Kevin says it all:

Haven’t you always wanted to be a sexy Japanese lead keyboard virtuoso heading her own fusion power trio?

Haven’t you always wanted to be Hiromi?

I expect some of you would settle for being the bass player. Watch as Hiromi tears away a grand and a Nord synth, simultaneously:

For more on Hiromi, check out her official Telarc site, free downloadable EPs, more video, and from my Keyboard Magazine colleague Michael Gallant, a feature story on Hiromi herself plus some how-to-play-like-her tutorials:

Keyboard interview/feature

How-to’s: Motivic Manipulation, Two Fingers on One Note, Two-Hand Attack (Kung-Fu, indeed), Return of Kung-Fu World Champ (as shown in the video), Packing it In

And in Japanese, her official site / blog / photo diary

  • don't usually watch youtube videos at work (and definitely not those with sound), but i figured i could at least watch the beginning of this . . . turned out to be a very enjoyable 7 minutes. 🙂 not a major (or even minor) jazz listener, but my interest is piqued.

    thanks for the recommendation!

  • Awesome. I've been wanting to check her out since I saw her in Keyboard Magazine, but never got the chance until now. Very cool. Thanks for posting this Peter.

  • Note, as well, that Keyboard runs MIDI and audio files of all its tutorials now, and even scores. Could be just the thing if you've been putting off some of the playing lessons. (Many of them are suited to novices, as well.)

    I can say this without being self-promotional because I've never worked on one of them for Keyboard. (I'm scared! Love playing but never tried teaching anyone keyboard skills!)

  • Damon

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  • velocipede

    What's that expression about having more talent in her little toe than in my 10 fingers….

    The video frame rate makes it seem like it has been sped up, but I think they are actually playing that fast…

    Tony Grey, the bassist, has an album up at emusic:

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