I’ll be teaching a new course, based on Mac interactive tech and featuring Apple’s free developer tool Quartz Composer, at the new 3rd Ward space in Brooklyn (East Williamsburg aka Bushwick). 3rd Ward is an enormous “workspace and studio facility for artists & creative professionals”: think the artist equivalent of a gym membership plus enormous studio and fabrication space of a scale we rarely see in New York.

The idea of the course is to offer artists a solid grounding in interactive design and responsive visuals and projection, even for those who have no previous experience. My belief is that artists from traditional media often get denied the opportunity to experiment with new technologies, leaving them instead for the “digital people.” So, I’ve also chosen to teach free tools, which make for an easier investment, and also don’t require you to make a commitment early on to a single tool that might not be best for you. You can also expect lots of hands-on experimentation with visuals, video, projectors, sensors, and sound inputs, because that’s the kinda person I am and 3rd Ward actually has space!

If you or anyone you know in the New York area is thinking of registering, feel free to get in touch. But don’t fret if not: I want to give something back to the awesome Quartz Composer and Mac community, so I’ll be posting examples and class notes here on Create Digital Motion to share with everyone and get feedback.

Elements of Interactive Art: A Creative, Mac-Based Introduction
Instructor: Peter Kirn
Location: Digital Media Lab
Tuesdays and Thursdays – August 24 through September 12
Time: 7p-9p
$390 members/$485 non-members
Register / more information via the Digital Media classes page at 3rd Ward

Updated: In cooperation with 3rd Ward, I’m able to offer a discount: Workshop and Studio Discount in Brooklyn for Create Digital Motion Readers

  • deb

    hey….wait a minute
    that .jpeg of the quartz composer window looks a LOT like its dealing with the same ideas being used in isadora. am i mistaken?

  • Absolutely. The idea is really to cover the basic skills of patcher interfaces and interactive design. These should be easily applied to other environments, like Max/MSP/Jitter, Pd, Isadora, VDMX, and anything that involves modular design and synthesis of sound, visuals, etc. I chose Quartz Composer because it's readily available without additional expense on all Macs running 10.4 or later, and its simplicity (both of the interface and the available modules) makes it a good starting point.

    Even for those with Max background, I'm hoping this will be useful as an introduction to working with video and 3D elements.

    Incidentally, that screenshot is of a patch designed for plasq's excellent Rax product for musicians, which allows the use of custom Quartz Composer patches in performance:


    Rax has a free SDK, as well, for use with QC. But as I said, it'd be easy to take what you learn and apply it to another environment.

  • Incidentally, cool stuff on your site!

    That's my hope, though, that we're all able to put together some basic skills in this stuff, to really make it a medium.

  • deb

    whoa! thanks peter. high praise indeed, considering CDM (both varieties) are my first stop in trying to figure out what the heck is going on out there.

    maybe one day i'll actually get a computer that can handle taking one hour audio files and stretching them 24x…..which would mean i would also go to tiger.

    keep cool down there, we're getting blasted here in toronto as well.

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