. "inside-jokes" don't just happen.. they develope as people grow together, naturally.

    that's actually the reason why i don't go to kvr much. to much BS, not enough content.

  • omgdspmpg
  • gefter

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