Russian DJ Artyom has built his own DJ audio hardware out of wood and electronics, complete with dual cassette playback boxes. The cassettes feature pitch control (fine and coarse), pitch bands, a motor off switch, and more, and he’s custom-built mixers, cross-faders, and EQ.

Then, he hooks these boxes up to his PC and relaxes — wait, no he doesn’t. His PC is packed with custom DJ patches built in Max/MSP.

Full hardware and software details at Artyom’s site, including downloadable Max patches, in English (see also Russian content — I’m sure someone out there speaks Russian):

Self-made DJ equipment
Max/MSP DJ Stuff

Via the rich electronic music blog, Filter27: How to DJ with an old cassette tapes

See also: KDE-Head photo on flickr with specs

Updated: Doh! Tom at Music thing beat me to this in 2005. Slight CDM lag there. 😉 Nonetheless, maybe somebody will have a look at those Max patches and get some new ideas.

Man, these lazy newbie DJs, embracing a new-fangled playback medium like cassettes and Max/MSP patches. They’re nowhere near as authentic as the oldskool DJs playing … erm … CDs … at weddings. 😉

Another gorgeous shot of his brilliant hardware-building work after the jump (so you don’t have to wait through glacial load times):

  • Matt

    that's very cool. i love being put to shame every day by someone with a lot more time and determination than myself… anyway, i'm glad to see this. missed it on Music Thing in 2005 so lag is OK with me!

  • Ben

    Big ups on that! really love this project, its unique, oldschool and creative!

    Keep it up


  • Linkage on creator's website is 404'd.

  • Really, Velkro? All the links are working for me.

  • Very good work. I Work with people who live in Argentina, and is developing a series of similar pieces!

  • michael una

    Ha. DJ'ing CDs at weddings. So true.

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  • nagore

    Anyone knows how can I contact with Dj Artyom? We are looking for him or for someone with similar pieces.



  • Yes, you can contact with me. But, if you would want that I played on your party on cassettes, then I refuse. I do not play on cassettes any more. In general, I don't want play in the club, because people come there to drink and to search partner for copulate. This is bad.

  • Agree with Artjom, in Russian clubs we have ppls thats dont see dj's/vj's . They need only alcohole , speeds and partners.

    Artjom, if u intrested, we create some mini non commercial IDM festivals, where we play live IDM/Noise music for ppls that's just whant see and listen us. No alcohole or drungs bcs we create it's in cinema building for about 1-3 hours and usually gets ~300 listeners. If u intrested, u can check or contact with me. My ICQ – 284800573 Mail- Sorry for bad eng.

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  • 4lefts

    now that sounds cool. makes me wish i was in russia.

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  • dj mojo

    it’s a pity all the links are dead this guy sounds interesting and i was looking forward to the tech info on building…

  • dj mojo

    it’s a pity all the links are dead this guy sounds interesting and i was looking forward to the tech info on building…