Percussa micro super signal processor

Okay, imagine the simplest possible multitrack audio tool. Drag and drop audio files from an integrated browser, and add envelopes. Now imagine this tool free and open-source:

Gungirl Sequencer

At version 0.3, so your mileage may vary, but could be a fun tool to have around — or the beginning of your very own audio tool, if you’ve got the programming chops. Who’s the gun-toting grrrl who created this little gem? Um . . . Richard Spindler. So I’m guessing he didn’t name it after himself. Via AudioMastermind blog, which has been on a roll lately.

Richard also has a simple open-source movie editor project going that looks quite capable. (Also under development; Linux source only.)

Only Gungirl can give you a ghetto rendition of the Ableton Live knobs, however. Enjoy!