Freeframe, that great open-source video effects plugin system for your favourite VJ app or NLE (and championed by developers from VJamm and Resolume) now comes in a new flavour: After Effects!

BigFug (an active FreeFrame plugin developer) has released a beta of the After Effects Freeframe Host. It’s, well, free while in beta. The full version will cost money, however this money will let you run loads of free and commercial plugins. I’m not sure how this implementation differs from Pete Warden’s AFX Freeframe Host, as I don’t have it installed at the moment. But I shall do some testing and see how they stack up.

If you want to do some Freeframe testing of your own, here are some notable gratis ones to get you started:

BigFug’s Freeframe Plugins for Windows Freeframe Hoses
Syzygy StripShow

For an example of the incredibly expensive ones commercial plugins available, check out VJFX FreeFrame Pack v2.0. 50ish plugins for 75 euro, those capitalist pigs!

via GeneralSpecialist

  • VJFX – Why not see the whole shop with my fx too? – The fx you linked to is Inside-Us-All's fx only.. 🙂

    Thomas / Intrinsic (the poor capitalist pig)

  • Haha, Hey Thomas, I'd hoped that people would buy that "small" pack, become addicted and then get everything in your shop!

    Keep up the great work.

  • Thanks! Yeah Im keepin up 😀 I got several new packs to be released pretty soon, almost (if not) doubling my number of fx sold at! Great news about BigFug's new AFX host: Its stable, and supports using several layers of fx, save/load project, the works. This is great news for us poor freeframe developers 🙂

    Thomas / Intrinsic

  • Hi Jaymis, just a quick note to let you know that the plugin has reached version 1.0 and is no longer in beta. There is also a list of the new features on the product page.

    Cheers, Alex

  • Jay

    Actually freeframe has always had
    had After Effect Support albeit
    slightly buggy but still quite use
    able. You can get free version for
    Pete wardens website. You can also
    get the code there to make your own 🙂