Logic for Quads. Today’s treat from Software Update: Logic Pro 7.2.2 is a must-download if you’re lucky enough to have a new Mac Pro desktop. The update is optimized to take advantage of the Mac Pro’s quad-core architecture. Exactly what does that mean? I can’t say, because I’m perfectly happy blazing away on a dual-2.7GHz G5 (and had equally good experience when I had a MacBook Pro in for testing). But as we’ve observed before on CDM, multi-core optimization is the trend to watch.

10-foot Grands on 13-inch MacBooks. In other Mactel news, there’s a steady flow of Intel-native plug-ins — happily, too many to cover them all here on CDM. Synthogy has released their Universal Binary AU of their fantastic Ivory pianos plug-in; you can find it on their downloads page. Note that there isn’t an Intel-native VST. As with many of the Intel-native updates, this update to 1.5 is recommended for PowerPC users, too. The other good news is that Synthogy is working on an expansion back with a 10′ Italian instrument, recorded just upriver from here at SUNY Purchase (which happens to in fact be a great hall).

The gaping hole in Intel-native Mac plug-in land remains Native Instruments, but the timetable for release should remain this fall, with significant upgrades to boot. That’s when you should start to hear more people say, “wanna buy a G4 laptop?”

  • AJ

    How does the MacBook Pro compare to the G5 dualy for Logic? I've been running happily on a G4 dualy, and am considering replacing everything with a new MacBook Pro.

  • I got to test the MBP for Macworld and with the help of Macworld Labs did a comparison, summarized here:

    Plus hands-on with Logic + Live:

    Basically, given the enormous difference in size between the Power Mac / Mac Pro and the MacBooks, if you care about portability at all, the MacBook is the way to go. (The MacBook Pro gives you a bigger screen and better video card, but the basic MacBook has comparable performance. Either is a good choice.)

    A dual G5 can still outperform a MacBook, but the MacBook performs well enough to act as a desktop replacement and it's a huge upgrade from the G4 models.

  • I bet the samples are from the Piano Bar. At Apple campus, behind the Cafe there is the Piano Bar. It's a hard wood floored room of which the walls seem acoustically treated and there is a wonderful boesendorfer sitting right in the middle. I used to go in there and play in on lunch sometimes. it sounds wonderful. I watched Tony Levin tool around on it one day as well. Good times.