How would you sell guitar amp and effects software? In the fall, we watched IK Multimedia resort to the usual, sexist approach: hire a supermodel and make some pun on amp “modeling.”

Native Instruments is taking a different approach, showing different ways conventional amps can kill you. Not since the Spinal Tap drummers has on-screen rocker mortality been this high. I suppose that’s one way to deal with people’s fear of computers for music: remind them why they should be scared of everything else.

Oh, in other news, Guitar Rig 2 is hitting stores right now. (See past coverage. Rival AmpliTube 2 is due in stores in February. Waves GTR, the new entry from a respected plug-in developer, and Line6 TonePort, are also out. So if you’ve been waiting to pick up a computer guitar interface with amp models and effects, now could be the time, since the competition is thicker than ever. And now that you see what might happen to you if you don’t.

  • tom

    So the message is… "Kids, don't be a cool rock star with a big loud amp full of smoking valves, covered in battered tolex, playing in front of thousands of fans. Be a dork with a laptop. No, really, it will be cool. We can play Dungeons and Dragons afterwards, and maybe make some Reaktor ensembles"
    More to the point – since when did they advertise VST plugins on television! Has the world gone mad?

  • admin

    Oh, wait, you're kidding. Damn, I had figured out a way to build a sensor into a 12-sided die so I could control my Reaktor patch.

    Anyway, in seriousness, it's not hard to hide a laptop onstage. Guess it doesn't solve the dangerous amp problems. So use the hemispherical loudspeaker!

    I'm not really going from dork to rock star, am I?

    Plugins on television — I'm guessing this airs, let's see, on the Internet, any maybe on Berlin public access TV. Don't expect it during American Idol. (But maybe they bought ads . . . somewhere . . . I don't know!)