If you’re finding massive soundware libraries to be a little overwhelming — on your hard drive, your brain, and your wallet — you’ll like the idea of the new expansion packs from Tone Research. The first two are 13MB downloads priced at US$4.99 each. They work with Live 5 and get bonus features from Live 6. I’m still waiting on my copies, so I can’t yet comment on sound quality yet, but I’ll report back once I’ve thrown these into some songs.

Tone Research Expansion Packs for Ableton Live

Here’s what the creator has to say:

Frost: Frozen Ambiance
Frost features 50 beautiful ambient device groups for your Simpler. Lots of deep, evolving pads and atmospheres sprinkled with other assorted gems to add seriously lush drama to any track, all with an icy vibe. Frost is sourced from some great hardware synths and recorded direct to 24 bit audio. Each and every patch is crafted and designed specifically for Live 5, and just wait till you here these sounds stacked up in the upcoming Live 6 “Racks”! Seriously Amazing.

Fatso: Artery Clogging Bass
Fatso features 50 big bass device groups for your Simpler. Recorded at 24 bit direct from a handful of analog classics, these patches are heavy, hard and high in FAT. We’ve preserved the sounds of the original hardware filters throughout much of the collection to seal in the analog juices. These basses simply scream, so watch your speakers.

In other news: mmmmm, french fries. Is it my lunch break? (And yes, we’re allowed to call them french fries, not freedom fries again, even here in America. I just dub them “that which is delicious.”)

  • I bought both of them yesterday. I haven't tried out the Fatso sounds yet, but there are some really top-notch sounds in the Frost collection. They're all very tweakable, too. Two thumbs up.

  • BassTooth

    $5? puts Absynth to shame.

  • Both Frost and Fatso are excellent.

    US$5 each? I think Tone Research set the perfect price point. It's not even worth the effort of most to pirate these collections when you can just download them right now for the cost of lunch.

    Rather than "getting rich" by overcharging a market inversely proportional in size to price, Tone Research have put out small, quality packages to get paid as they create.

    More please!

  • Andre Araujo

    I am really interested in buying it. Not only timesaving, but as Vlad pointed out, it is hitting right at the price point where one just goes for the gusto.



  • For 5 bucks each I had to jump on them. A great add-on. I recommend any Live user to get them.

  • Just tried the toneresearch.com website – not found. Did they go out of business?

  • ash

    Has anyone taken the ToneResearch packs into Live6 from Live5?

  • coup

    I tried the http://www.toneresearch.com website too and it just said not found looks strange no 404 page ither. any one know of an alternative site.

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