Heretofore, fans of the small but wonderous homebrew scene, for Nintendo DS have one more reason to be happy today. DS Fanboy reports that a new DS flash/cart solution is being developed by a company called Winsunx. The catch? This one doesn’t require a GBA Compact Flash adapter – it is an actual, rewriteable DS cart! Bundled with a USB 2.0 adapter, the cart will sell for around $50 for a 512Mbit cart, and will support game save files.

Here’s hoping it spurs some more homebrew-musical-goodness!

  • I'll stick with my supercard minisd/superkey/2gb minisd card.

    512Mbit is just not enough for me.

    long live nitrotracker!

  • Bilal

    So i don't get it. how do i get the homebrew apps onto my ds???