It slices, it dices! It runs in GarageBand! (and every other AudioUnit host on the Mac) How much would you pay for an effect that has a stereo delay, random pattern generator, envelope follower, “glitchy” decimator, ring modulator, low and high shelf filters, lowpass filter, and a randomizer for parameters? That’s not one, not two, not four, but five modulation types. Would you pay $50, $100, $15,000 for this plug-in? What would you say to the price of free?

Erm, sorry, not sure what came over me there. But anyway, Polyfractus is a new freeware AU plug-in for the Mac, available exclusively at MacMusic. At this price, or lack thereof, it looks like quite a worthy addition to your arsenal. I like the randomization — a bit like an Executive Decision Maker for audio processing, which might be just what I need today.

  • ratm2k

    NEW PLUG-IN!!!!!!! :grin

  • tristan

    this looks pretty gnar, gonna try it out.

  • lesliet

    Does anyone know where PolyFractus and dragan have gone to? Everything of his at MacMusic has disappeared and I haven't been able to find any trace of him via web searches. His work was excellent but it seems it's no longer available.