Great idea
, the product is still in the buggy alpha stage. However, it’s free. it hosts DX AND VSTs, and can act as a plug-in in any DX or VST host. Did I mention it’s free?

It’s pretty sweet for Win users that have a DAW that doesn’t support DX effects (like Live, Bidule, Usine, etc.) Even in its current buggy stage it’s way more useful than previous freeware DX effect chainers. Should they fix the bugs, and add a few more features it will go from a worthy freebee to an essential for Windows users.

I hope to find out soon from them if they plan adding on instrument support in a future release.

  • I think DX vastly inferior to VST, so I simply ignore it. Even so this little chainer can be useful, specially if it you can save the chains for easy loading.

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  • Adrian Anders

    True as a standard, DX is pretty poor. However, there are still pleanty of good legacy DX effects & instruments out there if you know where to look. There's of course the great effects that come with the various Cakewalk and SonyFo products. Besides that, you should take a look at these freeware effects:

    Sonicism Vintage Vocoder

    4ormulator Vocoder Extreme

    Analog X's DX collection

    K -Tuner

    A0 Classics (some DX & some VSTs)

    Given, most of the best DX plugs have already been ported to VST, so for most users a DX to VST wrapper isn't that big of a deal. However some of us still have legacy DX plugs back from when DX still mattered as a platform. So for us, this free chainer is a potential godsend (once again, assuming Acon irons out most of the bugs).


  • jan van engelenhoven

    vsti support and write to wav would be great,in the mean time i will use xlutop chainer free without the option to my opinion is vsti support an must.