Let there be plug-ins.

Sure, Intel Mac users (and would-be Intel Mac buyers) are happy to have Logic, Pro Tools, Ableton Live, and other software running on their new boxes, but without plug-ins, what good are they? Popular developer iZotope announced this week that they are releasing Ozone 3 (64-bit mastering, pictured in fashionable Ghostbusters green), Trash (their legendary 64-bit distorting, filtering, amplifying, crunching, delaying, grungifying plug), and Spectron (the morphing/smearing spectral effects toolbox) for Intel Macs.

For Pro Tools 7 and Windows x64 users also in the lurch, you’re covered, too. x64 support should be especially nice for Cakewalk SONAR x64 users, since you get your 64-bit signal path with these 64-bit plug-ins and 64-bit processing for the behind-the-scenes number-crunching. Heck, you could switch between that and your Commodore 64 and never use anything between 8-bit and 64-bit audio.

Already Universal-native (and Mac-only):

Radius for Logic

Incidentally, for you Mac users, I’ll make an effort to tag every Universal-native product with the “universal” and “mactel” tags. (Let me know if I miss one.) Thanks for the suggestion.

Windows x64 users, I’d do the same, except are any of you readers using x64? I gave up when I discovered I couldn’t run Max/MSP, lost some driver support, and couldn’t find any software other than Cakewalk’s to take advantage of the relatively modest performance gains.

  • I have a tech question for all of you (yes, you two) using Win64 to make music: can I run a 32-bit plugin inside a 64-bit app? I know the only 64-bit host available now is Sonar 5, but this will probably change in the future.

  • Ordinarily, no, you can't, but Cakewalk has provided a plug-in adapter that allows all 32-bit plug-ins to work seamlessly with its Windows x64 64-bit software. You'll get the same performance you would on 32-bit Windows; you'll just have the added performance of your 64-bit plugs.

    Note that the issue I ran into was that PACE copy protection is not available on Windows x64, so any software that requires iLok or PACE drivers (Max/MSP/Jitter was the first one I hit) won't run. That naturally includes a number of plug-ins. Windows is capable of running 32-bit software, but these applications will be unable to load the PACE/iLok drivers and assume you're unregistered. Charming, huh?

    Cakewalk uses only serial number copy protection, so they're excluded.

  • moeez

    i have downlopadd the Trash form the site and cannot find a way to rn it

    plz help me to run the DLL file

    by the way by which software does the DLL file of trash software runs