We posted a review by our own Jaymis Loveday of Behringer’s BCD2000 DJ computer control surface. It’s a useful piece of kit, with DJ-style mixer controls, scratch surfaces, and built-in audio. Only one problem: Mac drivers and the product itself appear to be MIA.

Update 2006-01-13: We have learned that a BCD2000 user, Evinyatar has released an OSX compatible driver (Universal Binary, MIDI functions only), and has plans for more customizations. -JL

Behringer’s North American PR rep Derrick Davis tells us the BCD2000 isn’t shipping in quantity yet; Jaymis got his hands on a limited-release shipment. The Mac is currently unsupported; that much we can confirm, as we’ve received a couple of reports in which Mac users tell us they’ve been unable to get it working. (The device itself is not class-compliant and requires drivers for the control surface to communicate with the computer.) Behringer expects to ship in quantity soon, though Davis didn’t know whether Mac drivers would be included. It would be surprising if they were not, given the BCD’s fader and rotary controller siblings (The BCF- and BCR2000, respectively) are Mac-compatible. But, really, we won’t know until it ships. Stay tuned.

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  • Pingback: Create Digital Music » Cheap, Functional, Quirky: BCD2000 Mix & Scratch MIDI Controller Review, Part I()

  • Pingback: Create Digital Music » Cheap, Functional, Quirky: BCD2000 Mix & Scratch MIDI Controller Review, Part I()

  • Party Dog

    I brought one of these BCD2000 units in favour of Hercules DJ because the build quality unit is better.

    I'm using the BCD on my iMac Intel 2.0GHz under Window's and I only hope that when the Mac version of the drivers and software. The current Window's version of the software sucks. It constantly locks up and can only work with less than 50% of my current mp3 files, even though they work fine under iTunes, Window's Media Player or WinAmp under XP.

    Behringer please, please pull you thumb out and get your software working better. The mp3/DJ market is huge and only gonna get bigger.

  • Chris_B

    The craptacularity of Behringer hardware is surpassed only by the horror of trying to make it actually work with a computer.

    Never again will I spend even one Yen on their sheistenfest products.

  • willb

    So what are the options for "cheap scratch controller?" Would it be possible to run a random jog dial device through junXion?

  • the bcd2000 works with djdecks. no crashes or hiccups….!


  • Alexandru

    I want one, but everyone is out of stock. Where can I get it?

  • pombers

    Alexandru, you find it at eBay.

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  • Omar

    You can get a BCD 2000 @ Ametron in Hollywood CA (323) 464-1144

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  • sabaO


    i’m brazilian, here in brazil is IMPOSSIBLE to find the bcd2000 could anyone tell me one online store would have the bcd 2000 in the stock to sell, our any store near at Queens NY that it has BCD 2000 to sell?

    P.S: sorry for my bad english

  • jonny


    The X-Session Pro USB MIDI controller is the easiest way to bring traditional DJ mixer-style control to the world of computer DJing and live performance. With a single USB connection, you get dedicated tactile controls for volume, pitch, EQ, cueing, transport and a crossfader. As a class compliant USB MIDI controller, you can use it to control applications like Ableton Live, Traktor DJ Studio or any software that supports MIDI Learn, enabling you to bring DJ-inspired crossfades and filter sweeps into your live performances as well as studio productions.


    4 MIDI sliders

    12 MIDI knobs

    10 MIDI but tons

    MIDI crossfader

    DJ mixer-inspired layout

    Powered via USB

    Class-compliant with Windows XPand Mac OS X

    On/of f switch

    Driver installation required for multi-client operation.

  • EdouardUk

    Well guys, got one BCD2000 this morning and it worked 5 min (for real!!) and I have now been trying to get it to work again for 5 hours 🙁

    Updated drivers (update that apparently doesn't work because windows reinstall the first version even after having used the update program), updated the the dj program… still nothing.

    The controler has got out of control. The only way to use the soft is to click on the control…


  • Arie

    BCD2000 GREAT !!!

    Works great with Traktor, DJdecks, V-DJ and the Behringer B-DJ.

    Have it for several weeks now and very happy with it.

    On desktops it runs perfect immidiately but laptops need a bit of tweaking (i.e. disabling modem and disabling USB powersaving)

    Perfect machine !!

    BUY IT !!!

  • fint
  • fint
  • MIDI input and output works on a Mac if you use the driver on this page.

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  • lizzy

    Hey guys, I just bought it… I know it sucks!! but I was expecting an internet update for the WinVista… and I can't belive that BEHRINGER hasn't launch any update 5 years later!!!

    Can someone tell me if there is any way to use this kinda of out-of-date mixer…?





  • Jakesterz

    Im having the same problem with my module. If yours was expensive you should return it and just get a couple of used turntables and mixer. And if anyone has come across an update let me know

  • a name

    if you wanted to mix some electronic into rock would this work?