I had this crazy dream where I thought I’d be able to keep track of which software was Universal (native for Intel Macs) and which was not. Boy, was I wrong. What’s made it especially difficult is that lots of tiny developers have been making rapid progress on Intel-native Mac releases, often without releasing press releases, while the bigger developers we’ve been waiting on (Native Instruments, for one) have lagged. That’s not surprising, really; bigger developers have much more code to deal with. But fortunately, we don’t have to keep track of this in our heads, thanks to Apple.

Complete List of Universal Applications

You can type the name of the software you want in the top search form on that page. I tried to figure out a way to get the Music & Audio listing to sort by Universal, but no luck. (Let me know if you do better.) Even without doing that, our friends Ableton and Audio Damage pop right to the top with their Intel-native software, thanks to having names that begin with “A.”

Which software are you most eager to see on Intel Macs? For me, it’s almost enough having Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Soundtrack Pro, and Reason . . . but if I could just get Reaktor or Max/MSP/Jitter, I might make the jump. Which software is on your list? (Or have you made the switch already?)

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  • Mike

    I'm waiting on everything NI (Komplete 3), Cubase 4 and the next-gen Core Duo chips. Until then my Powerbook will have to keep putting up with the strain. I'll probably make the switch with the next-gen chips even if Komplete 3 isn't done as I have no intention of dumping the Powerbook just yet.

  • Well, I neglected to mention that, but the first look at the Core 2 Duo (enough twos for you?), the Core Duo's replacement, look very, very good. Now, Intel is keeping pretty tight wraps on that chip so I expect we won't really know until it ships . . . but it's hard not to think waiting might be a good idea.

  • richardl

    Keep in mind that Core 2 for desktop systems and Core 2 for laptops have nothing to do with each other. They share the same marketing name. That's all.

  • inasilentway

    Yeah, but Moore's Law says that as soon as they release the Core Duo 2 there will be some ten-times-more-powerful Core Duo 3 waiting in the wings. Just like how three weeks after I got my Powerbook, Apple bumped the speed and added a brighter display.

    I'm waiting for Komplete and Max/MSP on the software side, and the Mac Pro on the hardware side, though I might just end up with the MacBook Pro instead. I'm hoping that by the time Komplete and Max/MSP are released, Apple has worked out some of the issues that users are reporting (overheating in particular).

  • Mies van der Robot

    I'm waiting primarily for Korg Legacy Collection, the GForce instruments (Minimonsta, ImpOSCar, Oddity), and Absynth.

    On the hardware side, I'm waiting for the 2nd rev of the MacBook Pro, or a Mac Pro, whichever comes first (but eventually both).