Dylan’s poetic non-sequiturs make great t-shirts. Something about his recent complaints just beg to be turned into brilliant designs. Arru, a breakdancing Swedish musician and designer, is the first to respond to our Dylan design challenge with these gems:

Bob Dylan puts it thusly [boombox.se]

Truly great work, Arru! I’m not sure whether to throw these on a t-shirt or print stickers and apply them to my jewel cases. (Or, even better, slip them onto the CD racks at the local Starbucks.) But if you are thinking of t-shirts, my friends over at Make have a great tutorial:

DIY t-shirt designs [Make video]

Here’s the original quote:

â€Å“New records … have sound all over them.â€Â?

â€Å“CDs are small. There’s no stature to it.â€Â?

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  • Rob

    So I guess iPods have less sound all over them than cd's: Dylan iPod Ad

  • Oh, yeah, I saw that. That's the same album Bob says sounded better in the studio. All the more reason to apply this handy new warning!

  • hey peter — i'd love to see some CDM tees as well. Whoever does your top banners etc. is doing a great job…I'd love to see that kind of style on a shirt. i'd buy one! maybe you could take some orders and then get them made if there's enough interest… i'm not really down with the quality of cafe press.

  • thesimplicity

    Those would make great Gocco stamps… just carry the inked screen into your local Best Buy and stamp it on every nu-metal CD cover you can find.

  • Mike

    Every recording sounds better in the studio than it does anywhere else. The studio where something gets recorded and mixed is the only place that it will sound exactly the way it sounded when it was recorded and mixed. it's going to sound different played over any other speakers in any other room or listening environment. A high end studio spends mega thousands of dollars on the greatest speakers and on treating the acoutsitc response of the room. Of course a recording will sound better there. The playback media (CD or Record or Tape) influences the difference far loess than the speakers and listening environment.

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  • No, Mike, you've got it all wrong. The problem is that studios are *larger* than CDs. To fit all that sound on the smaller CD, you have to cram it down. Records have a similar problem, but at least they're not quite as small. There's more space over which to spread the sound.


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