Sticking your desktop machine into a flight case doesn’t require a PC. You knew some high-end Mac audio customers would come up with something. Mike Salera writes us from the pro audio department at the legendary NYC Mac shop Tekserve. He’s got just the solution:

We recommend the folks at Nashville Custom Cases, who offer the “Pro Tools
Case” ($1,625) and road-ready cases for the Apple Cinema 20″ display ($525).

Cheap? No, but neither is the rest of a serious touring rig, and note that customers include Sting and CBS Studios. (Not sure Sting bought this case specifically; they do all manner of custom cases. And yes, they’re based in Nashville, or at least nearby Brentwood.) Thanks, Mike!

  • Definitely a thumbs up on Nashville Custom Case. A guy that I worked with, Russ Long, has a great ProTools HD G5 custom flight case from them that is incredible. Perfect for putting computer, firewire drives, master word clock and Digi hardware in another room from the control room. 😉