To get your weekend started off right, our friend Chris O’Shea of Pixelsumo fame has been rounding up the best YouTube and Google Video gems from his mates. (Chris isn’t a curator for nothing.)

Best of all, Mr. T teaches us how to rap:

After the jump, breakdancing with Mr. T, and, believe it or not, a new music video starring David Hasselhoff and Knight Rider.

  • BassTooth

    LOL ROFL !!!

  • groffhibbitz

    hell yea!!! That first song is sweet!!

  • Adrian Anders

    Which again proves my theory: Skeezy-looking hos love David Hasselhoff.

    Kitt: "Michael, I think you're talking to dudes."

    Michael: "Shut-up, before I sell you off to a scrap-metal yard."

  • gurp

    that made me sooo happy. my friend has this and have been begging for months to see it. must be sampled.