Live 6 now lets you work in arrangement view with video as easily as with audio. That could mean you’ll be seeing lots of homebrewed Ableton Live music videos online very soon. Live 6 isn’t any VJ app, in that you can’t use the video clips in Session View — a feature I’ve heard users long for since Live 1, though since this is a music app and it’s easy enough to wire Live up to a real VJ app, I think they can wait. But because the arrangement view is fairly flexible in its own rite, made more so by the Live 6’s easy ability to sync up to any video on the timeline, editing video and music simultaneously is now pretty easy for Live addicts. Michael Forrest sends us this hilarious self-created video, “Why’s there something wrong with you?” (thanks, Michael, and you sing it, man):

Michael I think is enjoying this as much as we are. The first two comments say it all:

dewexdewex: go for it chair man: toot that frooty floot
z00yorker: hahaha nutter but i sorta like it in a f***ed up way D: NOT i dont KNOW WTF?

z00yorker, no one has ever so eloquently summed up everything that is YouTube. We don’t know, either. But we keep watching.

Toot that frooty floot, CDMers.

  • Oyo

    The horror! The horror! But kudos for havin the balls to be so damn horrible!

  • Oh, man, that was a really sweet song!!! the trumpets were fantastic.

  • What a sloppy mess

  • bv

    i respect the guy for trying but that simply didn't sound very good. sorry.

  • thesimplicity

    You're all haters. That was fantastic.

  • It definitely didn't sound "good". "Horrible" isn't even much of a stretch, but damn it's an enjoyable breed of horrible sloppy mess.

  • Sasha Kipervarg

    Ha! Sounds like something from Arthur Russell's Springfield album. hee hee.

  • bliss

    I echo Jaymis's comments. 🙂

  • I have to say I actually liked the song quite a bit! Don't get what it's got to do with Live's video capabilites though, as videos can't be exported. Or is there an easy workaround to do this?

  • I think he actually shot his screen to export … you can see some artifacts.

    Obviously, some readers can find the entertainment value in this while others can't. 🙂

  • Seba

    Horrible mess? I take it there's not too many fans of Japanese noise or free jazz here.

    I thought it was pretty inventive & rather catchy, & definitely entertaining. Thanks for the great entry Peter!

  • Seba

    Honestly, all the instrument swapping gave me this one-man Gentle Giant vibe. Good stuff. 🙂

  • BassTooth

    dude.. where'd he get that killer stand/desk for his speakers, laptop and keyboard? anybody know who makes a product like that?

  • That rocked!

  • most definately excellent. Nice heartwarming horn kicks, little string stabs, that rattling chair in the background? All frantic and interesting.

  • its origianal

    and thats what

    makes it great


  • its ORIGINAL and thats what makes it GREAT

  • agent_orange

    That's the Future!

    Total Expression for everyone 🙂

    I respect these Kind of MusicMaking, looks easy, but is also a hard job.

    And like lefty said: It is original, selfmade, live and authentic!

    That's the deal!

    Forget the known commercial way of musicmaking…

  • bigbass


    Total Expression for everyone 🙂

    next time on a plane, i like some amateur pilot, just for his expression.

    hey, expressive doctors, too!

    you can put in anything…

    <blockquote cite="Forget the known commercial way of musicmaking…">


    me NOT.


  • lio

    Am I the graver around here or this topic is still going on after 6 months? Well, just for the take I don't think music could kill you bigbass (not with those litle speakers of him, or yours, or mine =])

    And damn, kind of sneak peek of some radioheaded unpublished music… nice. But dude, what about that voice? Quit it, PLEASE! XD

    Just kiding… ok, I'm not.

  • Okay, as Lio says, it's been 6 months now so I think it's time to for me to start talking 🙂

    Honestly, I'm really sorry about the singing! I'd set up the microphone in frame and saw myself on the little camcorder screen and found myself doing a falsetto slur of the first words that came into my head… I never sing (I literally have some weird childhood-trauma-related block when it comes to singing), so this is as mental-sounding to me as it is to you!

    I basically put the whole video altogether in more-or-less one afternoon – I recorded a load of bits on the camera (in C, the key of my main bugle) and pieced a track together in Live (time-stretching, pitch-correcting, etc.. as I went along). There was no planning whatsoever. The music was composed entirely from the sound on the video.

    When I was working with the footage I realised the chair kept creeping back into shot, so instead of reshooting everything (I'm lazy) I had a David Lynch moment and decided to make the chair a feature… so the only extra footage I took as of me knocking it over. My mic harness is still dented :-/

    I dunno – I was in a really weird mood that day, but I'm quite pleased with the result of my little experiment. Although I still go really bright red every time I show it to anyone.

    If you want to hear some of my proper music, there's loads more here: . Thanks for all your comments!

    (p.s. I'm having a nightmare with the captcha submitting this thing!)

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  • i definitively like your creativity Mickael.

  • slt ca va

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