Two synth musician legends are hitting L.A. this week. Jean-Jacques Perrey and Dana Countryman start out their Los Angeles appearances with a free in-store “meet & greet and mini-concert” Wednesday at 5pm at our favorite vintage synth retailer, Analogue Haven. Then, at 7:30pm Thursday they’re playing Hollywood’s Knitting Factory; click through for tickets.

If any CDM readers get a chance to talk to them or attend the concerts, we’d love a mini-review / mini-interview here; send photos, etc.!

In the meantime, here’s a great review from Matrixsynth so we can all imagine we were there:

Jean Jacques Perrey and Dana Countryman Live – Seattle
Jean-Jacques Perrey
Dana Countryman

The CD (album art below) is due September 25; more on that when it arrives. It’s the wacky, ultra-happy synth pop you’d expect from these two. With rooster sound effects and xylophones, no less.

  • Definitely a fun show. : ) The Seattle show was interesting in that it was at the Triple Door, an old refurbished theatre with candle lit tables. It was a bit intimate and nice to just kick back with a drink, but every now and then I'd wonder how funny it would be if people were able to dance to this stuff. For an example of what most of the music sounds like check out the sample links in this post.

  • john

    Jean Jacques Perrey and the young dude named Dana Countryman in my opinion got upstaged by the opening performance of a guy playing a theremin who concluded his set by playing LIVE music from Forbidden Planet. He started it unannounced. Thirty seconds into it I smiled big saying "I know this!" I enjoyed all 10 minutes of it while lots of people around me collectively went "huh?!"

    The thing that I hate about "live" today is that everyone is over 6 feet tall. Even the chics. It makes a wall that I cannot see around. Because I go to these things by myself I find I have a pretty good chance of finding a seat somewhere view or not. If I have to leave I have to make friends with somebody before hand to make sure it doesn't go used in my absence. It's tiring.

    The Knitting Factory is a dump. They don't bother signing the doors. I made the mistake of guessing wrong ending up in the back room where a hip-hop show was in regression. It didn't take but a minute to figure out I was in the wrong place. I left. Asked a bouncer who lead me to the correct door saying a magic word to let me in because my ticket was already torn. You'd think they would color print them, place a distinct bug, or [gasp] put a sign up in front of each entrance. Or why bother. You make the mistake once then from there on you know.

    While waiting for a beer I talked to somebody who'd been at the SF show. She said there were WAY more people there. Evidently it spilled into a room with 4 projectors and another sound system. "And people didn't care that it was like that…" she mused surprised. She was a trip. Wearing a vacuum tube as a necklace charm. It was clear she knew LFOs from FEEDBACK patches. Before anything could progress more the incantation which includes "back to" and "BF" were uttered. Next.

    The performance wasn't just playing it was repatching those old synths on stage on the fly. They looked like operators from the 30's. After a while it all started to sound the same. The novelty wore off not because of what was happening on stage. Those guys were amazing. No, it was the audience that did me in. My feet kept getting stepped on and I felt like I was always in the way. I kept trying to get smaller, smaller and smaller still until eventually I gave up.

    On my way out I bought the CD because it seemed to be the kind thing to do. I really wanted opening acts too. There were none of those. I handed over a twenty. She asked me if I had exactly $15. Some ass managed to take the pile of money they'd already collected meaning there wasn't change. BRB. The bar tender complied handing over fivers for my twenty. I handed over the 4 for a CD. She insisted that I take five back and I said it mattered more to me that she had change for 4 CDs. She frowned then smiled thanking me for the help.

    And I was outta there.

  • Hello my name is Raven Sorvino and i was intrested in booking your band at bb kings here in Hollywood at Universal city walk. If this is a venue is somthing you like please contact me back at 818 335-7231. thank you…..