We saw wireless MIDI and mouse control via the Sony PSP, the creation of media artist and hacker Rob King. Now Rob writes to say he’s finished the first release of his software for controlling Ableton Live directly from PSP, and it’s available as a free download.

PLAYLIVE IS HERE [Rob King’s E-mu.org]

The Ableton Live interface is neatly recreated in miniature right on the PSP screen. Features:

  1. Wireless control — MIDI sans wires
  2. 8 tracks
  3. 12 clips per track for clip triggering
  4. 4 X/Y pads for joystick-style control (though for touch-X/Y, it’s still all about the Nintendo DS)

Mackie Control emulation is under discussion, but then you wouldn’t be able to use the clip triggers to send MIDI notes. Currently available as a free Windows download, with a Mac version on the way. But even in its current form, this should demonstrate to the folks at Ableton the real breadth of possibilities for controlling their software. Sure, you could have another generic plastic controller and slap an Ableton logo on it, but — Live users can’t be underestimated in their devotion to unique and personal solutions.

Now, we just need wireless MIDI for Nintendo DS. That or else I should take this as a sign that I can justify buying a PSP. Thanks, Rob!

Anyone got a PSP who wants to write up a review of this, let me know!

  • anders steele

    very cool.

    How does the computer recieve the midi data? via wifi?

  • Yes; the PSP uses its wifi connection. The same should be possible with the DS and the GP2x.

  • richardl

    Looks cool, but like most homebrew stuff for the PSP, I was unable to get this to work with our PSP. We are running PSP 2.6. That's probably the problem.

  • downgrade downgrade downgrade… then use devhook to run 2.6 via emulation

  • richardl

    It's my understanding that you can't downgrade 2.6 to 1.5 needed to run devhook.

    But that's OK. I have a web browser with Flash.

  • you can downgrade 2.6 if the mother board in it is NOT a TA-082 or ells it can brick your psp but it may be possible in the future. google it for more answers =P

  • richardl

    Thanks for the tip about the 2.6 downgrade.

    I wonder if it wouldn't be possible to do something like the PlayLive interface using Flash now that the PSP 2.8 has Flash support in its web browser.

  • rob

    While it would be possible to do the interface in flash, I'm not sure if the network part would be so easy. Last time I checked, flash only supported xml sockets, which would be quite slow, and would require a complete rewrite. Plus I don't want to upgrade my psp to figure it out 😉

    Someone else is more than welcome to prove me wrong though!

  • richardl

    Thanks. It's just an idea. I would expect it would be a complete rewrite. I was just wondering whether the availability of Flash might facilitate legit homebrew applications like PlayLive.

    Unfortunately the PSP has evolved into a split target – old firmware and homebrew/hack compatible and new firmware. And there seems to be a growing gulf between the two worlds. I wonder what software new PSPs ship with.

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  • So does this mean I can produce music right off my PSP.. Like Play Live acts as a sequencer? And I record midi tracks on it?.. Then I can play it back and etc?.. Load up sounds into my PSP and use the pads as triggers to play the sample?…

    Or is it that the PSP is just strictly a midi controller.. Like a midi keyboard..

    Please let me know, I've been thinking of getting a PSP, only because there was a music production game out for the PS2.. Unfortunately, they never converted the game over to the PSP… So I never got it.

    However, if Play Live acts as sequencer, and I can use the pads as a midi controller and record a track right on my PSP…. I will g buy a PSP right now!


    Great idea and great job!

  • It's just a controller. If you want PSP-based music creation, though, check out things like PSP Rhythm. No PSP port of Ableton Live yet. 😉

  • Music Freak

    Thank you! I WILL

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  • adre

    but the set up wi fi for this soft tanks

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  • antique weighted

    just wondering if there have been any developements in 2.6 compatibility. i did also try psp2midi, but cant even get it to show on the app list. is there no way im going to control midi as long as im running 2.6?

  • Clivemist


    Tried linking through midi-ox no joy, midi output when loaded still says "waiting for connection on port 2007" help!!!

    cant seem to get any further…

    really wanna use it.

    Please help!!!

  • LoNcHo

    Is any similar application to control pro tools LE ??? please¿

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  • Jakob

    Does anybody know what's going on at http://liveapi.org/ ??????

  • i need buy it how can i buy and see my siet i have some prodact to sony 2010

  • can someone tell me how to build or find something like it /on this picture (for sony ps2) , for my phone samsung f480. it schould by made in java, display is 320x240pix i'd like to control ableton via remote!

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  • Jackob

    Is there any method to run this application under firmware,which is higher than 1.5 ?