Custom electric violin builder E.F. Keebler goes a little over the top with instruments like his Inferno. Pimp my violin, indeed: this is the first acoustic instrument I’ve ever seen that I can confidently say is NOT street legal. Take a look at these specs:

  1. 79 LEDs in the fingerboard in a flame pattern, reponsive to motion and playing
  2. 92 LEDs on the side for a flickering-flame effect, also responsive to music
  3. 12 additional flame lights
  4. Custom flame shell with custom engraving and airbrushing
  5. Pewter sculpted devil’s head, designed by the late fantasy artist James Lane Casey
  6. Laser-powered eyes and a spark-shooting mouth

E.F. Keebler Violins

You’ll pay a few grand for all the options, but it’s not just for show: Keebler’s designs are customized for playability, too. But, for you DIY types, you just have to appreciate the guts inside:

That’s just the beginning: electric violins are a must-have for music students, rockers, and (for some reason) crossover classical women wearing latex catsuits:

Viva, Violin Electrico!

Builder Mark Wood manufactures custom electric violins for a slightly broader audience, ranging from more traditional models to 7-stringed electric rocker ‘lins. Mark has his own electric violin-fronted rock band that tours with the likes of the Trans Siberian Orchestra, though he’s also been known to play duets with Celine Dion.

Most interestingly, though, Wood is taking an evangelical method about violins in general (electric and otherwise) to students, through his Electrify Your Strings program. And as it happens, today’s kids love 80s rocker dude chic. (Why not? The guy looks like he’s having a great time, and the kids catch on.)

CBS Evening News Video: A Music Teacher’s Revolution

Of course, there’s also the phenomenon of custom electric violins being fashion accessories for crossover violinists like the members of Wild, as seen below. But I can’t argue with an instrument that looks good with your catsuit, if that’s how you roll. If nothing else, I’m sure these women will shatter the long-haired rocker with electric violin image.

Izzy, seen here, has gone from being a Fiddler on the Roof to getting a scholarship at the Royal Academy of Music. But damnit, Izzy, the lens flare from your violin is blinding me! (Now, all I find disappointing is that these electric violinists haven’t connected with some spacier sounds to go with their instruments.)

More Violin Tech

When it rains, it pours violin stories:

Stroh’s Strange, Early 20th Century Horn-Violins; â€Å“Digital Violinâ€Â? Resource

Expanding the Violin: Diana Young’s Sensor-packed Hyperbow (with discussion of just how you’d play a bow that’s packed with sensors, like the one pictured below)

16th Century Music Tech: 11-yo Sirena Huang on Design Marvel of Violin (The original and best, explored)

  • Rozling

    Yay catsuits! Boo 80s rocker dude leather pants.

    I think I've seen Wild on Classic FM TV – they had a dodgy video where their military base got raided by some army types… right in the middle of a scantily-clad jam of all times! Great fun. Can't remember what the music was like though…

    It's good to see Mr. Wood bringing improvisation to what I would assume to be classical curricula. The Irish (secondary) school music exam has a [url =]wierdly clinical[/url](pdf link) approach to improv, almost as if it's just there so they can say they have an improv section.

    I'm happy to see they've introduced a 'music technology' section since I did the exam but it seems [url =]a bit strange too[/url](pdf too, scroll to page 3).

    I'm not sure if the requirement of transcription using notation software sits comfortably with me. Seems like an opportunity for students talented in other areas to shine, but then I haven't thought about this much.

  • Rozling

    Crap didn't see the XHTML tags…

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  • Ben

    Check out, kick ass electric violin without the 80s hair.

  • Kate

    ……….That is one seriously demented violin. I'm awfully sure that would be wicked to play in some kill rock concert, what with spewing sparks all over the drunken audience. That is pretty cool, I gotta say, having played the violin for 9 years. Amazing. What's next? One with the head of an eagle or skull? COOL!

  • Jill

    From what i just saw, I can now say I'm in love with the Devil!

  • violingirl234

    I want one!!!

  • violingirl234

    I want one!!!

  • 21leftcenter

    I’ve been playing the violin for years. That devil things would scare the life out of me! LOL

  • 21leftcenter

    I’ve been playing the violin for years. That devil things would scare the life out of me! LOL