The video speaks for itself really. I don’t know if it was shot specifically for the DVGuru Challenge, but it hardly matters, because the results are beautiful, and double extra bonus points for the Boards of Canada soundtrack.

I want a Phantom so badly it hurts sometimes.

  • How much does the Phantom cost?

  • If you have to ask, you can't afford it 🙂

    Feel free to email Phantom though and ask them, I'd be interested to find out what they're going for currently.

  • rlainhart

    I just saw this post, and wanted to add some comments about the Phantom. My company, Total Training, borrowed one last summer from Vision Research, and I was able to use it home for a weekend. Go here:

    and click on the Hummingbird 1000 and Hummingbird 2000 links to see the results.

    As for the price, we were never able to get a straight answer from the company about that – it seemed (at the time, anyway) that they were only positioning it as a rented or leased system, and weren't interested in selling it directly. Discussions with other users indicated that the purchase price would be $15-20K, but that was just speculation.

    It's a tricky system to use, and the interface software is clumsy at best, but it's capable of wonderful results, as you can see.

  • Richard: Nice footage. Hummingbird = classic slowmo fare. It's such a great way to display the camera's capabilites.

    I actually received a reply from Vision Research the other day. I don't have permission from them to print their entire price list, so I'll just give you an idea of the prices:

    The Phantom 7.2 used by Richard costs around $60,000-90,000+, depending on options. Prices range from $21,500 for the cheapest, to $200,000 and above for HD and film-res variants.

  • Yikes! I don't think I would have taken it out in the rain if I'd known it cost that much….

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