Forget knitting: gather together with your mates and build your own modular synthesizer!

Via CDM designer Nat, we’ve learned that a DIY Modular Synth Group is getting started in Melbourne. Check out their growing forum here:


(You’ll likely see some useful information even if you’re not anywhere near Melbourne.) So here’s the next question: could this idea spread across the globe, with DIY makers building modular (and non-modular) synths and sound gear? I like that idea quite a lot; we’d just need a studio space here in New York, for instance. Let’s put together our heads and help the revolution spread. And if you already have such a group, let us know about it!

Pictured: a home-built modular synth by the talented Jürgen Haible, who also designs modules for MOTM.

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  • Evil Paul

    I'm in love with this idea. I went to a 2 day circuit bending workshop earlier this year. The thing I took away with me was that soldering in a group is much more fun than soldering at home alone.

  • ross healy


    Ross here. our VICMOD group has now decided to meet every 3 weeks, as 4 weeks seems to take forever. There are 12 of us and most of us had no idea how to solder, 3 months later we are making a modular synth each, via Ken Stone boards.

    If you are new to building synths, I say get a group together even in a room in a house with a window (fumes) and go for it. It is VERY addictive and great we also ave a show and tell kind of session where we bring in synths or home made kits.

    Here is a link, we have made more than this photo shows

  • Hey! If anyone is interested … I am trying to get things in motion to start a group like this in New York City. Anyone in the 5 boroughs (or willing to meet there) want to do some synth building?

  • john

    hey im in new york and i would like to build a synth but i have no idea where to start can anyone help me?