An inexpensive MIDI controller with useful scratch and mixer controls, for DJing, live laptop performance, and VJing? We’ve all been anxious to know whether the BCD2000 delivers. Our resident live visualist gives it a spin (so to speak).

Update 2007-01-13: We have learned that a BCD2000 user, Evinyatar has released an OSX compatible driver (Universal Binary, MIDI functions only), and has plans for more customizations. -JL

After waiting over a year, I finally have it. The Behringer BCD2000 was announced in January 2005, initially shipped small numbers in August, and then incessantly delayed until finally being delivered worldwide in late April 2006. Considering that the device has been in the wild for over a year there is a surprising lack of information online. Not that it was a nerve-wracking purchase decision at AU$265 street (US$200), but I couldn’t do the usual review harvest before picking it up. I was looking for a midi controller to compliment my BCR2000 and bridge the VJ/DJ divide. I think I may have found it.

What you get

The official Behringer “B-Control Deejay” page is heavy on marketing, so here’s the executive summary:

USB Audio Interface:

  • 4 Channel USB audio interface (2 master out, 2 1/4″ headphone out)
  • 2 Phono preamps (one switchable to line)
  • Mic preamp

USB midi interface:

  • Crossfader
  • 2 upfaders
  • 2 pitch controls
  • 2 jog wheels
  • 13 assignable rotary controllers (18 total)
  • 37 assignable buttons (37 total)

Initial Impressions

If you’ve used a Behringer MIDI controller such as a BCR before, then this will be very familiar. The plastic BCD knobs and sliders aren’t as silky smooth as higher-end offerings, but they are rather chunky, which is great for a live performance environment. As the BCD rotaries aren’t endless, Behringer haven’t included the excellent LED rings seen on the light-tastic BCR. Instead, they’ve opted for a more traditional bump and a normalling detent on those controllers that need to be zeroed, such as EQ and gain. The cross- and upfaders are smooth and move quite freely, not as quick as a real DJ mixer, but definitely faster than the BCD’s main rival in the price range, the M-audio X-session. I was pleasantly surprised by the pitch controls which have a firm, precise action and “quartz lock” style detent. The buttons are ok; they’re not velocity-sensitive, but do have a good solid click when pressed.

Jog wheels: Now I haven’t spent any significant time using CD turntables, nor the similarly priced Hercules DJ Control, so I can’t currently compare these to any of the major competition. I’ve DJ’d enough with vinyl though to be able to confidently say “these ain’t no 1200s”. They’re comfortable enough, but definitely part of a cheap piece of gear. Ed: Note that the high-end scratch controllers, as found on products like Pioneer’s CD turntables, feel quite different because they add weight and a drive mechanism to provide the resistance of a real vinyl turntable. It’s simply not possible to get this same response without a huge jump in price. I did get to try the scratch controllers on the Behringer gear at NAMM, and they did feel reasonably good to me for a basic, rotating plastic controller; in my opinion, better than the Hercules device in both build quality and response. -PK

Overall, though, build quality is good. The steel chassis of the B-control series lends a hefty, solid feel, so you’re not afraid to bang away at them if the mood takes you. My BCR2000 is over a year old and has been lugged around the world in suitcases and backpacks to little ill-effect. I expect the BCD to be similarly robust.

One small but frustrating issue for the whole range is the included, pathetically tiny rubber feet. These adhere to the device’s own small plastic “legs” and it should take around 1-3 gigs before they’re knocked off through enthusiastic use and the controller starts to slide away from you. This isn’t a worry if it will be spending its life on a desk, but if you’re going to venture out of your studio with it eventually you’ll need to replace those feet with something more robust. The legs stand out by 5mm, but don’t have enough space to stick on a standard adhesive rubber dot, so I’m still looking for a suitable replacement.

Plugging It In

Interface is via USB1.1, and, happily, the included BCD2000 Control Panel drivers are relatively innocuous. The drivers install easily and without excess baggage. They’re ASIO- and WDM/MME-compliant, and allow you to change ASIO latency and select in/out channels. Ed: Behringer has previously supported Core Audio on the Mac, but doesn’t appear to have any Mac drivers in this release. -PK The device is also switchable between B-DJ mode (for use with the included B-DJ software, put together by xylio) and Advanced mode, for use as a MIDI controller/soundcard with other programs or devices.

I’ve been using the BCD as my primary sound source since I picked it up, and am quite happy. As I’m not a musician or producer by trade, I don’t have a professional soundcard to compare it to, but if you’re used to an on-board or low end card such as Creative or Hercules produce you shouldn’t have any complaints. I’m not going to go all stereophile on anyone; but running through rather nice, vintage NAD amps and Wharfedale speakers gave me plenty of clean, distortion free sound. This thing will be fine for DJing with MP3s, and I’ll venture it will serve well with club soundsystems. One possible issue for gamers: The BCD doesn’t support EAS, so games with hardware accelerated sound may not work properly, causing slowdowns and other unhappiness. I’m quite happy to switch back to on-motherboard sound for the occasional Oblivion session, but if you’re looking for a gaming soundcard, this may not be the product for you.

Headphone output is 1/4″ and drives well past my pain threshold. I can’t be sure that it would be enough if you were wedged between ceiling-high stacks of speakers, but it’s plenty to give you tinnitus in the privacy of your own studio.

Noticeably absent from the connection options are MIDIs In, Out, and Thru. I suppose as it’s designed for soundcard use as well the BCD will generally be plugged into a computer, but it would be nice to have the ability to connect other MIDI devices into it, rather than taking up more USB ports and requiring 3rd-party software to rout MIDI messages.

Bundled Software

I’ve spent enough time in Traktor and Live to know what I like, and B-DJ isn’t it. It is definitely a functioning digital DJ program and compliments the BCD perfectly – not so surprising considering that it was designed especially for this purpose. It works, but it doesn’t have the stability or any of the polish seen in the major DJ software offerings. For a budding DJ who wants to train their ear to beatmatch and find out what all those knobs on the mixer do, it’s excellent. For someone who’s more experienced and has a specific use in mind, well, you’ve got some customization ahead of you. Ed: My guess is anyone serious will skip over this application for tools like Live and Traktor, of course. If anyone comes up with a custom template — especially for Live — do let us know! -PK

One of the great features of the BCR and BCF is the included BCEdit software, which allows you to customize and save presets for every knob, button or fader on the device. You can choose the MIDI data type, send channel, note or controller number, value display, min and max controller value, LED ring display or button LED toggle, and so on. It’s a little clunky, but magnitudes better than the on-board configuration of many MIDI controllers. So you’ll understand my profound disappointment when I discovered that the BCD has none of this customization available. All button and controller assignments are fixed in the device.

So, instead of a happy lovefest of simple customisation, the first thing I encountered online as a new BCD owner was this 14 page thread on the Native Instruments forum about getting the BCD2000 jog wheels to work correctly with Traktor. Some clever types figured out a combination of Bome’s Midi Translator and Midi-yoke to get some useful control out of the jog wheels, and DJ Fresha’s ninja setup with Midi Translator 1.5 beta to use them for scratching in Traktor. Fortunately for me the jog wheels work fine out of the box for scratching in Resolume, but I don’t think VJs are the BCD’s primary target market, so if sound is your thing you might need to do some translating.

Throwing Bome’s Midi Translator or Hubi’s Transformator into the mix opens up a whole world of customisation, which I shall leave for another article. We’ve got a review copy of Midi Translator Pro, which has some very interesting features, so expect a look into that soon. The short version is this: As shipped the jog wheels are infinite rotaries sending CC19 and CC20, velocity 64 (move anticlockwise) velocity 65 (clockwise). If your program of choice can do useful things with this information: Congratulations. If not, get mapping or wait for Part 2 of this article.

So, should you get a BCD2000?

If you’re looking for a cheap entry into digital DJing: What are you waiting for? Go, now.
If you’d like a cheap midi controller/sound card to integrate with your existing software setup: This may be what you’re looking for, but some more research for your particular needs may be in order. I’ll have more to say on advanced uses and midi translation soon.

Updated: We’ve learned the BCD2000 is not Mac-compatible, though it’s possible it might be at a future date; you may also have difficulty acquiring one as it hasn’t yet started shipping in volume. Full details

  • Gove

    perhaps the delay was the lawsuits and FCC approval?

  • Possible, but it's not uncommon for mass-market products to experience big delays.

    I have to say, despite the MIDI assignment issues, I'm really thinking about picking this up myself because there's little out there quite like this, so we may have both Jaymis and me working out clever templates for the thing!

  • I heard that the delays were due to a part supply issue, but that could be marketing speak for "getting sued".

  • Tunepoet

    As purely a computer music hobbyist, with no intentions to go live with my stuff, i love cheapo gadgets like this. The hard core guys are quick to ingratiate themselves with pro quality gear by slamming stuff like this, but sometimes this is all you need to add a bit of scratch to your sequencer. Bring on the cheapo gadgets! Even i can play in this price range. In the future it will be refreshing to hear how many quality albums that we all love that will have been salted up with stuff like this box. Puts a sound nail in the egos of the gear and technology elitists.



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  • steve doyle

    Although this may seem obvious to many – if you do design any templates for this unit, pass them on to Behringer (if they are nice they may even reward you somehow).

    BEHRINGER ….. you would probably sell more of these units if you designed and supplied templates for using this controller with the likes of Traktor, Ableton, PCDJ, etc. …… How about a template download area on your site?

  • Alex J

    I've got a two questions: Could you tell me please, do I need an amplifier connected to my speakers, in order to use Behringer B-CONTROL DEEJAY BCD2000? Referring to the manual that I've read on the behringer website which says: "Connect the MASTER OUTPUT to your power amplifier…"

    Or can I just connect it to my laptop which have speakers pluged to it and mix mp3's straight after I have installed B-DJ software without using an amplifier?

    And, would I also need a sound card??

    Thanks a lot guys!!


  • Depends if the speakers have an integrated amplifier or not. If you can plug the speakers directly into your laptop then you should be able to plug them into the BCD (with appropriate cables).

    BCD acts as a 4 channel soundcard, so you don't need another card.

  • Guy

    Damn, this unit was supposed to come out in Q1 2005… it's almost Q3 2006 now. Sadly, the lack of customization makes this Behringer only barely better than my Hercules DJ Console – not worth the price of switching.

  • Alex J

    Thanks for ur reply Jaymis Loveday. I dont think my speakers have an intergrated amplifier, coz they r only 40 watts, but they come with subwoofer..and yeah, they are pluged into my latop..

    So Im still not sure, wether to get BCD2000 or Herculed DJ Console.. :/

  • I know someone who's used the Hercules but owns a BCD. He prefers the BCD but I don't know if it would be worth switching, probably better to save up for a Xone:3D.

  • Guy Boisvert

    I am DJ since 1985. I've done a lot of SL-1200 and Traktor (with my M-Audio Quattro). I got this puppy for little gigs at friend's place. Apart for (still!) DJ'ing for pleasure, i am a netword / computer support engineer. So, i know a lot about PCs…I bought the BCD2000 because i liked the controller. Sure there are cool products out there like the BPM Studio with the hardware controller that looks like a DN-2000 controller but they are way too expansives (at least for me!)

    Setup was real easy. As i'm writing this, it's 4:00 in the morning, just came back of a gig. I had a bad night with the BCD2000. I went with my PC, the BCD2000, my amp, my speakers and my DBX Driverack processor. The provided dj software froze 3 times tonight. It was very unpleasant. I had to restart the software which let the house without music… The same MP3s play easily with WinAMP…

    On my laptop, i did all i could to make sure this kind of problem wouldn't happend. I installed a fresh copy of Windoze XP (dual boot now) on my Acer Travelmate 4402 (Turion 64 ML-30, 1.5 Gigs RAM, 120 Gigs 5400 RPM hard drive),. I disabled modem, battery power management, etc.

    The lock up of the DJ Sofware happened while loading MP3s…

    The overall feeling is good. As others said, too bad Behringer doesn't provide templates for Traktor… BCD2000 use USB 1.1 interface, it can certainly influence the overall performance: I use and external USB 2.0 320 Gigs hard drive and i had the BCD 2000 coughing a couple of times while searching on the USB drive… We're talking about timeslots and interrupts / priority handling here.

    Some advices:


    1) Bring a mixer! You'll need one of the BCD2000 lock up like mine…

    2) Bring your DN-2000 !

    3) Don't count on the BCD2000 for real gigs! (at least for now)

    4) Try to include a return agreement with the dealer, take your time to test it before accepting it

    5) You need a stripped down clean Windows on your PC. Even with that, nothing's guaranteed to work flawlessly.

    Too bad provided software is not stable… Too bad Behringer doesn't provide Traktor templates. Too bad that i had confidence in this product…

  • Hi Guy, I think your laptop is fine, it's just the BCD software which isn't very good. I didn't really talk much about it software in my review, as I figured that anyone who was going to use the BCD for gigs would use more robust software such as Traktor or Live.

    I don't agree that you can't count on the BCD for gigs, but I definitely agree that you should test the pants off your rig before you take it out in public. If you haven't run your software a couple of times in its intended setup for at least the length of your intended set then you're just asking for trouble.

    I've used my BCR2000 on many gigs and never had a single issue with it. It's even survived someone knocking out the power cord while I was playing. My BCD has been my primary sound card now for about a month, 16 hours a day, and the only sound glitch I've experienced was from plugging a faulty USB hard drive into the same USB hub.

    I touched on it in the review but now Guy has given us a definitive answer (to his own detriment): The BCDJ software isn't for live performance.

    I'm hoping to have another article this week looking at the midi-customization aspects of the device.

    Good luck for next time, and thanks for the comments.

  • Guy Boisvert

    Hi Jaymis,

    I agree that the internal soundcard and the midi controller might work ok (that remains to be seen in the context of real gig). I'll give a try to Traktor but the thing is that i'll have to do the setup manually and i don't know if i will be able to map every sliders / buttons of the controller correctly. That's a pity considering that Behringer didn't provide templates.

    That means 3 things:


    1) Behringer decided to cut too much on testing


    2) This project was badly managed / engineered


    3) It's really not intended for Pro use.

    I have a problem with a product that doesn't work properly right out of the box. That means that it was not extensively tested.

    I read about putting some extra software to map the jog wheels, etc… Imagine people with basic understanding of a PC trying to make this thing work like it should! At least, they know now that it's not a walk in the park and that they really need a fresh Windoze to have a chance.

    My laptop is fine: I hope so!!! I make heavy load demos with VMWare with it (with 2 Windows server loaded, Windows "clients", Linux …), NAI Sniffer, etc! Never had a single problem. If a stupid music software cannot work with this rig, then it's buggy or badly engineered that's for sure…

    Some people could say it's cheap but that's not an excuse. It should work as advertised: It is supposed to mix music without freezing.

    I have other Behringer stuff (MX-1602, Virtualizer Pro) and never had problem with it. I hear a lot of people bashing on Behringer products on the Internet and i'm not a blind believer before testing myself. I know that competitors are ready for anything to fight Behringer's low prices… But in the case of this product, i repeat that it doesn't work properly out of the box.

    Thanks for putting this blog online!

  • I was talking about this mapping issue recently with Peter and I think that the software developers (Native Instruments in the case of Traktor) are just as guilty when a program doesn't understand the native controller mappings. Especially a mature product such as Traktor, you'd hope that by now they're realise that people are going to use different types of midi controllers so they would allow for that – letting you choose absolute or relative encoders etc. Resolume (VJ software) does this and as a result the BCD jog wheels work for it out of the box.

    That aside, Behringer's implementation definitely is a bit quirky on this device and it _does_ take a greater or lesser amount of midi translation for many programs, so obviously it's not doing its job perfectly as a midi controller. This could all be fixed if they'd included similar midi assignment editing software to the BCR or BCF. I can understand why they may not have, as the driver requirements to include audio as well are obviously different, but it's a little frustrating as you have found.

    I can't really agree with your conclusions that the project was badly managed or not intended for professional use. If you believe every piece of marketing that's written on the side of product boxes then sure, you're going to be disappointed. If you're a professional DJ playing at clubs then you can't expect to pick up a new piece of software-reliant gear and have it work first go. Especially in the PC market there are so many variables that someone is going to have issues with any piece of hardware you name. Just look at the NI Kore thread on the forums for an example.

    There are definitely people using this in a professional context. I will be in 5 days time (after some intensive gig-testing sessions) but I already know that it plays happily with my software of choice. For me it works fine out of the box, but I have different requirements and a different setup from you.

    Your experience just goes to reiterate that if people want to use this in a serious performance context they should give it a try before commiting. Download the drivers off the Behringer site and take your laptop into the music store to give it a spin.

    Thanks for the comments though Guy, your thoughts are essential for giving people a balanced viewpoint.

  • Will P

    i bought the bcd2000 a week ago and its been working great i set up bomes midi translator with traktor 2.6 and had everything working perfect.


    today after mixing for 2 hours i stop for half an hour i come back to the unit to find it is switched off. It wont switch on at all, ive tried changing the fuse in the plug and even the internal 1 amp fuse inside the unit to no success. Does anyone have any ideas? i cant believe this has happened so soon after i bought this.


  • steve

    has any body had any trouble with the left jog wheel sticking on the bcd2000 as i have had two that have had this problem and its very frustrating as you can imagine.if it wasnt for this fault it is awesome.

  • @steve: I haven't had any wheel sticking issues, but I haven't been thrashing them too hard so far. After tomorrow night I will have used them for about 6 hours of gig time so I'll know then how they hold up.. The jog wheels are actually removable though, and I've read about someone removing them and putting some smoother teflon tape underneath to make them run a bit smoother.

    @Will: Sounds like a return may be in order.. Could be a defective product or you could have had some kind of surge. Either way it's probably warranty time.

  • Great review…

    Though've got a question:

    How to setup the BCD2000 in Ableton Live 5.3?

    I've set it up in Traktor3 with the Bome's MIDI Translator and MIDI-Yoke, and works fine (except the Sync-button).

    In Ableton Live, you've got a "learn-midi-mode", but it doesn't seem to work.




    The Netherlands

  • Jason M

    Having used (put up with) the Hercules DJ console, and now having played out with the BCD2000 I have to say it beats the pants off the Herc .. which really does have the feel of a piece of plasticky toy crap.

    The BCD2000 does fail somewhat in it's lack of Traktor support, but that's an issue that is sure to be solved soon enough.

    I'd recommend anyone choosing between the two, there's no content, the BCD2000 is a far better bet than the Herc Console and even if you already own the Herc do yourself a massive favour and get the BCD2000.

  • DE

    Thanks for the review.

    Im really keen to get one of these but I need it to work with Ableton Live.

    Does it work with Live? It is easy to setup?


  • I haven't tried it with Live yet. It definitely would work, but the setup could be a bit tedious. Have a look at the Bome's Midi Translator site (linked in the article) to see if any presets have been made yet.

  • DE

    I've checked out the info on Bome's site. It seems like it will work but with a bit of effort in setting it up.

    Are there any other budget controllers on the market that can be used with Ableton Live for the purpose of live mixing? (The BCD seems to have enough faders, knobs, and buttons to be a worthwhile purchase…)


  • Have a look at the BCR2000, it does lack a crossfader, but it makes up with customization.

    If you definitely need the crossfader, Evolution/M-Audio's X-session is ok but it really doesn't have enough buttons, jog wheels or sliders for the money.

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  • Junior R

    Is it possible to hook this up to an ipod or mp3 player and control the files without the need for a computer?

  • @Junior R: Nooooooooooo. For that you need a DJ mixer (and 2 iPods), or an <a href="; rel="nofollow">iDJ, or an <a href="; rel="nofollow">iDJ2, which hasn't been released yet, and will cost considerably more.

  • Laser_iCE

    Wow, good to see that this is so active…

    I've seen one of these on ebay and am very interested in using it, however, whenever I see "midi", all I can think of is poor sounding ringtones and Win95…

    At the moment, I'm a bedroom DJ that does a few parties here and there using Virtual DJ, so I'm curious as to whether or not this will work with Virtual DJ? It's simply my software of choice due to familiarity, and so if anyone could let me know if it works, that'd be fantastic, otherwise, looks like I'll have to hunt around for other software (unfortunately).

    Thanks in advance guys.

  • pete

    hi, im a bedroom/ house party dj who is used to turntables, but couldnt resist the bcd2000. I just bought it and it arrived the other day, but it keeps freezing up. i cleaned up my system loads, defragged, deleted loads of programmes, and it still works for about a minute, then it all breaks down, even when playing tuntables through it, they skip.

    im not really up on computers that much, and dont understand what traktor etc is, but i know my processing power is about twice that required, and i really want to make it work.

    not very happy so far, and woul really appreciate some tips, or ideas from someone who understands this.


  • @Peter: Have you contacted Behringer yet? They may know if there's a specific hardwear problem that could be causing your freezes.

    Aside from that, and as a general rule when you're asking for help online: You need to provide much more information. We don't even know what kind of computer you're running, what operating system, whether it's BDJ or some other DJ software, whether the software is freezing or if something's going wrong with the controller…

    Take that information to Behringer, and feel free to post it here as well. Someone may have had similar experiences.


  • pete

    yeah, im running a dell inspiron 510m laptop, with about 8 gigs free space and a 1.4 gig processor. so it seems to meet all the requirements. im running it with the software that came with it, and basically, ill just run a track on it, and after a little while ~ 1min, it will jump/ freeze, then the jog wheels wont move on the screen when i move them.

    I'm interested in this traktor thingy though. is this a good idea instead of persevering with the provided software, or is it not avaliable yet?

    also, has anyone actually got theirs to run on a laptop, because all i've heard here is problems. help! :S

  • Have you downloaded the updated drivers from the Behringer site? They specifically mention problems with Dell machines:

    I was able to run the program fine on my laptop (IBM Thinkpad R40), it wasn't the most stable thing, but it didn't freeze after 1 minute πŸ™‚

  • pete

    thanks, i tried this, but i had no joy.

    im following the tutorial on bome's site, but can this be done on the trial version? or do you have to fork out for a program that you don't even know that works?

  • Ray

    Im an Ex Vinyl DJ and looking to get back into the game with my mp3's on my IBM T23 Laptop which has a P3 1.0ghz cpu, 256mb ram, 40gig HD,integrated sound with 40watt Logi speakers. I want to start out as a bedroom DJ so would i be able to just plug this controller to my laptop with its provided dj software without any other hardware to start playing music?


  • @Ray: I'd suggest that if you can, take your laptop into a music store and ask if you can plug it in and try out the software before you buy.

    As I mentioned in the review and others have said in comments, the included software isn't the best. Your laptop is a little on the underpowered side, but I'm guessing it should run basic DJ functions ok, although you may need a clean OS profile so there's not too much stuff running in the background.

    Best bet is to try it out first if you can, or make sure you can return it if you have problems with your machine.

  • Alex J

    I finally got mine a week ago..I'm happy with it, it's much better then Hercules, apart from as someone stated before – the b-dj keeps freezing up..esp. when i try to scratch…sometimes my laptop shuting down.

    Tryed to install and connect my bcd 2000 to my friend laptop, doing the same thing..keeps freezing up after a while, sad tho πŸ™

    Anyway, does anyone know which soundcard should I choose when I click to config in virtual dj? and i've tryed it with traktor, it didn't work..

    By the way, I only have one fx control on my b-dj software, do you know where i can get the others?

    Thanks guys πŸ˜‰

  • Alexandru

    Where can I purchase one? Or does an unhappy customer here want to sell me one? please.

  • Ilya

    Hi !

    First, thank you for a full review.

    Second: how's the buttons on the device? I'm using Hercules for about two years, and I can't trust it's buttons at all – somteimes you have to press three-four times to make them react (I use Traktor). So I have to use the mouse, and use the Hercules for sliders and phones output. My main consideration is the quality of the press-buttons.

    Thank you.

  • Hi Ilya. No worries for the review, it's a piece of gear I was very interested in, and it surprised me that more than a year after its release there still weren't any proper reviews online.

    As to the BCD's buttons, I've had no problems at all with mine. The button used are the same as the BCR, and mine has survived for about 2 years so far with plenty of abuse, so I would expect the BCR to survive quite well.

  • Stephen

    I am very interested in this product considering the price dropped to $150 on many sites. My question is will it run on virtual dj? Someone ask this but there was no answer. Also is scratching ok because I love to scratch on VDJ but owners are complaining that it frezzes when you try to scratch. Thanks for your time.

  • Just got 1. Works super on my desktop but on my laptop the controller crashes :S

    @Jaymis Loveday : I think it is a Acer problem… I had it with the Hercules dj console to. There must be some conflict somewere….

    Virtual Dj 4 comes with support for the BCD2000 ! And that will be the breaktrough !

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  • Hi, thank you for the reply.

    I got the controller two days ago. I really enjoy the buttons quality. It works fine with Traktor 2.6 (except the jog wheels). I still can't use Traktor 3 because of the files sorting bug it has (if an external HD used – all files and directories are sorted by date, not by name – I can't find a thing! This bug was reported on NI forums but still – no fix). Will try it with Traktor 3 when the sorting problem will be fixed.

    After using it for two days I have so many improvent suggestions, it's frustrating.

    1. the colors – this blue-gray-black thing is not working – it's really hard to find what you're looking for, and in a club it will be only worst. I want to take it apart and color it.

    2. It will be really nice to have more buttons and knobes for free-assignment (files browsing, advanced looping features, etc…). I f I will have say 8 more buttons I'll be happy.

    3. The rear panel should really have a "twin" on the left, so you can place the unit on the laptop and work more comfartable

    4. A trackball with two buttons will be great – it will eliminate any need in the keyboard. (mmm… maybe a laptop style touchpad)

    5. The volume faders are way too light – it's soo easy to knock the volume to max/min. They should be tight like the pitch controls.

    Anyway – it's cheap and sound way better than the Hercules, so I'm happy.

    If I was not so lazy I would grab my father (he is russian electronics pioneer – designed first soviet video games) and make the controller of my dreams. Maybe one day…

  • xxpaulxx

    house dj since 1987 but mainly playing parties and bedroom mixing these days.had the attitude for long time that it was vinyl+ 2x SL1210 or nothing but finally gave in to the mp3 scene,and hit entry level after seeing a hercules demonstrated.scoured the country for a hercules and when i found one the bcd was sitting next to contest,had to have the behringer.although build quality aint superb,it eclipses the hercules,could do with that midi port tho lol.over 200 hours hard live/studio use now.its got its bangs and scrapes x fader bit sloppy but still functions like new and no problems to report altho the driver update helped with output sound quality somehow.even managed to spill WHOLE pint of water into the unit last week and its still good as gold after it dried out.even if it wasnt then i wouldnt of hesitated going straight out and buying another!! crikey for what it does its cheaper than chips.the template issue is a pain in the bum.i still usin the bdj and it is lacking a little,the beatlock poor at times especially at lower bpm, but quite versatile when u get used to it.we need more support from behringer,templates,overlays etc i think.very little on their site.virtual dj 4.0 gonna work with bcd?? is it really true???? (goes to look) there is a god after all!! just about everybody who has seen my bcd in action is shocked at what your getting for the money,with a bit more mainstream marketing,behringer could sell a hell of a lot of these.pound for pound ive never had the value that this little box of tricks has given me,and no i dont work for behringer lolol if anyone knows of anythin interestin relatin to the bcd or jus wants to ragchew over it im at doubters need converting!



  • JJ

    What alternatives are there ? up to say 500 USD ?

  • Yes it is possisble Antoine, but support is not yet complete and will be better in Virtual DJ Version 4.1. Come visit us on the Virtual DJ forums!

  • sabaO


    i'm brazilian, here in brazil is IMPOSSIBLE to find the bcd2000 could anyone tell me one online store would have the bcd 2000 in the stock to sell, our any store near at Queens NY that it has BCD 2000 to sell?

    P.S: sorry for my bad english.

  • Hi, I'm interested in purchasing a BCD2000, I already have Final Scratch v1.5 for my main decks & mixer set up installed on my system which is a Dell Inspiron 9400, 1.66ghz Centrino Duo, 1gb Ram, 2x300gb external hard drives for music.

    I was just wondering if my system would be ok for the software as i've read there are some problems with it on Dell systems, my technical knowledge isn't brilliant unfortunately!

    Also with Final Scratch i can just drag files from my hard drive into Traktor to mix straight away. Am I right in thinking you cannot do this with the BCD2000 software?

    Thanks, Chris

  • Steve

    This mixer is so rare to get ahold of. Im in the UK and im struggling to find places that have it in stock.


  • Alan

    so what would u guys recommend more for VJ'ing???? a bcd2000 or a bca2000???

  • Chris

    Liking the fact that this unit has two Phono pre-amp inputs…I can keep me vinyl decks for the love and plug them into one of these πŸ™‚

    Has anyone used this with a vinyl deck? Any good?

  • Chris: I haven't tried using the inputs as Phono, but I have used the single AUX one and it sounds fine. Try asking in the NativeInstruments forum – plenty of Traktor users seem to have been working with the BCD, perhaps some of them have plugged their turntables in.

  • Manalog

    Seriously…why is this piece of gear so hard to get?! I've prepaid for it and am eagerly waiting for its arrival….4 weeks and counting!

    Argh! I'm sure it'll be worth the wait…

  • I know! I have been waiting that long too! I hope they don't permanently stop making it. Maybe Behringer will improve it in this time and we get a better version! I can only hope. A USB 2.0 interface is what it is missing and raised jog wheels. πŸ™‚

  • I don't quite see how a USB2 interface is required.. USB1.1 is plenty of bandwidth for 4 channel sound + midi isn't it?

    Raised or slightly rearranged jog wheels would be great though. For my last gig I ended deleting my upfader mapping because I kept bumping them.

    Despite its quirks the BCD has been extremely popular, so I don't see Behringer halting production any time soon!

  • Troy

    Hi I'm waiting for the BCD I was wondering if my laptop would work with the gear it is a HP pavillion 1gb ram Duo core processor can someone let me know also should I purchase any other type of software or use the included software.


    can i use it with my ibook g4?I'm looking for something to control my traktor and live 5.1.maybe just can use it for my midi.when i plug it my mac can see it or need any driver?pls tell me.thank u.

  • Troy and BKK Boy, if you'd read the article you would already know the answers to your questions, which are:

    Troy: It will work, you'll probably want better software.

    BKK Boy: No!

  • Just wanted to take a second and say how much I love the bCD2000. I have used it with a variety of programs(Traktor, Live, DJDecks, and more) I have had a hell of a time getting it to work properly with most of those(Usually involves using a translator) But once up and running I couldn't ask for more from a product that you can pick up for under 200. It even handled doing vinyl control with DJdecks. although the setup as I mentioned took a few hours. I have owned mine for over 6 months, used it in multiple live settings and wouldn't reccomend any other controller in this price range to anyone. If you are thinking of getting it and have some knowledge about how midi works, you are on the right track.

  • McNelson

    Anyone using this with DJ Decks 0.76 care to comment on ability and stability? Thinking about a purchase but can't be faffed with the Traktor midi nonsense.

  • I have used the BCD with djdecks quite a bit and have had no problems to speak of. I usually do not use the vinyl contro with it but you can and it does work as well. If you need more info I believe there is a thread about it in the djdecks forums

  • Daniel

    Can you use 2 time coded vinyls with the bcd2000?

    and use it like serato?

  • If you have a fast enough laptop and buy DJdecks you can use the BCD like serato. Now Djdecks while a good program for general mixing lacks the stability of Traktor and is definatly more resource intensive(in my expierence) Although if you want a cheap solution to the finalscratch/serato wars the BCD might be right for you. I would look into the forums at to be sure it will work(I have only used it for testing and the ocasional at home mixing session and can't vouch for it's live show performance) But it's at least worth a look and some more research.

  • BigRay

    So lots of you laptop boys are having trouble (Not suprising really is it). What about you desktop boys? I'm running a 3.2Ghz Pentium 4 with 2Gb of RAM anyone got the BCD2000 and running similar? Hows it working?

  • I've run my BCD on both desktop and laptop machines and not really had issues with either. I haven't tried for low-latency performance with something like Serato though, so that may cause latency issues unless the system is fast or clean.

  • Hey all. Anyone have any thoughts or experience on what'll happen if I plug one of these into a Linux box? Forget the bundled software, I just want to know if I can pick up the MIDI signals in which case there's a chance of wiring it into mixxx.

    If there's no Mac support I guess the prospects aren't good… I was hoping that it would either be a bog-standard usbmidi device or would have real MIDI ports on it, but am I right in thinking that neither is true?

  • Jamm!n: I believe you're right in your thinking. It doesn't work as a class compliant USB MIDI device, so without drivers you won't get any MIDI signals.

  • Carl Matthew

    HELP. Hello all. My first post. I appreciate any help given in advance. I just purchased the BCD2000 yesterday. Everything works however I have no sound output (I do in my headphones). I have a PC with a Creative X-Fi Soundblaster. My sound source is a Logitech Z5500 5.1. I don't understand how to use the B-DJ software configuration so that may be a problem as well (I'm not a DJ and Yes, I did read the manual). How in the world do I get my sound to work?!?!? Will it work at all. I have no intention in buying an external amp with Speakers. I want to use my computer speakers!

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  • Jase Perry

    I've had my BCD for a few months now and its probably the best £100 I ever spent.After using it frequently and Getting really comfortable with its functions its clear to me that its makes The whole DJ'ing experience alot easier and more convenient.I've been toying with the idea of playing live with it for a while now and was wondering if using a device like this was considerd as an "Acceptable

    method of DJ'ing" in Clubland ? I would be gratful for any opinions. Thanks. * Jp *

  • Jezuhke

    Hi there! If you know if the BCD works with resolume please let me know!! Contact me at

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  • Hi there!

    I just bought my BCD 2000 last week. Im cheking out some laptops to go with it right now. Would there be a HUGE difference if I use a 600-700Mhz (the required is 800) and/or 128mb RAM (required is 256) laptop? Im going to buy 1 on friday(Nov 10) so hopefully I get the answer from you guys before that day. Thanks a lot!!!

  • Hi Paul. Depending on the DJ program you're going to use, I'd suggest something with a bit more power and definitely more RAM. If your laptop can't keep up then mixing will be completely impossible, and you won't even be able to think about adding effects etc.

  • i see. wow, what a quick response there! thanks! okay, how about 700mhz processor with 512mb RAM? im sorry for the stupid question it's just that im on a tight budget & a laptop with a processor that is higher than 700mhz would be too expensive for me already. πŸ™

  • ARg

    To Jaymis-Loveday!

    First of all many thanks for this forum!!

    I wanted to ask you something, since u seem to be familiar with all this midi-controllers stf.

    I ve got the Hercules console and i want a change.. I was thinkin of buying the BCD2000 or the UC33e (from Evolution).. Im on Live and Traktor.. Which one do u think would suit best..?

    I also want to buy the M-audio Firewire 410 interface.. Do u think its worth it..? Would the controllers comply with the soundcard? Cause like at the moment -on Traktor- with the hercules i can't set the monitor and the output therefore its impossible to mix how i want..

    Also, I want to sell my Hercules, do u know where i could do so? (except ebay- i live in London)

    You could also email me straight at argoraio at hotmail dot com.

    Many many thanks again!

  • Paul got back to me via email and should be on the Forums soon.

    Arg: The BCD2000 acts as a soundcard like the Hercules does. UC33e is just a midi controller. I'd probably prefer the BCD to the U-Control (I've spent plenty of time using the UC16 and X-Session), but the BCD requires plenty of configuration as I mentioned in the review. If you aren't up for plenty of reading of forums and tweaking settings I'd suggest a plain midi controller like the UC or the new X-Session Pro, which should have none of the configuration problems found in the BCD.

    With the BCD you don't need another audio interface, and no midi controller should have any problems with an external audio interface.

    If you have more questions sign up for the CDM Forum, there are plenty of clever people there to help you out.

  • munk


    i've read a review on bcd2000 saying that the EQ conrol is AWFUL. can anyone who use it tell me what this means? is it really that awful? i'm really interested in buying one and this fact made me think more about the possibility of whether MK2 would be a better choice.

    also, can you use the jogwheels on Traktor (or other good dj mixing software) or not? because, for me they are quite important.

    many thanks

  • Hi Munk. I'm not even sure what "the eq control is awful" means. The BCD is just a midi controller, it's the software which decides whether the EQ is good or not. If you're using it with Traktor you'll have control of the normal Traktor EQ functions.

    You can indeed use the jogwheels in Traktor, but you have to buy Bome's Midi Translator Pro and use DJ Fresha's Preset.

  • munk

    thanks for your reply Jaymis.

    after reading more on this forum the whole installation and getting-it-to-work-properly process looks pretty complicated to me since i'm not that used to midi controllers and midi software, so here comes another (dumb) question: given that i don't know anything about midi, is it hard for me to figure out what to do, and configure it so that it won't crash?


  • Munk: Fortunately other people have done most of the figuring out for you, so you just have to follow their instructions.

    Midi in the basic "using a device to control a program" style is very easy to learn. It's just like setting up your controls for a computer game. You choose the control (such as "Deck 1 Play" or "Deck 2 EQ Low"), then press the midi controller button or move the knob/slider. Of course, there are templates which exist so you don't even have to go to this trouble.

    Midi is a very simple protocol, so it should be extremely stable. Unfortunately the same can't be said about most DJ programs…

    If you want to use the BCD with traktor and jog wheels, you'll definitely need a copy of Bome's Midi Translator Pro.


  • Aron

    Hey Guys!..

    Nice to see that there is so much help availeable here..!

    I currently own a Hercules DJ Control Mp3, and am considering buying a Hercules Mk2 or a BCD2000, or maybe the Numark Idj(Hercules Mk2 and BCD2000 are the favorites)

    Though, i got Virtual DJ 4.1 at the moment, and as i understant it, the Hercules has a really good support on the Virtual DJ

    I really cant se where on the BCD you can fx. change the various fx settings or use them (beatgrid and such) where there are specific buttons on the hercules, i use it a lot when i mix at home and it really depends on if i can use that one th BCD 2000…. or it will probably be the MK2 which will be bought.

  • Leks

    Nice review. Am planning to buy 1 also; however, is the bundled software not really stable? Also, is it possible to record your mixes via the bundled software? Thanks in advance.

  • Aron: Because it's a midi controller you can change the mappings to do anything in the program which can be controlled by midi. Out of the box there are 4 knobs and 4 buttons labelled for FX control.

    Leks: The bundled software definitely isn't stable. I'm guessing it could potentially work fine on some certain setups, but for me it crashed repeatedly. I definitely wouldn't be using it for performance. However there are plenty of options around check out the review linked here.

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  • nociv

    Helo dj's around the world. Does anyone knows how to fix headphones problem with BCD200 linked with Virtual Dj 4.1 rev2?Problem is that eq has no effect in headphones. It works ok if u select your soundcard as a phone out but i still need to use BCD2000's phones out.

  • dj pantelis

    guys i still have a question for this product…my

    speakers are logitech z-530 and do not have an intergrated amplifier,how can i manage to use my computer's speakers?please anwer to my question beucause i want to buy this product…

  • nociv: Sorry, I don't have anything for you. Perhaps someone else can help.

    dj pantelis: Are you sure they're not the Logitech X-530? Those are powered…

    Even if you have the wrong model, I don't think Logitech make any speakers without integrated amplification. Have a look. If you need to plug them into a wall socket, they don't need a separate amp.

  • hey

    great review Jaymis, well done on getting back to everyones questions as well.

    I just finished reading every single comment on this blog. Alot of questions :S

    I was wondering if any experienced DJ's that have used CDJs like the pioneers etc could tell me what the jog wheel on the BCD is like in terms of using it for beat matching, so like adjusting it to get the beat back in time again as you would on a normal CDJ. Is it similar to a CDJ? Does it feel the same? Because I use traktor and as you know that just sync's everything itself. I would like to start training myself to manually adjust the track with a little sorta push of the jog wheel as you would on CDJ's to get it back in time. Would you recommend the BCD as a good product for learning how to adjust the jog wheel to get everything in time? It seems there are both vinyl and cd modes for the BCD as you would have for the pioneer CDJ's

    I hope that makes sense.

    No one has asked this before and it is the main reason why I would purchase this product. I would like to buy this product and use it for a while until I can afford some proper CDJ's.

    So I guess I'm asking how close the BCD emulates to proper CDJ's as well.

    any feedback would be appreciated.


  • cyb

    I just got my BCD2000, I cant get it to work on XP. I have a core duo dell 1gb mem. It keeps shutting down everytime i use it. It says memory dump. Is 1 gb memory not enough for this hardware. I have arrangeg for this product to be return. could anyone help to keep this product? or isnt it not worth keeping? Its just giving me too much problem with my computer.

  • cyb

    Thank you for all your help, It seems my bcd2000 is working ok now. What I did was reinstall the new system, and install the ver version of the software without any other asio supporting cards but the BCD2000 first.B-dj software works fine with 3ms latency but the best software for this machine to use is virtual dj 4.1. I have used mixvibes,traktor,dss,virtual studio,pcdj(red) but virtual dj has the best sound and scratch response at 3ms latency. Dont expect vinyl feel coz the jogwheel is only the size of the mouth of my coffee mog. The play and pause button sometimes dont respond with the software so you might need to press it twice to play/stop/pause. i just ordered a direct drive turntable since this machine has 2 analog input, does anyone tried if this function of the BCD2000 works? And is there a Universal timecoded vinyl? I have included a mixvibes time coded vinyl in my order, you think will it work with any software with this machine? Please help me guys to any of my questions specially jaymis man help me out. I just want to scratch on a turntable with a timecoded vinyl using bcd2000. What will be your suggestion? Thank you for all your help. Merry Christmas to every music lovers in the world.

  • Sean

    If you just have a normal pc running on windows xp, if you plg the BCD 2000 in it, will the sound come out of the speakers in your computer?

  • EX-S

    Hi Sean,

    The BCD2000 must be connected to power amp. The speaker connected to the pc won't work when using the BCD2000.

    Hi Everyone,

    I am using it for the 5 weeks now with Traktor DJ studio 3. 1st, I got a problem with CD input the sound was distorted but I am busy doing something else so didn't use it for 2 weeks. Yesterday I try to use it again suddenly works and the sound quality is fine. I have decided to use the Traktor 3 to record my practice mixes from my 2X SLDZ12000 and Urei 1601E mixer using the booth output from the Urei mixer to CD input of BCD2000. After 3 to 4 songs the sound quality of left channel of BCD2000 is getting weak then after 5 mins only one channel is working.

    Any advice?

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  • Sean

    Since my last comment i havre since purchased this hardware and i have figured out a way to play the sound through your headphones and through your speakers. I have my BCD2000 set up with VDJ 4 and in the VDJ configuration menu you can select to have to sound cards. Thanks for answering my question EX-S

  • mahe

    is this Behringer BCD2000 work with dj cd player

  • mahe


    pls give an advice on this Behringer BCD2000 unit, Does it work with Live? is this easy to setup?and which laptop i should buy?or els denon 4500 dual cd player, is this one best for me , which one i have to buy on both option,pls give me best suggetion on this , thank u all dj music lovers

  • some know how to assigns headphones on ableton with bcd2000?

    I can't mix good because I can't listen the track I wanna put while I'm mixing.. with the b-dj software yes, but with ableton not really.

    I can just play, assign fader, crossfade and effects, but not the headphones.if I assign the heaphone I listen just the master out.

    somebody can help me? THANK YOU VERY MUCH

  • hey I just noticed the name of this page is

    Cheap, Functional, Quirky: BCD2000 Mix & Scratch MIDI Controller Review, Part I

    so where is part 2? WHAT is part 2, is there some new details on how it works with traktor? the whole scratch thing not working is a real deal breaker for many I would imagine… I am mostly into synthpop/futurepop which has little to no need for this, but can you use the jog wheels to search a song in traktor for setting cue points and doing the tempo push thing too without extra software?

    thanks for the review!


  • SelArom: Very good point. It's just about time for a followup article.

    Not sure what that will entail yet.. Perhaps some detailed HOWTOs would be more appreciated.

  • Kenny

    I bought my bcd2000 not long ago.Ive not been using it often because it doesn't do the work like it sounds. Even though it's value for money, if I'd the chance to make a second decision, I would go for something else. An Error message keeps poping up that 'there's a problem with the controller'It keeps freezing and some of the lights doesn't lite up. The only big plus is the scratching bit. It's cheap but if you really want something to take to a party instead of the a bedroom toy, my advice is that go for something a bit expensive

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  • shon

    can someone please give me setup instructions on how to make the bcd 2000 work with virtual dj and traktor 3?

    or maybe give me website where i could get setup instrucations



    i just read all the post and thank all of u for all ur help i purchased my bcd 2000 about 3 months ago. i just wanted 2 know just like cyb who posted is there a way 2 use this with time coded vinyls thank you for any info on this matter

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  • Nice review of the BCD, so far i've had to work out a lot of problems but when it is working it works very well for the price. I like using it with DJDecks because i can use a final scratch record to control it! the program is only 30 bucks plus 15 for the FS record so paired with the BCD it is still 500 bucks cheaper than FS2. The BCD also works very well with ableton live. Setting up the midi controls is a breeze. simply click on what you want to control and move what ever knob or slider… couldnt be better. Works well for recordings samples in too. Although this is all amazing for the price, the problems with this device have almost made me throw it against the wall several times. Drop outs in the ASIO audio have occurred several times well using it with the newer USB chipset in my Toshiba A70 laptop. Also when installing BCD into a fresh install of XP, The BCD2000WDM failed to start. No matter how many other devices I disabled. Anybody have similar problems/fixes?

  • Jack

    Not sure if anyone will still be checking these comments, but regardless….

    I currently use a Final Scratch DJ setup but I'm considering switching to an all Ablteon Live based one to take advantage of the expanded creative opportunities, loops, effects, producing on the fly etc.

    The BCD2000 seems like it would be a good MIDI controller to make this transition smoother, with a similar layout to what I am used to in a club environment, but I am wondering if it is limiting in how easy it is to incorporate lots of different tracks playing at the same time and how to switch between them/edit them/start or stop them….is it more suited to a two channel setup?

    Thanks for any help!

  • Hi DJs!

    Im DJ C, been a club dj since 17. now Im 36. I play house. Got the BCDJ 2000. This thing is solid. for error free ,stable running here whaT you guys should do.

    1. use a DUOCORE p4 2.0 LAPTOP

    2. install fresh XP in your laptop

    3. disable power management in your windows

    4. install drivers of BCDJ 2000 using the cdrom installer

    5. dont install uncessary software, antivirus stuff, other programs. treat this laptop as a unit for BCDJ 2000 player, server type its only purpose is for your gigs. when your transfer files thru flashdrive. that way you kkep virus away.

    6. defrag before each gig, that way your laptop is in topform and moves well.

    thats it you cant go wrong with this simple basic system and your bcdj 2000 will be stable and serve you well. happy mixing

  • eddie

    all i want to know is how to use it with time code vinyl? can the turntables be plugged str8 in to it like an asio soundcard and used with vdj 4? no one has really answered the question.

  • Aaron

    Hey Jaymis, are you still around?

    Thanks for the great review. I bought this unit last week (Thursday) in desparation for a gig on Saturday night. Followed the instructions for setup and did several test runs of mp3 mixing from the HD and it worked great. I am running it on a p4 3.2gHz 512mb using the included B-DJ software. Only 2 problems, which were (1) not too huge and (2) huge, both related to using cd's:

    (1) When loading cd tracks from my internal cd-rom on my computer, I loaded a cd with 9 tracks, selected one, played it, no problem. Later, I loaded another cd that had 18 tracks, but it only showed 9 available!! This persisted with all cd's in my cd-rom until I restarted windows during a break, after that it was great.

    (2) Tried to use an external cd player in the analog input and only got line-level sound – i.e., you could not hear anything unless it was turned all the way up, and even then was very faint. Was not in the "phono" grounded position. Tried this on both decks with the same result. Is this because I was using the mic in the "On Air" position all night?

    Seems like a lot of epople are using this unit with external vinyl, is anyone else using an external cd player? Anyone else having issues?

  • dj208

    Wait for the new BCD3000. It comes with Traktor 3 LE instead of the crapy software of the BCD2000. I tried it at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt and it really rocks. I tried all other mp3 mixers on the music fair and I must say that the Behringer is at 250 euros the most convincing one. BTW: upgrade from Traktor 3LE to full Traktor 3 is just 100 euros. So I think its a good deal if you want to start with wave based mixing.

  • fleamour


    Anyone got this working in Win 2K?

  • Anyone know the release date of the bcd3000?

  • jimmychin


    i've used my bcd2000 with vdj4.2 since feb and its great – it worked pretty much as soon as i plugged it in – couple of small glitches like the back to top button not working as desired but very minor.

    i'm trying to up my game now by using Ableton Live, however i cant get this midi mapping sussed – can anyone give me any good advice.

    at the moment i cant control anything !

    i've searched hi and lo on the web to no avail.

    HELP !

  • Hi i just want to ask anyone if they know the cdm 500 the gemini dj thing if i need to put my computer speaker on that how can i do that please some one reply to my email fast.

  • The BCD3000 will be available on the first week of june and the price i got is $150.00

    comes with traktor LE and can be upgraded to Traktor 3

  • sascha


    how can i use the bcd2000 ONLY as a midi controller with ableton 6.0 on a windows xp dell laptop ?



  • PsyClone

    This controller is functional indeed, and I've had many fun evenings with this unit on my DESKTOP mixing for up to 8 hours at a time. However, I bought a Dell Inspiron 1501 laptop, and have had nothing but problems. Drivers updated, fresh WinXP install, wifi, modem, network disabled, USB and system power management configured. Nothing but distortion and freezes (this is the same with any software, including VDJ4.3, BCDJ, and also when listening to MP3's on Winamp, using the BCD as a soundcard. I've boiled it down to chipset incompatibilities, and it seems that Dell's are one of those. Thus my decision, I will buy a cheap secondhand lappy, that I can use especially. I also think that this would be good, as newer hardware i feel is less likely to be supported by Behringer.

    I would like to hear from anyone who has had zero audio problems using the BCD2000 and lappy, what sort of laptop, model, CPU and M/B chipset.

    Actually even if you have had problems, email me as well with as much system info as possible and steps you have taken to fix the problem, as Im also compiling a report to send to behringer.

    Cheers guys.


  • Remo

    Running BCD2000 with VDJ, had it for about 24 hours works great..i know the 3000 is out now but! i saved well over 100$ by getting the 2000 and it works fine, im sure there has been some teething problems but i couldn't be happier with it, its very stable.

    That said im not a pro, i just like to fool about.

  • h3rm


    if you have a problem with the prelistening function of bcd2000 and virtualdj (you can't hear equalizer settings like gain, low, mid, high, volume,… on the headphone) just install this patch from virtualdj ( ) .

    It changes a windows registry entry for the euqalizer-phone-settings!

    greetings alex

  • LordSid

    Hi! I just purchase my new BCD3000. The problem is I cant get it run. I already installed the drivers but when I on my BCD3000 my system crashes giving me BSOD. I dont know what would be the problem.

    my system is running under;

    Pentium core 2 duo 2.66Ghz

    3.25 gig DDR2 Ram

    built in soundcard

    2.0 USB

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  • rafael

    Hi!! actually i have a problem with traktor and hercules dj console..How can i connect the dj console with this progamm?(i dont have the bundled traktor ver.,an other one)..any advice is welcome.. thanks…

  • Can you use Behringer bcd2000 directly with time coded vinyl? Can someone explain setup?


  • …that is without the breakout box etc. You'll notice that there are many new "Traktor" certified mixers that don't need old breakout box (i.e. serato box)…question is…can you rig Behringer to avoid breakout box too etc?


  • James

    I have been looking for a MIDI controller to start DJing with. I am running Traktor 3.3 on my Acer Aspire 3680. Is the big problem with this controler the work you have to do to make it work with Traktor? I don't mind customizing the knobs myself but if I hae to run 3rd party software and learn to wriate C++ just to get it to work I think I will pass.

    Also, how does everything feel as far as movement. I don't want the knobs to feel like rough granite but I don't need silky smooth turns either.

    Also, how bad is the delay one the knobs? from what I've read here I have this nightmare that you press it on the 1 count and it comes in on the 3. Is it really that bad? I spin EDM so I like love to build suspence and then drop the bass or whatever back in but for that to be done it has to be done on time and with the beat. Should I look somewhere else.

    I am budget conscious and am not looking to drop more than 200$ unless it was an absolutely amazing deal. Are there other controllers you would suggest that may meet my needs better?

  • filip

    "I am budget conscious and am not looking to drop more than 200$ unless it was an absolutely amazing deal. Are there other controllers you would suggest that may meet my needs better?"

    Pretty much said here, this is the only thing you can afford. There isn't anything better for that money.

  • Kamaka

    Okie thinking of getting the BCD 2000 or the Hercules MK2.

    Wondering which to get.. I want to know which will mot crash or whatever I have a toshiba laptop so i dont have a tell like other ppl which i hear gets crashed when they use the BCD and I want no crashing so help PLEASE need to kno asap planning on going to guitar center tomorrow!

  • Kamaka

    i also have vista so wondering if this is going to work?

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