As the release of Live 6 nears, more beta serials are available, so if you’re the bleeding edge type, go grab it here:

Ableton Beta Serials

As each beta fills up, that list closes again, so if you’re not successful give it another go. Of course, this may be moot, as we may have a finished release of Live 6 soon. I wish more developers would consider doing large betas as Ableton does, as I think it has the potential to produce more reliable software (with a significant added workload for the developers, of course, getting bug reports from more people).

Updated: The beta seems to be out and public, without the initially restrictive groups. Today’s beta comes labeled “Release Candidate 3”. I’ll let you do the math.

  • john

    Just went there and signed up, but it says I can't download

    "Sorry, you can not download the beta software.

    We apologize for the inconvenience. Please try again later, as there will be another beta phase starting soon."

  • Wow, that was quick. That was literally minutes after I saw the beta had been expanded. I think you'll see more this week.

  • Alex

    Why does Ableton torture me so?!

  • actually, just the links are broken. you can get direct links from this forum thread.

  • Antti

    Well as a Live user from 1.5 I could comment that you might want to wait for something like 6.0.3 if you want the worst bugs to be ironed out. It is great software indeed but if you really do live with Live it is best to wait. Of course this concerns a lot of audio software these days (the sx or nuendo x.0.1 repaired bugs lists could be a good reference..) but if you use a software for live performance or time critical projects you do not wish to test if it really works.


  • You can always run them side by side without problems.

    They don't share preferences or so, so all your 5.x settings are retained.

    Already had a blast with the new version, some things do need ironing out (esp. in the Racks department) but it's looking good!

  • richardl

    The 6.0B19 Beta is now open to everyone who wants to try it.

  • Matt

    i think part of allowing the public to beta test is just good marketing

  • john

    Ho Ho! Downloading the 6.0B20 as I type. Going to try it now…

  • groffhibbitz

    yea b20 is available to all afaik

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