It seems that Sony didn’t really want us to know about the new stuff coming in the next version of their editing suite Vegas. Apparently the information was posted on the Sony site long enough for Videoguys to scribble down some points on a napkin.

Vegas 7

  • XDCAM SD/HD support
  • Improved HDV playback performance
  • Enhanced hardware support for Blackmagic Design DeckLinkâ„¢ and AJA
  • Improved workflow tools
  • Cinescore software plug-in support
  • Enhanced video monitoring

DVD Architect 4

  • Scripting support
  • Random playlist playback
  • Keyframeable transformations, crop, and effects
  • Buttons on video
  • 4:3 and 16:9 preview settings

Vegas is a great NLE. I spend most of my time in Premiere but I still love Vegas for its incredible speed and small footprint, which make it perfect for mobile editing on my ageing Thinkpad. Being able to make edits, drop in new clips and tweak transitions while the project is still playing rocks me every time.

I can’t really say the new feature list looks revolutionary, but Premiere Pro 1.5 – 2 didn’t look that amazing on paper and it melted my face off It will be interesting to see what “Improved workflow tools” means. Ditto for “scripting support” in DVD Architect. Perhaps they’re getting ready for Blu-Ray?

via FresHDV

  • Wow, you use Vegas and also an *istDS, I’m starting to like you 🙂

  • Oddly, the "lite" version of Vegas 7, "Vegas Movie Studio+DVD Platinum" is already available in stores in its 7.0 version. (I spotted it yesterday at Fry's in Palo Alto, CA.) Frustratingly, as of last night Sony had not yet made an upgrade version available online. Gosh that just drives me nuts.

  • I use Vegas too, much better and more fun to use than Premiere. I produced my first film without ever needing a manual or even a help file.

  • Rainer K

    Well well, I think you know how much I love Vegas so there's no need for me to remind. Yep sure no AE, but i use combustion so it all works for me. Another thing thats great…multiple instances of vegas running concurrently, and SMPTE timecode follow too.

    They never do point releases, but they do alot of version changes, ie 6.0a, 6.0b, 6.0e etc. I don't think there will be vast changes for the 7.0 release, the formula is working very very well at present.

    The whole Sony Cinescore thing is quite interesting, i would like to place with it, and if it hooks directly now into Vegas it could make things quite cool.

  • Rainer K

    oh and greets from the fountains of Kangwon Land…again

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