Okay, so we have good weeks and bad weeks. This week … wasn’t so hot.

First, there’s the new Intel-native version of Cycling ’74’s lovely Mac utility, Soundflower. As many reported, something seems not-quite-right about the installer. On my PowerPC-based machine, the driver for Soundflower itself doesn’t appear anywhere (Audio MIDI Setup, etc.) and Soundflowerbed, the menu bar tool for interfacing with Soundflower, displays an error message saying it wasn’t installed. We’re working on getting an answer on this; stay tuned. Just to check, anyone NOT having any problems?

Soundflower has worked perfectly in the past, so I’m sure we’ll get this fixed.

Strike two: KeyToSound’s free soft synth plug-in looks a bit too buggy for prime time. I haven’t done an extensive test of all the VST and AU varieties, but there’s enough cause for concern here. Here’s hoping for an updated version. While you wait, explore the strange past of KeyToSound’s aborted NetSynth hardware synths (pictured below), which are a bit like Zune for synthesizer fans. (Connect via the Web and … exchange patches? I’m missing something here.)

The Strange Story of the KeyToSound Synth

KeyToSound did make NAMM to show off their current soft synth line. Since I wasn’t there, I couldn’t ask about when they were going to fix their plug-in implementation issues. The synth itself sounds great, and they earn instant respect for me because they used to be Koblo. Now if they could just get the plug-in working.

Ah, Koblo. Let’s take a moment for this great Mac synth. (Don’t get excited by the Vintagesound link to the free version, in case you wanted to put that old OS 9 beast to work. Everything from the official Koblo site is gone.)

I’m going to go relax for the weekend, before I post links to any more non-working software. 🙂 Watch for updates.

  • ocp

    Lovely sound indeed! Creamy and thick comes to mind.

    I wish there was a version for Mac OS X…

  • I tried for hours to get soundflower to work on my MacBook…

    I thought that I was just doing everything wrong. I hope that they fix it soon!

  • Apparently my new SSL Duende which is incompatible with my audio interface…..boo!!! 🙁

  • Man, am I glad to hear about the Soundflower thing. I've tried for hours, exactly the same troubles you describe – Cycling '74 suggested, albeit very kindly, to restart my machine. (I'm on iBook G4)

  • ocp

    The restart doesn't alter anything here!

  • David Wagenbach

    I managed to get Remedy to work as a wrapped VST in Logic with the interface set to control not editor. for some reason the bitmapped interface is not working. sounds pretty good for a free synth. a lot better than the iNet farce.

  • ocp, didn't do me any good either.

    I'd already restarted my computer 5 times before I emailed Cycling '74 support. I guess in the meantime they became quite aware something's wrong…

  • Peter, any replies from Cycling '74 yet?

  • ocp

    There's an updated version now but it still doesn't work with some apps.

    Managed to get it working with Plogue Bidule, Pure Data and GarageBand so far.

    Ableton Live 5 is out of the list though : (

  • Aaron McLeran

    Anybody yet know if Live works with soundflower yet??? LIVE bizzarely doesn't let me select soundflower as an audio driver still.