Everything’s coming up soundflowers over at Cycling ’74:

  1. Max/MSP/Jitter Free Upgrades, Now Universal: Max/MSP 4.6 and Jitter 1.6 are available as a free update for Max/MSP 4.5 and Jitter 1.5 users, respectively. (The beta is over; this is the final version.) In addition to various new features and fixes, the software is Mac Intel native. This makes it a must-download for Intel and PowerPC Mac users alike. Download for Max and Jitter, then check out a growing directory of Universal-native external objects.
  2. Max/MSP/Jitter for Windows: There are many tasty little improvements in 4.6/1.6 aside from Intel Mac compatibility, so a lot of us are anxiously awaiting the Windows counterparts of these upgrades; Cycling says they’re coming “soon.” If we’re really lucky, they’ll do another public beta. Stay tuned.
  3. Soundflower Now Works Right! Many of us — myself included — were disappointed to discover that an update to Cycling’s free Mac sound-routing utility Soundflower, including improved functionality and Intel Mac compatibility, didn’t actually work. Cycling has updated the software, and now it installs and works perfectly (so far; let us know if you experience something different). Go download it; it’s free.


  1. Re-Route Audio, Record Skype, iTunes on Cell Phones: Soundflower, Now on Intel Macs
  2. Max/MSP/Jitter 4.6 Hits Beta, with Intel Native Support
  3. Jamie Lidell on Max/MSP, Artists Talk Max Inspiration, Write Musical Odes to Max
  4. What’s New and Cool in Jitter 1.6: OpenGL 3D and Video Goodies, More [Create Digital Motion, demonstrating why PowerPC Mac and Windows users should be excited, too]
  • ocp

    Soundflower still not working with Ableton Live 5.2.1; can't select it as input device.

  • ocp, interesting… For me it works in Live 5.2. I can't actually say if it _works_, but I can select it, no problem. (iBook G4, OS 10.4.7, Live 5.2, audio driver CoreAudio)

  • ocp

    Maybe it needs a MacIntel tune up…

  • Soundflower is now universal, for the record.

  • ocp

    I know that! It does work with some apps like GarageBand, Pure Data, Plogue Bidule. However, NMG2 Demo and Ableton Live are not among them.