Make your PSP into a beatbox and turn it into a Speak & Spell — cool!

PSP Rhythm, the homebrew drum machine for the PSP, just keeps on rolling. The song contest I covered in July is now complete. Ah, but what kind of music can you create with a lowly PSP homebrew app? Something like this:

Tobias K: Nearly Flying
Tobias K: Nearly Flying

Isti: Summer Breeze, Summer Freeze
Isti: Summer Breeze, Summer Freeze

Horace: Plasma
Horace: Plasma

Has a sort of retro-90s game music feel to it, especially in comparison to the glitchy 80s-vintage of Game Boy musicians. I’m still partial to the latter, so I may not be running out to buy a PSP just yet, but this shows what fun you can have making mobile music. The winners all got Memory Sticks so they can make more music.

In other PSP Rhythm news, version 6.1 is here with pattern tap tempo and MIDI file export, making this an effective performance tool and sketchpad for your main computer music app. PSP Rhythm on the road, Fruity Loops at home? Sounds good to me. There are also new skins, tutorials, and forum posts; just scroll down the page for everything:

PSP Rhythm

  • Dan S

    Has a sort of retro-90s game music feel to it, "

    Haha! On spot… Sounds really Amiga. "Trendy" dance sounds paired with jazzy elements.

  • This is a bit OT and I know it's been asked before here but I couldn't find it– where does that nifty flash audio player that was used in this post and many others come from? And it integrates easily with wordpress?


  • 90's game music hey? Amig style hey Dan?

    it's probably because i started writing music on my Amiga originally!

    i find psprhythm very similar to Octamed in many respect, and that's why i love it!

  • It sounds like, what the creator want it to sound like..

    feel free to create other.. πŸ™‚

  • That wasn't a criticism! I love the sound of the tunes. Sounding like an Amiga composition isn't a bad thing at all. πŸ™‚

    You can really hear in the three winning entries how much people are enjoying the PSP. My own preference in timbre is for the rougher, bleepier Game Boy sounds … well, that and I have to keep rationalizing so I don't go buy a PSP. Must … resist … credit card … singing …

  • FYI there's at least one if not two 8-bit samples in my tune; coming from the ZX Spectrum's AY3-8912 chip (try saying that after a few beers!) – the rest though is largely stuff like my Access Virus.

    you may be interested to know i'm planning on releasing a sample pack of sounds from the AY3 chip, and another later on of chip-style sounds from my Amiga… this will probably result in more chippy songs from me!

    i just have to finish "pimping my +3" so i can get the sounds from original hardware rather than emualtors. (i'm a bit of a purist!)

  • Wow, Horace, that's great. Is there any way to use the PSP to drive MIDI, as a portable MIDI sequencer? (There have been DS and GB solutions with home-built hardware interfaces … speaking of which, I should really go build one of them myself, since Nintendo hardware I do have.)

  • no midi implemeation at the mo, (from anything) although psp-rhythm has an excellent MIDI output function which is being impreoved all the time πŸ™‚

    not sure how you could get a midi output on it, guess with the right kinda USB cable (a type i've never seen) you could plug in a midisport or something… actually, that'd be hella neat!

  • God

    Man im sorry buh these songs suck balls n a half… i've made better beats and i've only had da damn program for two days… step ya game up playa