Software companies are constantly claiming they offer “console-grade” processing, and comparing their effects to the legendary console effects from SSL (Solid State Logic). Well, now SSL themselves are getting into the DAW game, with a software/hardware solution called Duende. SSL has announced Duende is now shipping for Mac, coming to Windows in the fall:

Duende — Console-Grade Processing for your DAW [Solid State Logic]

SSL Duende includes channel and dynamics processing and the Stereo Bus Compressor for mastering. These are not native plug-ins; you connect a sleek, silver DSP hardware rack to your computer via FireWire. It’s too early to say whether the resulting product will live up to the hype, and you certainly shouldn’t ask me, since I’m about as far as you can get from a mastering engineer. Audio Damage’s Chris Randall has developed a minor obsession over the gear at Analog Industries, and points to first impressions at

There is reason to be skeptical, as always, about the ability of digital processing to live up to analog processing. Legendary engineer George Massenburg noted in comments earlier this year that digital compressor emulations lose something versus the analog originals, even as EQs are fairly easily emulated digitally. That makes sense given how digital audio processing works, though I’m sure nothing is likely to resolve the analog vs. digital debate in our lifetimes. The big question here to me is really value, and in that category, the SSL offering will have to compete with other DSP platforms. Universal Audio’s UAD-1, TC Electronic’s PowerCore, and, at the higher end, Digidesign’s TDM platform all have a much broader selection of plug-ins, and there’s the affordable new Focusrite Liquid Channel. I’ll be anxious to hear how Duende fits in, though you can’t beat putting the SSL brand on the faceplate.

If you want to win one of these, Music thing gets the scoop on a Peter Gabriel remix contest; the prize is the Duende.

  • Do you all not understand what Duende is

    This not emulation or recreation.

    Its all new.

    While its based on the C series of the Digital consoles from ssl, its new plugins with there own personality.

    Its the same as ssl saying " hello folks we have upgraded our c200 with new eqs no, no , better yet lets just make these new eqs for computer daws..its the same code same ssl skills just housed in a rack and presented with a gui instead of being house in a console with physical knobs. I think folks miss the mark!

    I also have to note on waves and duende

    What folks must also understand is these 2 products are not fighting and competing with eachother. I think having both products is like having strips from both consoles.

    The Waves is based on the G and E series and in my opinion ,the closest a computer will ever get to the hardware analog sound.

    Duende is based on SSls Digital Skills and its not that hard to do being that they have done it already with the creation of the c100 200 300 as these consoles are not analog they are digital so the duende is based on the same sonic stuff that made these consoles what they are.

    So having both products is Win win for SSL and a Big Win for waves.

    Im not a huge fan of waves being that they have some more learning to do when it comes to metering as it lags and it not as responsive and there plugins are ok nothing any diff from others i have used but when it comes to the ssls they have shut my mouth. They did a Dam good Job Im so shocked an so happy I feel I own an SSl in my box in fact I feel confident enough to challange a mixer with the hardware to a mix duel, Me with Nuendo and SSL only for compression and eq.(in other words I will only use ssl for comp and eqin)

  • Lorenzo

    Dudes, SSL said somewhere that they used the exact algorythms from the C200 in duende. I now own a duende and if it is true, then I really feel sorry for C200 owners. Although I feel duende are the best compressors and Eqs on a DAW available, they cannot compete with the real SSL console sound. I used to own one, I can tell. Strange however that an SSL Axiom does sound so much bigger than these plug ins. Why do plug in makers fuck up plug-ins? Is this on purpose so people can't get console quality out of a DAW?

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