iZotope has updated their awesome vinyl simulation plug-in with support for Intel Macs, Windows x64, and Pro Tools 7 (though it will still support Pro Tools 6.1 and later). If you haven’t yet got this on your system, now’s the time: using 64-bit processing (hey, it requires a lot of bits to simulate those old phonographs), it can add mechanical and electrical noise, wear, dust, scratch, and warping to your sound. It can even simulate specific years of records and works in both stereo and mono. Full live control and automation, too — this is a serious freebie, probably because iZotope hopes you fall in love and buy more plugs. I consider it a must-download:

VinyliZotope Trash, Mastering, Spectral Plug-ins Supports Mactel Universal, Pro Tools 7, Windows x64

  • Adrian Anders

    A kick-butt alternative that PC users should consider is OtiumFX Sonitex STX-1260:


    It's not freeware, but for $49 it does some amazing lo-fi stuff to your beats. I've been playing around with the demo, and I've already gotten some raw-dirty Can-Ox/El-P style shit out of this bastard using just your standard canned-beats that come with FLStudio.

    Serious, this thing covers not just Vinyl sounds, but emulates the whole signal process from the moment that a sound is recorded, all the way to when it's sampled in the studio using an SP-1200 or EMUlator.

    Check it out. One of the best SE creations I've ever tested.

  • This thing works great, I recommend as well.

  • On Vinyl, try clicking the four "screws" in the corner of the UI. Hilarious…

  • hah michael that easter egg is priceless.

    i use vinyl occasionally, although i have had problems with older versions of it crashing.

    the vinyl simulation (i.e. the sound of a needle on a record) is okay but not great IMHO. Korg actually has a brilliant vinyl sound I sampled from the Korg Karma… it is warm and crackly. You can also sample real records!

    i like that you can dial in the amount of different noises (i.e. "more buzz!")

    Some of the "year" settings are very very cool.

    anyway it's free so how can you go wrong (unless it crashes your session).

  • or maybe my laptop crashed because it couldn't handle the intense processing Peter mentioned…

  • I tried out this plugin recently on my Mac G4 CubaseSX3 system and it works a treat (even better than Cubase's own plugin).

    Will definately be adding a review to my own site.