Logic Pro has some incredible instruments, effects, and (if you’re good with the Environment) absurdly powerful MIDI configurations. It’d be great to take those onstage and switch between them as easily as you switch patches on your hardware synth. Enter OnStage:

Fluqe OnStage

It’s a simple utility: hit a program change, and call up one of 20 projects, thus instantly switching you to the song, instruments, and configuration you need. US$24.95, well worth it.

OnStage also addresses the one area Rax, the nifty live performance utility, can’t — Rax works with plug-ins, OnStage works with Logic sets. (Yes, some instruments in Logic used to be standalone plug-ins, back when it was made by Emagic, but I’ve talked to Apple about this and they’re now bundled permanently inside the application. There’s no way to get at them — they’re actually compiled into the app.)

So, you’ve got OnStage for Logic, and Rax for everything else, as long as you have a Mac. (Rax does many other things, too, like manage lyrics and visuals; you might even have a setup that used both simultaneously.) The folks at Fluqe have been inspired by their fellow Australian developers at plasq, in case you didn’t guess from Fluqe’s odd spelling. plasq and Fluqe are therefore linking to one another.

OnStage is already getting some celebrity endorsements from the likes of Snow Patrol and Chemical Brothers; Rax, too, has some celebrity users. I’m just happy when we can find solutions that work for live performance. I just don’t expect I’ll be spelling the name of this site kreat dygytal musiq any time soon. (Okay, only “musiq” there gets the full plasq spelling.)

Logic lovers, let us know what you think.

  • Kevin

    That's a nice little piece of software. But what about patch changes within a song?? I've had to work with some fairly complicated logic environments to be able to switch patches or audio channels with a foot switch. The challenge is that the program switching is also needed for "intra-song" patch changes as well as "inter-song" patches.

    Maybe if it could response to cc numbers or some logic environment that worked with the plasq???

  • Gary

    Good as OnStage is, we really need apple to add Rax functionality within Logic – so that we can use Logic instruments AND 3rd party synths with keysplits program changes etc. I have tried environment programming, but Logic is WAY too overspecified to use as a live host if sequencing is not required. Would not some kind of Rewire-like functionality to Rax fit the bill?

  • Great idea but…..as a practical matter, I still have to record enable a track to play live through Logic. Which means, I still have to mouse around so I might as well just boot up the Logic file with the keyboard…..I have to go to it anyway.