I love free synths for two reasons. First, they’re free. Second, they’re often perfect for some simple, fun inspiration without knob overload. KeyToSound’s new REMEDY soft synth sounds great, and has just enough control to be a fun instrument to drop into your session. Highlights:

  1. Two oscillators, with mix, Pulse Width Modulation, FM Modulation
  2. 5-voice polyphony/mono, portamento
  3. Amp section, with PWM and FM amounts
  4. Filter with resonance, drive, and velocity controls
  5. Host-synced arpeggiator

Now: XP VST, Mac VST + AU
Coming Soon: Mac/PC RTAS, Universal Binary

Sounds about perfect to me. KeyToSound also has the extensive NexSyn instrument if you decide to upgrade. But even with a huge library of soft synths, I’ve been looking for a totally basic synth like this, so I’m happy to have a free one.

As always, let us know how this works out for you on your system.

Updated: The answer to how this works? Not so hot. The plug-in seems to be too buggy to recommend. Damn. KeyToSound, any thoughts? You going to fix this thing, or what?

  • Adrian Anders

    I didn't mention Remedy before because it was EXTREMELY buggy in FLStudio, to the point where it causes loud and bothersome crashes with even minor tweaks of parameters.

    PC users beware! Should be more stable in future versions, but they really should have done more testing before releasing it (even if it is freeware).


  • Tom

    Funny story about Key to Sound…


  • Crap, I forgot! Thanks, Tom!

    Have you tested this build, Adrian?

    I'll try to give it a try on more machines. Plug-in stability is an ongoing issue, of course.

  • Darren

    The AU version is very buggy in Logic, GarageBand, and RAX. It doesn't pass Logic's AU valdator. You can still force Logic to use it anyway, but it crashes Logic, and sometimes the interface doesn't come up.

    Hope they work the bugs out of this one, since from what little I've heard from it (in between crashes), it sounds fantastic.

  • Adrian Anders

    I don't think they have released any builds other than the first Peter…

    I would have noticed it on KVR if they did, and if they did update it without mention on either KVR or their website, that would be rather foolish considering how f'ing buggy he first release was.


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  • You bring up very good points. We do have issues in Fruity Loops – that has been tested and confirmed. With the three of us making up the company KeyToSound, it is almost impossible to keep up with every possible host… we are trying though.

    With the feedback you have given us, we are able to focus on the issues with Remedy. Had the Remedy been sold commercially, of course this unknown behavior on certain hosts would not have been accepted. We just wanted to put something out there for you… for free… so, all I can say is if it's not working in your host, don't use it and hang tight… we're working on it.

    On the other hand, we've had many reports from many satisfied users on most popular hosts. Unfortunately, a free synthesizer doesn't get the attention a commercial synth would… but I can tell you that we will have these issues with Remedy fixed, and it will always be free.

    keep on rockin in the free world.

  • for the web designers of this free forum – just a friendly suggestion, but after posting a comment, the page should route you back to the forum you posted to. by using my refresh button (Safari, Macbook Pro) I got PHP errors, and I had to back space all the way back to Google to then advance and see my post. Maybe a Mac thing? It did the same thing in firefox. Nice site though otherwise.

  • Tony



  • There will be an update for Remedy released very soon. Sorry for the delay for this update will address many issues with Remedy. Thanks for you patience with us as we finalize Nexsyn. Join our mailing list for up to date info. Thanks for reading. Jason

  • I just uploaded an updated to Remedy. We're at v1.1r2 now, with included support for:

    Windows XP: VST (including 2.4), RTAS

    Mac OS X (UB): VST (including 2.4), RTAS 6, RTAS 7, and AU

    AU bug fixed.


  • bb

    Maybe you should update to show that it's running just fine now.

  • I used it on Mac Powerbook OS10.3.9 in Live 4,5 & 6. All worked great. Made some good lead patches with it too. Arp aint bad either.

  • thinboy03

    Anyone who downloaded the mac version of remedy?

    I needed it so badly so if you have it please kindly send it to


    a million thxs in advance