Since I couldn’t be at Cybersonica in London, some of the fabulously imaginative sound art slipped through the cracks. Here’s a brief look at the remaining pieces:

Schizoporotica is a music box that plays torn scraps of paper. The object itself is quite gorgeously decorated, and it looks like people had great fun tearing up the tickets that fed the installation:

Schizoporotica on Pixelsumo
“The melody shredder” on We Make Money Not Art
Project page from the Troika Design Studio that created it, complete with MIDI file samples (it’s been a long time since I saw a project documented with MIDI!)

Interchange by Wojceich Kosma is an application for PSP (built with open source / PSP-hacking tools), one of the PSP sound toys on offer at the show. What’s unique about it is that, in addition to controlling a sequencer on the PSP, you can control simultaneous 3D animations projected on the wall. PSP coding is very tricky indeed; I expect we’ll see more of this work as time goes on.

Interchange project page with pics
Interchange on Pixelsumo

Art blog We Make Money Not Art caught several projects that didn’t even make it onto curator Chris O’Shea’s blog:

Cybersonica roundup including details on a musical gate
Death Before Disko, the wonderfully impossible-to-describe art of Herwig Weiser
Digital shadow puppets by Philip Worthington

  • Unfortunately I've been too busy to post all of the projects, slowly getting there now. I posted Shadow Monsters back in June last year:


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  • The shredded paper music box is interesting indeed. This is a creative take on shredding paper that can be quite entertaining. It is lovely to know that ingenious minds come up with things like these. Now shredding paper can be fun!