Tired of interfaces that give you lots of inputs but can’t support many mics at once? MOTU’s 8PRE has 8 mic pres, one FireWire interface, under US$600.

MOTU hasn’t yet announced their newest audio interface, but it’s emblazoned in an ad on the back cover of the October issue of Keyboard. The 8PRE is a 16×12 FireWire audio interface in one rack space. That in itself isn’t all that interesting, but in place of the two or four mic preamps most interfaces have, MOTU has added a full eight mic inputs and pres (in case you didn’t figure that out from the product name). Other specs: 1×1 MIDI, SMPTE sync, expandable and daisy-chainable, 8-channel analog-to-optical conversion, and so you can adjust all those mic ins, five-channel metering and front-panel trim knobs. If you already have a fantastic channel strip, I doubt this will replace it, but if you’re in the market for a new, all-in-one solution, this could be great, especially for on-the-spot recording.

The form factor is similar to the 828s. Full Mac/PC compatibility. The big headline is the pricing: looks like about a US$550 list.

Updated: Just after posting this, MOTU.com came through with full details and images:

8PRE Product Page [MOTU.com]

In other MOTU news, the rest of MOTU’s software is now Universal Binary-ready for Intel Macs. Ethno Instrument and Symphonic Instrument are UB-MAS for use with DP 5.1 on Intel Macs (Digital Performer itself shipped for Intel Macs at the beginning of August), the MX4 synth went UB, and the PCIe drivers are ready for those of you lucky enough to have shiny, new Mac Pros. From MOTU.com:

MX4, Instrument Mactel Support
PCIe-424 Universal Binary Drivers

  • Seba

    "No photo yet, but the form factor is similar to the 828s. Full Mac/PC compatibility."



  • Seba
  • Seba

    All right, Sweetwater keeps changes the URLs apparently. I think this one WILL work…


  • my favorite part about motu's devices is they have an excellent repair/return policy: if your motu interface breaks they will replace it for $50– they did it for me when my first gen 828 died. the support guy i talked to said they would replace the 828 for $50 "even if i dropped it out a window."

    they will also transfer warantees to new owners if you decide to sell your 828 or whatnot. motu is great.

  • Baek

    Ahhh, I just bought a Motu Ultralite. I guess I don't need 8 pre's, but it makes we wish I waited a little longer.

  • Well, the advantage of the UltraLite is, if you don't need 8 pre's, you can fit the same features in half the space (one rack height, half rack width, with the associated weight savings).

  • Duncan Mok

    Whilst your piece suggests all MOTU software is now Universal, one item is still starkly missing from the lineup: MachFive. I'm still waiting for the features that were pre-announced before MacIntel was even a possibility, and it seems that it's still in the oven. I hope it is in fact still being worked on and not shelved…

  • Duncan Mok

    Oh, and I can't help but enjoy the irony on the MOTU MachFive product page: "MachFive is truly the universal sampler."

    Ha ha. Ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha ha! 😉

  • That's indeed a big oversight on my part. I mistakenly thought they had made the MachFive upgrade available, but you're right. Also note that two of the instruments today are Universal only in their MAS iterations. Of course, it's not just MOTU — I'd say easily more than half of the plug-ins I use daily are still PowerPC only.

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  • Alex

    Anybody have any idea what this means for the ultralite? Maybe a price drop? I understand its smaller, but its significantly less powerful too…