Don’t knock physical faders: they work. And with proliferating options, somewhere out there, there’s a control surface for you. The latest candidate: Codanova’s new VMX, yet another control surface for self-powered use via USB or standalone MIDI operation. 59 assignable controllers, including 2 jog wheels, a cross-fader, and various faders and knobs. The jog wheels are a nice touch, and the controls look promising as far as quality, particularly the ergonomically-shaped crossfader.

I asked creator Gilles Moncaubeig for some advice about where to buy this. In Europe, you can buy from R-Digital,, and Mix Experience. It’s even on an store for 389,00 EUR. In the US, opt for Mix Experience as they will ship from Europe to our shores.

Sure, these new-fangled touchscreens are fascinating, but I can still do a lot with physical faders for a fraction of the price (and with my eyes closed, something that can’t be said for the touchscreen). Got a control surface you love? Hit comments and let us know.

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  • Supercat

    I am surprised that there aren't more DJ oriented midi controllers at this point. Judging by the picture only (I have never touched it) this looks to be the best one I have seen, however while it replicates the familiar layout of the traditional DJ mixer quite well it lacks an obvious choice for pitch control. I would like to see pitch sliders on either side of that jog wheel for realtime pitch adjustment mid-blend .. after all fine tuning pitch to keep beats matched during a blend is one of the key aspects to DJing.

    Obviously you could assign the channel 5 and 6 faders to pitch control but that seems like an unfortunate consolation considering how well layed out the whole thing is otherwise.

  • rolandreinke

    This thing looks quite big and bulky, which is both good and bad: Easier to work in dark environments with sweaty hands, but takes up more space for transport.

    I am still very pleased with the first-generation Faderfoxes. Does anyone else heere use them too?

  • Seems to me there are plenty of options for pitch control. You could dedicate the small jog wheel to it. Or, if you wanted to assign both jog wheels to scrubbing tracks, you could use some of the nearby switches to switch them between scrub mode and pitch control mode.

    Or, if you use software like Live or Traktor, you may not even need pitch control. With Live's warping, pitch control is more of an exception than something you do on every single blend. WIth Live, I generally just type in a BPM if I want to bump up the tempo, or use the mouse if I need to retune the pitch of a particular song.

    I'd be perfectly happy with this thing…it looks very capable, and is a lot cheaper than something like the lustworthy but bank-breaking Xone:3D. My own sole complaint about it is that the graphic design elements on the face actually make it *less* usable…I'd like to see a cleaner design without all the distracting orange squiggles and halftone dots.

  • carpie

    Is it just me or are good quality midi controllers for ableton or traktor hard to find! The behringer bcd2000 isn't mac compatible yet – the hercules has reliability issues…. the faderfox looks like an option (but if I want to use both ableton and traktor how many do I need to buy?) The xone 3d well what can I say It's the bees knees but the wife will divorce me if i spend that much money on my hobby (it's bad enough as it is!!!)

    I agree with mies about the pitch control thing – I hardly ever use it (just syncing/warping works most of the time for me). But those orange sqiggles I must say – I think they're kinda sexy!

    This looks like just the thing! The layout seems intuitive yet not limiting.

    I'm actually suprised it's not more "visible" on the net. Now I just need to work out how to get one .

    Comments from anybody out there who actually has one would be great!