With New York City close to breaking its all-time record heat record of 101 degrees Fahrenheit (that’s over 38 degrees Celsius), non-renewable energy costs soaring, and Con Edison unable to deliver reliable electricity, it seems like an odd time to be advocating electronically-powered music. It must be time for solar power. Via Rozling on the forums, here’s a thought: go solar, instead:

Friends of the Earth Climate Case Studies: The Premises, Solar-Powered Studio, via Synthtopia (originally) and Treehugger
BBC News on Eco-Studio
The Premises official site

This London studio has hosted Jamie Cullum, Franz Ferdinand, Hard Fi, Bloc Party, and Charlotte Church, and they’re now entirely self-powered via rooftop solar panels. They cut down on power costs, via low-power air conditioning and a low-power mixer, but here’s a bonus: sound insulation is also great heat insulation. Even if you don’t care about a climate crisis, you’ll save money; they estimate they’ll recoup costs in a decade. (That time could be vastly reduced if power costs went up — and increased production drove solar panel costs down.)

For further inspiration, here’s an important announcement from Al Gore, once he fights robot insurrection:

… via his film, An Inconvenient Truth. Now, come on, this isn’t a political post. I just think Al is the best summer movie action hero yet. Watch Apple Keynote go. Damn.

I’ve seen solar backpacks for laptops, and a lot of the interfaces we use are bus-powered. Any chance for a solar-powered computer setup? Suggestions, anyone?

  • Adrian Anders

    I remember YEARS ago Orbital recorded the album In Sides in a similar rig. Not that I care, I'm recording in my 2006 Humscalade driving down a newly paved over forest while chowing down on a Big Mac and choking a baby seal.

    Ahhhhhhh, summer days.

  • I'm working on a bicycle-powered drum machine. It should be done by the end of the week. It runs off the bike's generator, and the pads are triggered by magnetic switches affixed to the spokes. So, the faster you ride, the louder it gets and the faster the tempo. Controls are mounted near the handgrips so you can tweak the beats without taking your eyes off the road.

    I don't know if it could power a whole studio though. You'd have to ride really really fast.

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