The modular sound and multimedia environment Max/MSP has had plenty of “celebrity” users; among the better-known is the duo Autechre. Some of their newer creations have been featured in Sound on Sound, as pictured below. But via the excellent Spanish-language audiovisual blog mediateletipos, I see that a selection of creations have been reverse-engineered by some passionate fans and are available for download. One has even been ported to Reaktor:

Reverse-engineering Autechre

I’m not really trying to be Autechre, so I’m happy just to poke around in these patches and screenshots and get some inspiration for my own patching efforts. Good stuff. Let us know what you think, and if you have any especially manic patches of your own in Max, Reaktor, or any other environment.

  • Some great Max links today, Peter – thanks!

  • thesimplicity

    Hmm, the Confield patch was taken down and the other links seem to be dead. A shame, I'd love to look into this stuff.

    If anyone wants to throw the patches up on yousendit or rapidshare, I'd love you forever.

  • Magna Alexander


    • Kyle Combs

      Do you still have these patches?

  • I downloaded some of these before they were taken down, if you want them just drop me a mail.


    • Kyle Combs

      9 years later do you still have these patches. interested in taking them apart and seeing how they tick.

      • tommy raddcliff

        ya id like a crack at em too if thats cool?