While M-Audio is unveiling their new Intel Mac drivers, MOTU has a treat for Windows x64 users: fully 64-bit drivers for all USB2 and FireWire audio interfaces, from the original 828 to the newest UltraLite (which is so new I can’t even get my hands on one). This is no beta; MOTU has released final drivers. PCI-X and PCI Express drivers are in beta now, and USB MIDI drivers are coming soon. As the major interface vendors have embraced Intel driver development on the Mac, they’re way ahead of the curve on 64-bit on Windows. By the way, I love MOTU’s audio interfaces on PC. I think they have a reputation as being a Mac-centered company, but many Windows-using MOTU customers will tell you otherwise.

Important note for anyone thinking of taking the plunge: these drivers support 32-bit emulation, so you can mix and match 64-bit and 32-bit Windows audio/music applications on your machine. You don’t have to give up 32-bit music apps; they’ll run just fine.

Now, here’s my question: anyone out there actually got a 64-bit computer and Windows x64 OS running to try this stuff out? Alternatively, any PC manufacturers out there who want to ship me a new computer?

  • Tom Duff

    If only they'd make Linux drivers. Ut looks like the best bet for Linux interfaces is still RME Fireface.

  • It sure would be nice to see more Linux audio drivers out there; based on feedback here I could easily believe more people are running Linux than x64!

  • The RME FireFace has no Linux support because RME will not allow an open source driver implementation for this particular interface (though they have been quite cooperative regarding drivers for their PCI interfaces).

    There are a *lot* more Linux drivers than most people suspect, but FireWire is still a large hole. However, please note that the emerging support for ieee1394 audio on linux is class-based, so as it moves along, it works for an entire class of devices. Currently that includes all those that use the BridgeCo chipset, which is the majority of those currently available. The main obstacle to using such devices is that the software is still under active development and is non-trivial to install.

    IMHO, PCI interfaces offer better performance, better price points and better drivers than Firewire or USB. I know its not relevant to laptops, but for most PCI interfaces, there are linux drivers.

    Finally, MOTU have consistently been rude and arrogant when asked about Linux drivers, btw. They not only say "no", they say (and I am only slightly paraphrasing) "no, and go to hell".

    Am I the only person still flabbergasted at Apple's hubris in making new G5's PCI-X only?

  • Andy Haynes

    I too would like to see Linux drivers — What a shame — I received an email from their sales department saying they do not support Linux. For the record I am using a pentuim 930D (dual core) SUSE Linux machine for my recording.

  • I think I will talk about this on my radio show. I can't believe they would not include a Linux driver for this. by the way how do you get a PCI interface for this machine?

  • They should make drivers for LINUX please

  • Simon Brown

    I was looking into using a MOTU for my radio show but I use linux so that rules motu out – what's their problem?