Apple’s Logic Pro and Express 7.2 were the first major music applications out the door with support for Intel Macs when they came out early this spring. As a result, though, Apple was a bit ahead of the curve: the Intel Mac ReWire SDK wasn’t available yet from Propellerhead, so Apple couldn’t include support for ReWire on Intel Macs. (ReWire works just fine on Logic 7.2 if you’re running a PowerPC-based Mac.) That didn’t matter at first — until Ableton Live shipped, complete with ReWire support.

Well, in case you haven’t checked Software Update lately, Mac Logic users, ReWire is here. And it’s a joy to use, finally, because Apple has added support for stereo ReWire objects and labels its ReWire I/O correctly. That means you can run a MacBook Pro or Intel mini with your Intel-native copy of Live ReWired into your Intel-native copy of Logic (which is blazingly fast on Intel, I might add), all with your Intel-native drivers from the likes of MOTU, M-Audio, and Edirol. Why it’s just about musical nirvana for laptop-based musicians. Now we just need the Native Instruments stuff and Max/MSP for a complete Intel Mac laptop experience. You can expect both to ship well before anything with the Adobe name on it. Snicker at your graphic artist friends, because you know you want to — oh, wait, I use Adobe software. Uh, never mind then.

Lots of other little tweaks that correct some major issues with 7.2; details after the jump. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: if you’re using Logic, you absolutely have to get 7.2, whether you’re using an Intel or PowerPC-based Mac. It just fixes a lot of Logic’s remaining rough edges.

Also in this update:

Intel Macs: ReWire and ReCycle support, Standard MIDI file export, OMF import, VSL EXS instrument compatibility

Bug fixes to Sample Editor, software instrument

Compatibility with Logic 7.1 songs

Direct playback of MP3 files

EuCon support for the Euphonix MC and CM408T control surfaces (Okay, that one probably doesn’t apply to many of you, but if this is you, here you go)

The easiest way to get the update is via the Software Update System Preferences pane.


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  • thesimplicity

    I've found that the majority of Adobe apps run nicely through emulation if you've got the RAM. Really intensive stuff like After Effects isn't exactly ideal, but you won't be tearing your hair out due to render times. Nevertheless, I'm holding off on a new Mactel until Adobe announces their pricing plans for CSX or whatever the next iteration will be called…

    But that has nothing to do with digital music.

    Anyway, I'd like to see a review of Logic on the Intel Mac Mini (with an external HDD, I suppose, since you can't upgrade the internal drive to 7200RPMs for some reason). I played around with the Duo model at an Apple store and it seemed really fast… as well about $2K cheaper than a MacBook Pro, so I'm wondering if it'd be a good rig on stage. The addition of working Rewire in the new Logic is great, now I'm just wondering what machine to put it on.

  • I focused on the MacBook Pro only because it tends to be the best mobile solution for people. The real performance issue is the move to Intel Core Duo (and even Core Solo). In fact, we did test a Mac mini, at my suggestion, for the Macworld story:

    As you can see, even the 1.66 mini performs on par with the more expensive MacBook Pro. I think the MBP will still work for more musicians thanks to the laptop form factor, but the mini is intriguing, too — and we've already seen people racking Mac minis.

    The only reason I'm not snapping up a mini, personally, is the lackluster graphics card, especially when the MacBook has a great video card (er, albeit at a much higher price).

    I'm not dissing Adobe, by the way, and you're right — anything that isn't dependent on real-time will work just fine. Unfortunately, the two Adobe apps I care about most are Flash and After Effects. Doh. The good news: when they finally DO ship, us Mac users will finally get the parity we deserve with PC, and these next-gen Intel chips will give these CPU-hungry apps the performance they need. (Oh, yeah, side note: Flash can be CPU hungry if you're doing insane things with it like me. Not ad banners, in other words. Though I do bet we'll get the Intel Mac Flash player long before the app itself.)

  • thesimplicity

    Ah, I somehow missed the Mini part of that macworld article. Thanks.

    Pretty impressive stuff. The 17" MBP is hard to resist considering the features, but a Duo MIni is even harder to resist due to it's price-point.

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  • Hi there,

    Thanks for the article !

    I would really appreciate if you could shed a light in this situation . I have Macbook pro intel and downloaded Logic 7.2 and I'm trying to rewire it to Live 5.2 … It's not working…frustrating.

    I have on my G$ Live 4 rewired to my Logic 7.1 and it's pretty straight forward .

    On Logic 7.2 , I cannot see Ableton Live listed as my device…

    Could you please help ?

    Thanks so much !

    Best to you