This is by far the most exciting free-plug release so far this year. It’s comparable to Reason’s Maelstrom, but allows one to import any .wav files (mono only) into the plug for manipulation.

Audio Demos:

Direct Downloads of plug + support files:

Developed by Sknote

Ed: Some really fasinating ideas here: 1 pluck oscillator, physical modeled, plus 2 graintable oscillators, and interaction between the two, plus filters and multi-stage envelopes. Future versions plan an arpeggiator, control matrix, bow model, and other features. The developer has some other interesting plugs, though thanks to Adrian for sorting out the links — site is a bit disorganized. Now go enjoy! -PK

  • te2rx

    Although this is somewhat covered in the PDF manual, here's a copy-paste from the website:

    – Extract the files. Copy the .dll in your plugins directory
    – Copy "Granular" directory in "C:", so that you have EXACTLY " C:Granular" containing the wave files
    – Put support files (download them from "Voices" section) in your system directory (for png support)

    – This is an alpha version. Please wait for note off before switching waveforms or pages
    – Click on logo for a general scheme
    – Ever assign "span" or envelope to a granular oscillator position. There must be movement!
    – If you want to test your own waveforms, simply rename them wf0.wav, wf1.wav, etc. and replace the waves in granular directory. You can use names from wf0.wav to wf19.wav, at this stage. Only mono waveforms!
    – Take a sweep from your preferred filter. Put it in Grainz. Control with "position". You have it!

  • te2rx

    sorry for double-post. "voices support files" are here —

    I played with it for a minute… feels pretty alpha. Lots of unresponsive / nonworking stuff, crashed my VST host. Could be cool in the future though.

  • dawhead

    i was testing to see if it would run on linux (it probably will), but it requires at least one third party .dll, libpng13.dll